Obituary: Kim Taylor

Kim Taylor EMN-160126-095356001
Kim Taylor EMN-160126-095356001

The funeral service for Kim Taylor, aged 57, of Glentham, formerly of Osgodby and Market Rasen, was held at Scunthorpe Crematorium and St Peter’s Church in Glentham.

The Rev Sally Turnbull officiated at the service, and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Kim was born with Down’s syndrome and lived with her parents in Osgodby; later moving to Market Rasen.

After the death of her father in 2000, she continued to live with her mother, until her death in 2012.

Kim then moved to Glentham to live with her sister and husband, Myra and Mont.

Family mourners were: Myra and Mont Mannion, Brenda and Brian Dannatt (sisters and brothers-in-law); Keith and Charlotte Taylor (brother and sister-in-law); Karen and Graham Taylor, Paula and Martyn Page, Nickie and Paul Wakefield, Carl and Sheri Mannion, Shaun and Debbie Mannion, Peyton and Vaughn Taylor (nephews and nieces); Anne-Marie and Simon Chadwick; Trevor Taylor and Cara Johnson; Liam Page and Becky Simpson; Victoria Mannion and Nathan White; terry and Jean Mannion (also rep Mannion Family); Jenny Smith (also rep Gary Smith); Mo Korytnickyj (also rep Henry Hewison); Vicki Santiago; Bernard and Barbara Sims; Pamela Johnson (also rep Jean Johnson); Tracey Jones; Gill Precious, Alan and Carole Dearden, Jim and Rita Burks, Lee Langton (family friends).

Friends at the service were: Mr Bland (also rep Sharon Bland); Mrs Arden (also rep Mick); Val and Sid; Shirley Hewson (also rep John, Simon and Nicola); Ann Bennett (also rep Mervyn, Vicky and Emma); Susan Hurt (also rep Michael Stephen and Karen); Sue Birch; Colin and Margaret MacGill; Mrs V Stephenson; Loraine Blow (also rep Kevin and Amy); Jock Crosby; Mrs Garthwaite; Irene Pickering; Terry Higgins; Mervyn Davies; Angela Barnes Milford (also rep Cheryl Downend); Mrs M Sanders (also rep the family and also Mr and Mrs G Loveday); Mr and Mrs D Clark; Mr and Mrs Pattison; Mrs J Kettlewell; Mr M Kettlewell; Jill and Graham Smith; Vicki Santiago; Doreen and Michael Tinker; Mr and Mrs J Lingard; Trevor Jones; Val Jones; Mrs B Cuthbert; Mrs B Hewittt (also rep Trevor and family); Kathleen Cook (also rep Ian Cook); A Surfleet (also rep the Surfleet family); Betty Shaw (also rep Lesley Clayton); Eileen Cartwright; Dawn Coulam; Donna Wilson (also rep Paul Wilson); Mr P Richards (also rep the Richards family); Lisa Turney; Joyce Kirman; Mary Wilkinson (also rep Enid Dowse); Shelly Clayton (also rep Mrs I Brown, Margaret Mumby and also Residents and Staff at the Poplars); Alan Bennett; Neil Bennett; Tina Dean; Wilf and Sue Johnson; Sandra Jenner (also rep Eileen Brown; Mr and Mrs R A Bradford); Mr and Mrs P Brian; Les Tranter; Gwen Rowson; R Davidson; Ron and Donna Alliker; Keith Birchell; Becky and Abigail Hollands; Mrs D Woodliffe; Jayne Cooling (also rep Michael and Sophie Cooling); Pauline Knibb; Beryl and Eric Pickering; Elizabeth Smithson (also rep Marie Frankish and family; Lynn Clark and family); Ann and Howard Turnbull; Maureen Robertson; Mrs E Hardy; Chris Richards; Graham Storr; Lillie Cousins; John Hardy; Anna Sewell; Jessica Sewell; Mrs Crane (also rep Mr Crane and family); Jean and Roy Jupp; Linda Cowie; Mrs B Clark; Mr and Mrs Wild; Mr P Streets; Gwen Benson; Mr and Mrs P Bryant.