OBITUARY - Kenneth Robert Beacock

Kenneth Beacock
Kenneth Beacock

The funeral service for Kenneth Robert Beacock (Bob), aged 78 years of Market Rasen, was held at the parish church.

The Rev Michael Cartwright officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall.

Bob was born at Moortown.

His working life was spent as a railway goods porter and a highways maintenance operative.

Bob was a keen gardener and he was also a member of both Market Rasen and Osgodby bowling clubs.

Family mourners were: Brenda Beacock (wife); Stephen and Valerie Beacock (son and daughter-in-law, representing Gemma and Laure Beacock, granddaughters); Harold Cox (brother-in-law); Richard Cox (nephew); Roy Jenner (brother-in-law); Sandra Jenner (niece); Susan and Wilfred Johnson (niece and nephew); David and Barbara Shaw, Jon Shaw and Gilly Hart, Ken Parrott (close friends).

Friends at the service were: Mr and Mrs S Chapman; Mrs E Skeats; Miss A Skeats; Mr A Parrott; Mr R Parrott; Miss D Jones; Mrs D Nash and family; Mr J Friend; Mr T Verman; Mrs M Clarke; Mr B Marshall (also rep Mrs J Marshall); Mr and Mrs Margetson; Mrs C Whitwell (also rep Boots); Mr P Brown (also rep Tracy James, Luke Brown); Mrs D Dowse; Mr M Milner (also rep Searle Lodge); Mr C Gray; Mr R New (also rep Mrs D New and family); R Stimson (also rep Jenny Stimson); Barbara Edge; David Brumpton; B Smart; Michael Watson; Mrs S Parker; Mr D H Marwood; Jon Stephenson; Mr M Rutherford; M Lakin-Whitworth; F Fieldsend; Mr and Mrs B Chapman; Mr and Mrs B Ward; Mr and Mrs R Tindall; Bob Rowett; Mr and Mrs J Hewson; Kelly Mansfield (also rep the family); Sue Dean; Maree Frankish; Val Lancaster; Mr K G Strawson; Ms K E Strawson (also rep Mrs S Tindall); E Burks; David Islip (also rep Pearl Islip); Dinah Nash and family; G Thornalley (also rep K Thornalley); C H Gray; L Brown; Mr D Parrott (also rep Mrs P Parrott); Mrs J Surfleet (also rep Mr C Surfleet, J Richardson); Mr Edwards (also rep Alan Green); Des and Loraine Goulsbra (also rep Mary Goulsbra); Shirley and Jack Norman; Mr K Hildred; Peter Hall; Mike Iremonger (also rep David Johnson); Byron and Sharon Hall; Mr and Mrs Roy Gilliatt (also rep Mr P Smith); Les Clarke (also rep Roy Clarke); Mr and Mrs J Thompson (also rep Mrs K Thompson, Mr and Mrs L Wilkinson); Mr and Mrs F Hildred (also rep Mrs A Wilson); Mr J Hildred; Mr and Mrs J Bates; Mr S Jacques; Pat and Maurice Higham (also rep Middle Rasen Bowling Club); Mrs S Fox.