Obituary: Kenneth Charles Barr

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. EMN-151019-172026001

The funeral service for Kenneth Charles Barr, aged 90 years of Holton le Moor, was held at the parish church.

The Rev Canon Ian Robinson officiated at the service and arrangements were by J marshall of Market Rasen.

Ken was born in South Kelsey.

After a career in farming and haulage, upon retirement he pursued a variety of interests including breeding and showing sheep, as well as membership of a number of different choral and singing groups.

He was supported in all this by his much-loved late wife Con.

He served in the Home Guard during World war Two and in his earlier years was a school manager and parish councillor.

He was also involved with cricket and tennis clubs, as well as being a member of TocH.

Family mourners were: Mr and Mrs D Morton, Mr and Mrs M Barr, Mr and Mrs R Barr, Mr and Mrs R Barr, Mr and Mrs A Barr, Mr and Mrs S Baxter (children and spouses); Mr and Mrs M Collins, Ms E Collins, Mr and Mrs J Bradly, Ms L Barr and Mr R Mills, Ms E Barr, Ms R Barr and Mr R Cooper, Ms A Barr and Mr S Collagon, Ms N Barr, Mr J Baxter, Mr E Baxter and Ms E Baxter (grandchildren and partners); Mr L Blackburn, Sam Bradly (great-grandsons); Mr and Mrs J Smith, Ms M Barr and Ms J Winstone (sisters and partners); Mrs M Barr, Mrs H Barr (sisters-in-law); Mr and Mrs K Grooby, Mr S Barr, Ms Y Barr, Mrs J Hunter (also rep Ms N Barr), Mr R Barr, Mr J Barr (also rep Mr C Barr), Mr and Mrs R Allen, Mr J Harrison and Ms A Warne (nephews and nieces).

Friends at service were: Freda Horton; Jean Dales; Linda Merriman; Brain Winn; Thea Hogg (also rep The Choral Society); Brain Reaney (also rep Pam Reaney, Stan Spencer, Mr and Mrs Kent); Angela Overton (also rep John Overton and also St Giles with St Mathew Church, Scartho); Peter Carrick-Smith; Sheila Johnson (also rep Mole Country Stores); Alan Pennell; A Pywell; John Barr (also rep Jayne Barr, Colin Smith); William East (also rep Amanda Drury); Mrs C Clarkson (also rep Mr C L Clarkson and also George); Mr and Mrs Lowe (also rep Oliver, Mr and Mrs A Mitchell, and Joe, Steve Greenfield); Arthur Dawson; Dee Atkinson; Lee and Karen Smith (also rep Midge and Roy Thomas); Mrs K Burke; Titch Rivett (nee East); Angela Davis (also rep The Choral Society); Mr and Mrs Jonathan Gibbons (also rep Mr and Mrs Brian Dunn, Malcolm Rowe, Dave Smith); Mr D Coulson (also rep the Coulson family); Sarah Appleyard; Mrs Hansard (also rep M J Hansard); Richard and Monica Hansard (also rep Stephen Hansard and employees); Peter and Sally Rolinson; Gordon and Christine Mapplethorpe; Mr and Mrs B Fox; Philip Walker; Allen Johnson and Joyce Johnson; David Naylor; Nichola Cardy; Sheila Heath (also rep Andrew Heath); Susan Hannath; John Fawcett (also rep David Fawcett, Alf Drury); Mr and Mrs P Rowles; Andrew Sharp (also rep Anya, Anna); Cliff and Sylvia Clark; P and D Sharp; Tony Burnett; Richard Stringfellow (also rep Molly Stringfellow); Mr and Mrs J Drury (also rep Mr and Mrs A Drury); Mr and Mrs J Carter (also rep Mr and Mrs D Howard); Mr and Mrs Graham Rack; Denise Wilbour; Leslie Houlden; Pete and Ann Carledge; David and Margaret Smith; Barbara Neal (also rep Sarah Mills and also the Ten Acre Café); Kathleen Whitley; Amanda Ladds; Mrs G White (also rep Mr G White, Mary Siddall); Hedley Smith (also rep Sandra Smith); Mr J Hannath; Claire Balderson; Judy MacKenzie; Mr K Knapton; Mr A Couling (also rep Fran Couling and also Sarah from Ten Acre Café); Barry Martin; Janet Steer; Rodger Steer; Andrew Steer; Roland East; Angela East; Wayne and Sadie Howard; Geoff Smith (also rep VT Lancaster and Son); Ray and Delia Vickers; Anthony and Marie Holmes; Sheila Pickering (also rep Ray, Wendy and Lee Pickering); The Burks family; John and Enid Fowler (also rep Stuart and Babs Frazer – Caistor Grammar School); David and Margaret Jackson; Mr M Duke (also rep Mrs J Duke and the Duke family); Katy Smith; D Baker; Michael Inglis; Helen Clayton; Bill Shaw; Mark Shaw (also rep Mr and Mrs F Morris); Barry Gissing (also rep the Gissing family); Mr A Sheppard (also rep the Sheppard family, D Blackburn, J Jordan); Mr and Mrs Woodcock; Georgina Neale (also rep Mole Country Stores); Michael and Beverley Loveday; Mrs L Loveday; John and Margaret Cummins; Mr and Mrs D Whitwell; Mrs Beverley Worrall (also rep Mr and Mrs K W Payne, Mr and Mrs D Doyle, Roger Chappell - Staff of Charles Payne Builders & Poolside Leisure, Nettleton).