Obituary: Ken Clark

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. EMN-171104-080626001

The funeral service for Ken Clark, aged 86 years of Caistor, was held at the parish church.

The Rev Canon Ian Robinson officiated at the service and arrangements were by J W Varlow & Son.

Family mourners were: Sheila Clark (wife); Dean and Tina Clark (son and daughter-in-law); Alison Demerliac and Tim Jenks (daughter and partner); Ivan and Angela Clark (son and daughter-in-law); Laura Clark and Roddy Cann (also rep Julie Clark and Glenn Blunden, Elise and Rajiv Balan, Guillaume Demerliac, and Eleanor, Beatrice, Laurence, Rupert and Nancy Clark (grandchildren); Nev and Liz Clark (brother and sister-in-law).

Friends at the service were: Mr and Mrs Fowler (rep Judy and Sandy Storr); Mrs Roach and family; Mrs Woodcock and family; Mr and Mrs Fraser (rep Mrs Crossley); Mr Knapton and family; Mr and Mrs Robinson (rep Andrew Laurance); Mr and Mrs Alison; Mr and Mrs Marriott; I Burnett; M Shortland; Mr and Mrs Staves (rep Russell and Maxine); Mr and Mrs Naylor (rep Mark and Andrew); L Hardwick (rep Paul); M Burnett; B Knapton; Mr and Mrs Wadsworth; Mr and Mrs Leonard; Mr and Mrs Dennis; A Todd (rep Helen & Vicky Halmshaw; Christine Auston); A Lee; J Togher (rep family); D Robinson; Mrs Wright and family; P Akrill; C Jackson; G Simpson; A Clark (rep N CLark; Mr and Mrs Brumby); J Jacklin (rep family); D Thompson (rep Sue, Elysha and Joe); R Thompson (rep Kath); Mr and Mrs King (rep Helen, Hanna and Oliver); K Steeper; R Percival; Mr and Mrs Mellors (rep Dean); J Marriott; M Windslow; J Hyde; Mrs Brown; Mr and Mrs Savill; D King (rep Mr and Mrs P Shacklock); T McKilton (rep Debbie Dawn); M Sheehan (rep M Guymer); Alice and Lynne (Cleethorpes); H Minns; C Wiood (rep Motley Brant); T Cordrey; J Clark; P Larder; R Rodwell (rep R Granger); J Leadbeater; K Ellis; O Cole; Mr and Mrs Q Parker; L Clark and J Clark; B Clark; A Clark; Mr R nd Mrs V Dean; B Curtis (rep J Storr); D Hill; I Coupland; Mr and Mrs Hollings (rep P Atkinson); Mrs J Wood; Mrs C Strawson; Mrs H Fowler (rep Mr Bacon and Mrs Dobson); Mr J Dickenson and family); Mr ad Mrs Marriott; Mr abnd Mrs Jacklin (rep Mr and Mrs Fox); Mr and Mrs Noon and family; Mr and Mrs Vann and family; Mrs Palmer; Mrs Fox; Mr Marriott; Mrs Steer; Mr and Mrs Lillie; Mr and Mrs Hewson; Mrs K Martin; Mrs S Shepherdson; Mrs M Niblock; Mrs K Thomas; Mrs J Wood; Mr and Mrs K Knapton (rep family and Mrs Jackson); Mr and Mrs Twidale; Mr M Shaw; Mr B Sudderby; Mr T Staves (rep P Wood); Mr and Mrs Davis; Mr L Boyes; Mrs D Good (rep Sandra McKay); Mrs S Ware and Mr N Ware; Mr and Mrs Dewhurst; Mr and Mrs B Buffham; Mrs J Porter and family; Mr and Mrs Jackson (rep Mr ad Mrs Sanderson); Mr J Smith; Mr and Mrs Lundy; Mrs F Lintin; Mr J and Mrs S Wright and family; Mrs Brown; Mr D Alison (Caistor Sports Club - darts); Mr and Mrs Woodward; Mr D Morgan; Mrs S McKey; Mr G Davies; Mr R McKitton; Mrs Garner (rep Mr Burkett); Mrs B Bradford (rep D Bothwell); Mr P Sheehan; Mr R Mergill; Mrs Paddilol; Mrs Atkinson; Mr and Mrs Hilton; Mr and Mrs Healey; Mr Wallgate and family; Mr D Lyle; Miss Keane; Mr T Keane; Mr Gallighan; Iris Broe.