Obituary: Kellie Ann Bridgwater

Kellie Ann Bridgwater EMN-170515-165641001
Kellie Ann Bridgwater EMN-170515-165641001

The funeral service for Kellie Ann Bridgwater, aged 46 years of North Willingham, was held at the parish church.

The service was conducted by the Rev Canon John Carr and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Kellie was born in Chatham, Kent and over the years she had worked in various mentally handicapped, disabled and elderly care homes.

Family mourners were: Mr and Mrs M Bridgwater (parents); Mr and Mrs N Bridgwater (brother and sister-in-law); Mrs G Eshelby (sister); Mr B Gibbons (son); Thomas Gibbins (son); Miss K Bridgwater (daughter); Mr K Eshelby and Mr M Bridgwater (nephews); Mr J Bridgwater (uncle); Mr C Davie (partner).

Other mourners at the funeral service were: Mr and Mrs J Jackson (also rep Liz Scott); Mr and Mrs G Semple (also rep Mrs A Semple); Mr and Mrs R Joyce; Mr and Mrs R Goodyear; Jane Wright (also rep Sharon Wright); Amanda Boylan; Anita Bailey; Alison Bailey; Malcolm and Linda Bailey; Sandra Spence; Stacey Cahill; Barbara Baker; Mr and Mrs B Doyle; Pat Best; Mrs J Morgan; Stephen Gibbins; Robert Snell; Patricia Snell; Susan Tolan (also rep Paul Tolan; Mr and Mrs Rob Moore); Andy Bailey; Jayne Bailey; John Bailey; Claudia Bailey; Yasmin Bailey; Michael and Denise Bailey; Deanna Davies; Chantelle Nicholls; Anne Reeves; H Brumpton (also rep H Watson; D Tomkins); Neil Wilson; Richard Broughton (also rep Johnny Thrup); Deborah Broughton; Shane Scott; Rebecca Rymer; A Presswick; Ann Ranshaw; Beaty Samuels; Mary Ranshaw (also rep Malcolm Thackeray); Roger Codd; Marlene Staines.