Obituary: Kathryn Joyce Farnworth

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. EMN-161224-122341001

The funeral service for Kathryn Joyce (Kathy) Farnworth, 65, of Market Rasen, was held in the parish church.

Family mourners were: Mary and Steven Cottingham (daughter and son-in-law); Paul Taylor and Rachel Waters (son and partner); Michael Taylor and Linsey McDermot (son and partner); Kevin Wilkinson (brother); Sean Farnworth (step-son); Danielle Cottingham and Richard Greaves (granddaughter and partner); Chelsea and Daniel Eaglen (granddaughter and husband); Thomas Taylor (grandson); Edley, Peter and David Wilkinson (nephews); Julie and Paul Taylor (niece and husband); April and Stewart Wright, Rosemary Smith, David Pinion and Ann Ferriby (close friends).

Friends at the service were: Sue Rowett (also rep S Rowett and family); Nicola and Stephen Drayton; Mr and Mrs S Bennett (also rep Amy Hewis); Debbie Broughton; Pat Woodcock (also rep Mark Woodcock); Sue Dean; Pauline Perkins (also rep Mick); Dawn Taylor; Sean Taylor and Zeta Taylor; Ian and Margaret Taylor (also rep John and Margaret Taylor; Ken Briggs); Sharon and Kimberly Fearn (also rep Jean Blackwell; George and Linda Fisher); Philippa Onions (nee Brumby); Liz Ventham (nee Brumby); Mr and Mrs Alistair Kelly; Paul Halfpenny; Rachel Cottingham (also rep Alan Cottingham); Diane Clarke (also rep Jan and Dave Sheldon); Rita Goulsbra; Jean Houlden; Shaun French; Lesley Richards; Karen Husak; G A Smith; Michael Tolan (also rep Mrs M Tolan); Paul Tolan (also rep Susan Tolan); Sheila Hodds (also rep Margaret Whitworth); Linda Waters (also rep Daphne Cottingham); Gill Robinson (also rep the girls from Saudi); Sharon and David Hildred (also rep Ali and Emma Hildred); Mr and Mrs E Roach; Veronica Rusling; Jeanette Frankish; Sharon Davey; Rebeca Tyson; Sam Coles; Mr and Mrs S Rodger (also rep Miss L James); Karen Bright (also rep Karen Dando); Sharon Bradford; I Cocking; Carol Lambie (also rep the Lambie family); Kirsty Rowett (also rep G Rowett; Maureen Rowett); Mr and Mrs G Taylor; Mr P Dalton (also rep Les Ryan); Sally Twigg; Mr and Mrs Wrath; Mrs M Waters (also rep Mr W Waters); Neil Carlton (also rep Penny and also C Bray); Mr and Mrs A J Brown; S Sellars; P Lavin; Gill Fitch (also rep Pauline Jones; Maureen Lynn); Mr L Tranter; Don Robinson; Frank Costello; Katy and Jason Easy; Pete Catterick; Bill Perkins (also rep Mrs Perkins); Mr and Mrs Lambie (also rep Matthew); Marilyn Hubbard; B Marshall (also rep Jean); M Hunt; Mr and Mrs Flood; Sarah Winter; Mr Priestley; Mr W Craig; Mr M Langridge; S Chase; C Stamp.

Funeral arrangements were by J Marshall.