Obituary: Kathleen Mary Lowe

Kathleen Mary Lowe EMN-161204-145259001
Kathleen Mary Lowe EMN-161204-145259001

Great sadness fell on Wragby as family, friends, neighbours and work colleagues heard of the death of Kathleen Mary Lowe – fondly known as Kathy or Kit.

Kathy was born in Bleasby Moor on 26 February 1956 to John and Audrey Murphy, one of five children.

Life in the countryside was exciting with lots of mischief and fun.

It was when her younger sister was born the family moved to Hansards Drive in Wragby; Kathy described the estate as “one big happy family” – a real close community where everyone helped each other.

Kathy’s two sons, Trev and Chris, can recall it was their mum’s childhood that made her want similar for her boys – the home always being full of friends, never too much trouble for people to stay over for a night or two, and even more in some cases. She was assured it was the love of that life that kept her young.

She was a fun, kind hearted person and everyone’s” best friend.

Kathy always worked hard: the former Wragby Plastics, Don Wells Fish and Chip Shop in Wragby, the Co-op, Stenigot Farming Estates, Sudbrook Chicken Farm and Crowder’s Garden Centre.

But she really found her vocation in life when she became a post lady for Market Rasen, Wragby and surrounding villages, starting as a relief before going full time which was her job for the last 31 years.

She was always bubbly and enjoyed talking to people on her rounds – a friendly face to brighten up the day for many.

If a job needs doing – always find a busy person – and that person was Kathy.

When the Guides and Scouts wanted their own headquarters, Kathy joined a number of other supporters pulling out all stops to fundraise. Most weekends were taken up with events raising the vital funds and the success was when the Headquarters was built and became the meeting place for almost 100 children.

From then on, Kathy was involved in so many activities and was always seen at fundraising events.

When Wragby Town Hall desperately needed a chairman, Kathy put herself forward. She held this position to the end.

She loved her Bingo nights, talent shows and all entertainment features.

Kathy has been a devoted mum and grandma; she will be sadly missed by so many, but remembered with love.

The funeral service took place at Holy Rood Church in Market Rasen, conducted by Father Robert Thacker, followed by interment.

Arrangements were made by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Family mourners were: Trevor Lowe and Kelly Jackson (son and partner); Christopher Lowe and Lisa Wilkinson (son and partner); Audrey Murphy (mother); Trisha and Bryan Steel (sister and brother-in-law); Sean Murphy (brother); Brendan Murphy and Alison Bunn (brother and sister-in-law); Tressa and Mark Machin (sister and brother-in-law); George Stanton, Caitlin Lowe and Gracie Lowe (grandchildren); Michael Lowe, Lewis Burchnall, Michael Steel and Phillip Steel (nephews); Victoria Murphy, Nicola Murphy, Kylie Machin (nieces).

Names taken at church were: Mr P Steel; Carol and Bevil Jackson (also representing Chris and Kim Bassham and Vicky Bassham); Carol Fox; Jim Towriss; Mandy Towriss; Larraine and Keith Hempsell; Hayley and Matthew Jackson (also representing Paul and Tracey Newsham); Mr and Mrs Sandaver; Thelma Humberstone (also representing Brian and Ann Lingard); Jess Kelly (also representing Norma Key); Mrs E Spencer; Julie Blacknell; Lesley Lugg; Liz Surfleet-Eccles (also representing Andy Eccles); Ann Green and Jackie Osborne (also representing Mr A “Titch” Lee); Margaret Saunders and Graham Husack; Ryan Husack; Ann Flint; Linda Scott; Margaret and John Kane (also representing Saturday Bingo and Wragby WI); Josie Holden; Dorothy Warr (also representing Matthew Warr, Jo Bailey, Jill Whitfield and Johnathon Shepherd); Suzanne Lowman (also representing the family); Gillian Murphy (also representing the Morris family); Janet and Matt Carpenter; Peter Lowe (also representing Alex Lowe); Gloria Briggs and Alan Bancroft; Dennis Belton; Mary Etchell; Caroline Moore and Devon; Pam Lincoln; Deborah Butler; Andrea Ward (also representing Anne Buffham and Brenda Bodily); Vera Smart (also representing Alan Smart and the family); Janet Box; Audrey Simons; Linda King; Hilda Jackson; Barbara Blackburn (also representing Anne Wilson); Nora Blackburn; Shirley Watson (also representing John Pearson and Margaret Jones); Sue Spence (also representing the Spence family); Dave and Naomi Steel; Sharon and Les Waters; Alan and Judy Machin; Carrie Johnson (also representing the Johnson family); Sue Dixon (also representing Kev Dixon); Tim and Doreen Rowson (also representing Mandy); Clive Riley; Liz Mossop (also representing Clive Mossop); Michael Martindale; David and Rosemary Howsham, and Rebecca (also representing John Epton); Yvonne and Keith Cook; Carol Johnson; Colin and Brenda Knowles (also representing Roy and Andy); Gill Waltham; Anne Ingall (also representing Manor Park Farms); Abbe Lowe; George Stanton; Matthew Comins; Sheila Laughton (also representing Charlene Laughton); D and J Belton; Tony and Lyn Ward; Helen Hutchinson (also representing Geoff, Tracey and Jason); Terry and Elsa Mumby; Tim Lewis; Anthony Bevan; Tressa Bruntlett (also representing Basil Bruntlett and Sheila Lacy); Matthew Bruntlett (also representing Michael Bruntlett and Carly Sykes); Sharon Holmes; Muriel Whittaker ( also representing Renee Mullen); Jackie Harrison; Jane Pearson (also representing John Pearson); Lisa Norman; Shirley Norman; Susan Wynter (also representing Louise and Ray King); Michael King; Linda, John and Richard Bell; Russ and Sue Millson; John Edwards (also representing Lyn Edwards); Eileen Espin (also representing Jo and Lauren); Denis Edwards (also representing Paul Johnson); Pat and Colin Green; Mr and Mrs D Holmes; Mr and Mrs Barnes (also representing the Barnes family); Mrs Clawson; Sharon Whittaker; Sarah Hill (also representing the family; Pam and Alan Till); Andy Miller (also representing the South family); Mr and Mrs Allison (also representing Kelsey Dixon); Mr and Mrs B Goodyear; Mrs R Segasby (also representing the family); Nigel and Jenny Smith (also representing the family); Natasha Starbuck (also representing Anouska, Amber and Georgie); Andy Lawrence and Liz Slack; Veronica Ewington; Sandra and David Lakin (also representing Neil and Wendy); Lewis Birchnall; Rebecca Hall; Grant Hinchliffe (also representing Jo Hinchliffe); Fred Rowley; Kay Waring; Aimee Tindall (also representing John and Sandra Tindall); Fiona Whimster (also representing Stuart Smith); Iris Brown; Karen Payne; Robert Barnes (also representing the Barnes family); Jean Easdon and Carol Easdon (also representing Alan Butler); Cal and Tom Rowson; Mary and David Dent; Brenda Green; Kim Strawson; Sue Cosgrove (also representing Graham Noon and Maurice Poucher); Karen and David (also representing Doug McLeish); Tracy Simons; Sandra Richardson; Steven Kirk; Martin Cosgrove; Ann Wilson; Susan Key; John and Sheila Kissam (also representing Evelyn Garton); Anthony and Laura Reeves; Georgina Laming (also representing Colin Barber); Heather Burchnall and Howard Burchnall (also representing A Poucher, Bardney Dairies); Lesley Fabriss (also representing Ian and Darren); Shane Spittles; Alfie Flower; Mr and Mrs Kane (also representing Debbie Kane); Rick Spittles (also representing “Wizz” and James Waters); Kev Parker (also representing Sue Parker); Steve Adcock; Chris Laming; Jean Lomas (also representing Ged Lomas); Michelle Bruntlett; Josie Holden; Dan Ingall (also representing Daniel Charles Construction); Kath Murphy; Julie Murphy; Joan Murphy; Mrs Jones; Andrew Lowe; Michael Lowe; John Lowe; Fiona Lowe; Laura Thorne Griffiths; P Jones; Mrs S Douglas; Mrs Dobb (also representing Sally Graham); Mr R New (also representing Mrs New and Jason); Andrew and Leanne Yull; Jenny and Simon Baxter; Caroline, Rodney and Sarah Hydes (also representing Matt and Rachelle); Mr and Mrs K Blanchard; John Thorrall; Janet Jenkins; Tom and Joan Coleman; David Green; Mr Steel; Emma Skyman; Scott Lowman; Ian Faulkner; Liam Murphy; Kieron Murphy; Naomi Watts; Jane Vandergrift; Patrick and Christine McGrath; Mr and Mrs Farrow; Rebecca Holland (also representing Harvey Holland and Abigail Holland); Frances Langridge; Caroline Trevor (also representing Tony Trevor); Mr and Mrs Shaun Bennett; Gilly Penning (also representing Marlene, Annakin and Pam Nickerson); A Kreft (also representing T Kreft, E Kreft and R Kreft); Bettin Clark and John Horton; Natalie Hughes (niece); Karl McKee and Stacey Papworth; Vicky James; Margaret Newland; Tracey Milson; Glen Andrews; Gary and Jenny Smith; Sonia and Tony Robertson; Leanne Gains; Dawn Green; Mandy Ray; Patricia and Kev Swain; Berne McBridge, Steve West, Mike Kirby, Mike Sellers, Dave Chambers, Mark Hizzey, Michelle, Simon and Jennifer Baxter (all representing CWU and Royal Mail); Peter and Louise Burchnall; Paul and Bronwyn Wallis (also representing Wragby Post Office); Ben Hinchliffe (also representing Josie Exton); Mark Codd (also representing Samantha Codd); Wayne Korytnickyj (also representing Paul Entwhistle); Graham Briggs (also representing Mrs M Briggs); David Bratton; Scott Lowman (also representing Keith Lowman and Heather Bruntlett); Graham Husak; Margaret Saunders; Tom Finnegan; Alan Raggett; Mr and Mrs M Newsham; Julie Pixsley; Linda Scott; Anne Flint; Mr and Mrs P Brothwell (also representing Mr and Mrs P Sellers); Mr and Mrs Kinnell (also representing Susan and Michael Cornish and family); Mr and Mrs Steven Lowe; Alice Hodgson; Jayne Ingall (also representing Peter, Samantha and Karl); Chris and Glen Marflitt; Robert and Julie Blyth; Barbara Bartlett; Alec and Emma Enderby; Margaret and Eric Sergeant; Douglas Brown; Greg Dixon (also representing Denise Dixon); Phil and Diane Ward; Robert Thompson (Royal Mail Market Rasen); Tim Bulmer (Royal Mail Lincoln); Gavin, Kerry and Nicky; Susan Oxley; Steph Keal; Andrew Wylie; Graham Ward; Jean Warner; Roger Wykes; Larraine and Johnathon Espin-Hempsell; And others.