Obituary: Katherine Quibell

The funeral service for Katherine Quibell, aged 53 years of Middle Rasen, took place at the parish church.

The Rev Charles Patrick officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Katherine was born at Willingham by Stow.

After completing her OND in business studies, she worked keeping the books for Clareys Dairy in Walesby Road, Market Rasen.

She then went on to support her late husband Mick with the administration for his various businesses.

For the last five years, Katherine had worked as a dinner lady at Middle Rasen Primary School.

She was also a member of Rase WI, being their treasurer for the past three years.

Family mourners were: Joan Bennett (mother); John Dimbleby (partner); James Quibell (son); Alice Quibell (daughter-in-law); Phillip Bennett (brother); Mark Bennett (nephew); Brian and Pearl Bennett (uncle and auntie); Stephen Bakin and Jean Bett (cousin and partner); Carol and Robert Davison, Jan and Kevin Goulsbra, Susan and Mick Tindall (cousins and husbands); Richard and Marie Bakin (cousin and wife); Colin Bennett, Neil Bennett, Ronnie Cash, Jamie Wald, Sandra Bourke, Melvyn Wilson (cousins); Ann and John Mumby (late husband’s sister and husband); David Mumby (late husband’s nephew); Caroline Mumby (late husband’s niece); Malcolm Kemp (cousin to late husband) and Maria (wife); Vera (cousin to late husband); Mary Sutton (friend, also rep Susan Christie, Pamela Clarkson and Ronnie Sutton); Stan and Wendy Johnson, Frances Wood, Tony and Caroline Trevor, Gary Godson and wife (friends).

Friends at the service were: Mrs M Stamp; Karen Gilbert; Sue Reed (also rep Garry and Jenny Smith); Gillian Smith (also rep Alan and Julie Smith); Jean Pettifer (also rep Middle Rasen Nursery); Pat Golby; Eileen Bedford; Pauline and Brian Forway (also rep WI); Jeremy and Vanessa Herbert; Wendy Codd; Melanie Brunton (also rep Staff, Children and Governors of Middle Rasen Primary School); Tricia Wilson; Lindsey Holmes; V Havercroft (also rep the Robinson family); Jenny Potter (also rep Mike, Chris and Jo Potter and also the Norburn family); Mrs J Zealand (also rep James and Mark); David Traves; Joan Read; Charmaine Harris (also rep Sharon); Brian Clark; Matthew Clark; Colin Smith; Judith and Barry Cuthbert; Mrs R Thomson (also rep Mrs R Dawson); Jude Johnson; Sue and Brian Moore; Ted Fowler; Miss S Clayton (also rep Mr and Mrs Fenwick and family); Tony Scott; Rebecca Sykes; Mr and Mrs M A Brumby; Mrs E Jennings (also rep Theresa); Mr and Mrs J Richardson; Rich Albon; Stuart Allen; Karen and Neil Flear (also rep Market Rasen Surgery); Mrs Skeats (also rep Angela); Lucy Willey; Phil and Dawn Pammenter; Paul Dimbleby; David Dimbleby (also rep Mrs D Dimbleby); Mrs R Dawson (also rep Pete); Mrs P Clark (also rep Mrs H Young and also James); Mrs J Hobbs (also rep J Hobbs); Mrs C Borst; Mrs J Culverhouse; Mrs E Brumpton; Mr and Mrs W Albon; Mr and Mrs D Overton; Mr D Mitcham; Mr S Knaggs; Mr and Mrs A Cook; Mr T Faulkner; Mr and Mrs A Faulkner; Mrs M Williams; Mrs C Ardron; Mr M Werrell; Mr and Mrs P Jackson (also rep Ken Hedison); Cathy Hayes; Gary Dean.