Obituary: June Mavis Taylor

The funeral service for June Mavis Taylor, of Wold Garden, North Kelsey, took place at North Kelsey Methodist Chapel.

June died at Scunthorpe General Hospital on February 8.

The funeral was officiated by the Rev Andrew Lomax and arrangements were by J W Varlow and Son of Caistor.

Immediate Mourners at the service were: Stephen and Joy Taylor (son and daughter-in-law); , Dean Taylor and Lucy (grandson and partner); Philip and Debra Hammond (granddaughter and husband); Mr and Mrs Gordon Bell (brother and sister-in-law); Barbara Grayson (sister, representing Mr and Mrs P Grayson); Olga Taylor (sister-in-law); Mr and Mrs S Clayton, Mr and Mrs R Clayton, Mr and Mrs I Clayton, Mr and Mrs R Grayson, Mr and Mrs M Girdham Mr and Mrs R Girdham, Mr and Mrs E Lewis, Mr and Mrs K Burr, Mr and Mrs B Hurst (nephews and wives); Mr G Glover, Mr K Taylor, Mr G Ashley, Mr M Hickling, Mr P Hurst (nephews); Mr R Hickling (nephew, representing Mr R J B Hickling); Mrs P Hammond (niece representing Mr and Mrs P Davison); Miss S Bell, Mrs A Munger (nieces); Mr and Mrs B Clark, Mr and Mrs T Hasnip (nieces and husbands); Mr and Mrs J Thompson (niece and husband, representing Lewis Family); Miss S Taylor; Miss J Codd (niece, representing Mr R Codd); Mrs C Wheatley (niece, representing Mr B Wheatley); Miss N Hickling and Mr B Kenyon (niece and partner, representing Mrs A Gamble); Mr M Hammond (great-nephew).

Others present in the congregation: Mr and Mrs D Cram; Mr L Cram; Mrs M Hodgson; Mr and Mrs D Waters; Mr and Mrs R Smith; Mr S Waters; Mr M Waters; Mr and Mrs K Knapton (representing Mr and Mrs B Sheardown); Miss M Welton; Mr and Mrs S Everatt (representing Mr and Mrs G Everatt); Mr A Dawson; Mrs G Rawlins; Mr and Mrs R Gregory; Mr and Mrs B Tointon; Mrs M Tointon; Miss A Dawson; Mr and Mrs C Bainbridge; Mrs B Everatt (representing Mrs L Everatt); Mr and Mrs T Everatt; Mrs E Johnson; Mrs M Flippance (representing family); Mr and Mrs D Grayson; Mrs J Jackson; Mr and Mrs D Wilkinson; Mr and Mrs R Darker; Mr and Mrs C Grundy; Mrs C Balderson (representing Mrs B Knapton); Mr and Mrs F Thompson; Mr and Mrs B Smith; Mr J Smith (representing Mrs K Smith); Mrs J Wilson; Mr K Dawson; Mrs A Patrick (representing family); Mr C Johnson; Mr and Mrs K Knapton; Mrs B Cross (representing Mrs M Ashford); Mrs J Mackenzie (representing Mr and Mrs R Hall); Mrs I Clarke; Mrs H Wells; Mrs M Thomas (organist, representing Mrs G Taylor).