Obituary: John William Burton

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The funeral service for John William Burton, aged 83 years of Market Rasen, formally of Walesby, was held at Lincoln Crematorium, followed by a service at St Mary’s Church in Walesby.

John was born at Top Farm in Walesby and was a farmer until he retired in 1998.

Family mourners were: Grace (wife); Janet (daughter, also rep Richard, son, and family); Sara (daughter) and Ray; Nicole, John (also rep Chantal), Jake and Alice, Vicky and Kerry (grandchildren); Henry and Marlene Burton, Alan and Kath Burton, A Maultby, Jim and Margaret Sutherland, Helen Willey (brothers and sisters-in-law); Stuart Ann-Lee, Linda, Karen, Susan, Robert and Dawn, Andrew, Helen (rep Michael), Pamela (also rep Robin) and Heather (nieces and nephews).

Friends at the service were: Elizabeth and David Speirs (also rep Martin Cox); Rebecca Vincent; Mark Vincent (also rep Isabel Vincent, Jason Vincent); Mr and Mrs Ian Mauer (also rep Arthur Mauer and also Joan); G Brown; J Horstwood (also rep R Horstwood); Mr and Mrs Jenkins; Len Johnson; Marge Mackee; Eileen Fisher; Joe and Carol Magrin; Barbara and Harry Bradford (also rep the Bradford family); Ian and Margaret Taylor; Pam Omond-Tong (also rep Martin, Lizzie and Emma); F Howsham (also rep Mr R Tyson, Mr N Pearce); Roger and Diane Newton; Philip and Mary Walker (also rep Julian Maddison, Arthur Couling and family); Mr N Wright (also rep Mrs P Wright); Mr D Burton; Mrs B Burton; Andrew and Trish Melbourne; Mr E Burks; Pete Collins; Mr D Brumby Jnr; Jan Van Der Lubbe; Kim Walker-Begley; Brian Masson (also rep Carol Masson); Mr and Mrs J Carter (also rep the Carter family, Mr and Mrs D Howard, Mr M Crabtree); M Warrener; Marion Wilson; Leslie and Mary Wilson (also rep Charles and Angela); Jenny Ward (also rep the family); Janet Melbourne; Michael Melbourne; Steven Dixon; Eric Dixon; Mrs M Spilman (also rep Keith); Jacky Beddoes (also rep Mike); Mr and Mrs D Riddell; M Carter; S Spauge; Mr and Mrs David Shaw; Mr and Mrs B Burnett; Joy and Dennis Wickins; June Hookham (also rep Norman); Mrs M Weldon (also rep Mr and Mrs H Hookham); Fay and David Thurman; Rita Hawbrook; Mr and Mrs B Walters; Mr and Mrs Escome; Steve and Carol Milson; Ross Christian; Alan Fowler; Pam Osbourne; Pat and Andy Dodds; Mrs D Bygrave; Brian and Patty Windell (also rep Joy Cadlock); J and G Freeman; W Bates (also rep Maureen and Colin); Geoff Cooper (also rep Marion); J and J Clarke; Annett and Paul Edwards; G Mills; Carol Mills; Mr and Mrs F Sellars; Peter and Paula Starling; D Waldon; Dave Wilson; Michael Combes (also M Combes); Gary Urquhart; Also friends who attended at the Crematorium.