Obituary: John Sharp

Obituary EMN-140813-134410001
Obituary EMN-140813-134410001
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The funeral service for John Sharp, aged 74 years of Osgodby, was held at Kirkby Church.

Arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Family mourners were: Jean and Bill Davidson (sister and brother-in-law); Linda and Neil Surfleet (niece and husband); Iain and Maria Davidson (nephew and wife); Mr Kettlewell (cousin).

Friends at the service were: Tony Tindall; Tracy Hines; John and Andrea Topliss; Raymond Cash; Bernard Townend; Howard Turnbull; Mr and Mrs J Cade (also rep Miss P Hardy); Stephen Smith (also rep Pam and Tony Schofield); Mr and Mrs Pickering; Hedley Smith; Sandra Smith (also rep Gillian Oakes, Sandra Ross); George Robinson; Jennifer Sharp; Ave Bridgestock (nee Sharp); A R Davidson (also rep Heather and Tony Jackson); Mandy Davidson (also rep John Hibbert); Mr and Mrs Burkes (also rep the family); Dave Boyles; W Pickering (also rep M J Wilmot); Terry Radley (also rep Vic and Kevin Radley, Joanne Drury);Des and Loraine Goulsbra; M Maddison; Mrs E Young (also rep Ian Young); Mrs M Kaiser; Jill Sellars (also rep Peter Sellars); Pauline Gass (also rep Jane Pearson); Ian Wilmot (also rep Mandy Wilmot); Mr and Mrs J E Wilmot (also rep Keith Richards); Alan Bennett; Mr A Bennett (laso rep May and John Bennett); Brian Duke (also rep Mrs Duke); Mr and Mrs D Whitwell (also rep Charles and John Cade); Heather Muddiman; Mrs J Kettlewell (also rep Mr M Kettlewell); Gwen Benson; Alan Taylor (also rep Barbara Drakes); Graham Taylor; Sandra Hockney (also rep Dave Hockney); Mrs Davidson (also rep the family).