Obituary: John Richard Streets

The funeral service for haulage contractor John Richard Streets, aged 69 years of Osgodby, was held at St Andrew’s Church, Kirkby cum Osgodby.

The Rev Canon Ian Robinson officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Family mourners were: Marion Streets (wife); Myra Morris and Dave Hewett (daughter and partner); Hazel Streets and Dave (daughter and partner); Wayne Morris and Nichola Proctor (grandson and partner); Craig Morris (grandson); Trina Morris and Lee Baker (granddaughter and partner); Jason Baker (grandson); Kimberley Streets (granddaughter); Paul Streets, Gerald Streets (brothers); Mark Streets, Gareth Streets (nephews); Natalie Streets (niece); Colin and Wendy Codd (brother-in-law and sister-in-law); Andrew Codd (nephew); David Codd; Dave Rylatt; Tony and Maureen Codd; Philip Codd.

Friends at the funeral service were: Mrs E Young (also rep Ian Young); Mr and Mrs D Jones; Mr and Mrs J Burks (also rep Mr and Mrs Mont Mannion, David Cosgrove); Mrs Brumpton (also rep Rex Brumpton); Mr D Slawson (also rep M E Slawson); Mr and Mrs W Davidson (also rep Liam Davidson); Mr A Quibell (also rep Mr and Mrs Wilkinson); Mrs J Sellars (also rep Mervin Shadlock); Michael and Caroline Stamp; Alan Taylor (also rep John Sharp); Mr and Mrs G Taylor; Pete and Myra Richards (also rep Mrs Douglas); Mr Banks; Shirley Sanderson; A and M Wilkinson; B and J Burnett; Keith Hopper; T Bowen (also rep Kate Bowen); Sean and Nicky Oliver (also rep the family); Vic Mason (Osgodby Parish Council); Brian Streets; Donald Streets (also rep Joyce Dannatt, Dorothy Trafford); Mr and Mrs N Douglas; Mr and Mrs A Wilson (also rep P Wilson Transport); G Wilson; Mr and Mrs C Trafford; Mrs B Trafford; Mrs S Wilmot (also rep M J and P Wilmot); Alan Bennett (also rep Ruth Ankins); Cecil Codd; Ann Bennett (also rep Mervin, Vicky and Emma; Osgodby Village Hall and also Kev and Jean Goodhand); Mrs S Hurt (also rep Mr M Hurt; Stephen and Karen and also Osgodby Bowls Club); Gill Stephenson (also rep Jeff and also Alan Bristow); Ida Stephenson; Paul Wakefield (also rep Nicki and also Dave and Jo Howard); Mrs D Wilson (also rep Mrs C Marriott); E Brackenbury; Mr and Mrs B Wilson; Mr and Mrs D Hockney (also rep Michael East); Diane Barlow; Richard Barlow; Carol Richardson (also rep Nigel Richardson); Mr and Mrs Joe Coulson (also rep the family); Mr and Mrs R W Smith; Mr Ware; Richard and Judy Codd (also rep Harry and John); Mr and Mrs Thwaites; Michael Heath; Ian Wilmot; Sandra Harker (also rep the family); Jean Morris; Ian Morris (also rep the family); Liz Johnson (also rep Kevin); Miss R E Cade; John and Mavis Stanley (also rep Stephen Stanley, Ross Laker); Angela Davis (also rep Mr and Mrs Les Wilkinson); Daniel Page; Dan, Tom and Viv Pyttlik; John Whitfield; Mr B Dannatt (also rep Brenda and also Mrs Taylor and Kim); Keith Taylor (also rep John Codd); Jean and Keith Helliwell; David Guy; Dave Boyles (also rep Tony Barrett); E Burks; Mr and Mrs Patrick; Mr and Mrs Schofield; Mrs Davidson (also rep Glenn); Jane Ranby (also rep Michael Ranby); Mr P Richards (also rep Mrs M Richards and family); Edna Codd; Mr Allison; Charles Codd; Stuart and Janet Jakins; Janet Carter (also rep the family); R Sawyer; Mrs John Jackson (also rep the family).