Obituary: John Richard Sergeant

Obituary: John Richard Sergeant
Obituary: John Richard Sergeant

John Richard Sergeant, aged 80 years, passed away at his home in Tealby, after a long illness.

He was born at Saxilby, the third and youngest son of Walter and Eveline Sergeant, a respected farming family.

He was married to Margaret for 54 years and their two children were brought up at Sixhills Walk Farm.The elder, Jackie, married Quintin Parker and the younger, Sara, married Owen Everard.

John Left King Edward’s Grammar School, Louth, in 1949 to begin his farming career with his father on the farm at Hainton and continued farming, at other farms as well, until his retirement to Tealby.

He developed many sporting interests. As a 15-year-old, he played cricket for Hainton and continued his association with the club as President, an honour he was delighted to accept.

He retired last year for health reasons - a span of 64 years.

John gained his private pilots licence in 1972, training at Wickenby Airport.

Later, he stalked and salmon fished in Scotland in the peace and quiet of the countryside.

Farming and fishing were two successful and enjoyable parts of his life.

He was a quiet, unassuming, courageous chap of the Lincolnshire Wolds, well known and liked in the farming community.

The Rev John Carr conducted the cremation service at Lincoln and the Thanksgiving Service at All Saints’ Church, Tealby, where many attended to bid farewell.

Family mourners were: Margaret (widow); Jackie and Quintin, Sara and Owen (daughters and sons-in-law); Kate and Jo Parker, Charlotte and Oliver Everard (grandchildren); Richard Leeson; Robert Shaw; John and Rita Oliver (brother-in-law and sister-in-law, also rep Dorothy A Oliver, mother-in-law); Natalie and Thomas Oliver (niece and nephew) and Andrew Thorpe; Eric and Margaret Sergeant (nephew); Victoria and Rob Evans (great-niece); Douglas Sergeant, Charles and Diane Sergeant, Eileen and Jim Link, Jenny and Alan Shimwell, Sheila Crowther, Len and Edwina Maplethorpe, Faye Steel, betty Jackson (cousins).

Friends at the service were: Victoria and Rob Evans; Roy and Peggy Shuttleworth; Mark Woodcock (also rep Sally Twig); Pat Woodcock (also rep Derek Grant); M Turnbull; Mr and Mrs Norman Oliver (also rep Neville Oliver); Susan Stamp; Penny Nott (also rep Hugh Nott); Mr and Mrs Pat Grant; Mr and Mrs G Oliver; Geoff Barker (also rep Fanny Smith); Lynne Nichols; Di Edington; Pam and Barry Chapman; Richard and Anne Stamp (also rep Dennis and Doreen Mitchell, Derek and Joan Littleworth, Michael and Caroline Stamp); Jonathan Stamp (also rep Sarah Stamp); F Dickinson; D Dickinson; Mr and Mrs Hugh Bourn; Frank and Jean Wallis; Pat and Henry Smith; David Todd (also rep the Todd family); Gill Campion; Eric and Carol Dixon; F Chamberlin (also rep Hainton Cricket Club and also the Chamberlin family); Barbara and Gorden Baker; Philip Westcott; Steve and Jane Larder; David Bryant (also rep Woldmarsh); Christopher Heneage; Jill and Duncan Robson; Mr and Mrs George Johnson; Richard Crust (also rep Cathy Crust); Keith and Susan Spendlow; Dawn Olby (also rep Hainton Church); Robert Needham (also rep Ann Needham); Mr and Mrs Richard Needham; J Simons; Bridget Turner (also rep Robert Turner); Mrs Holm-Johansen (also rep Mrs G Dobson, Mr and Mrs Sherliker); Jane Hiles; Ruth Anyan; Ann Dixon (also rep Pete Dixon); Gill Kent (also rep Mr and Mrs T Fussey); Ken Doig (also rep Julia O’Toole); Ralph Thornalley (also rep M Thornalley); Keith Wallis (also rep R E Wallis); Jim and Olivia Hurton; Cliff Clark; Mr and Mrs R Wilson; Pete Bray (also rep Market Rasen Golf Club and also John Smith); Mat Bolton (also rep Adam Holvey); Roly Bolton (also rep Judy Bolton); Michael White (also rep Helen White); Stuart Britton; Cath Bowen (also rep Dave Bowen and family); Mason Cole; Mr and Mrs M Perkins; Mr and Mrs G Mowbray; Mr and Mrs D Mitchell; Mr Minns; John Simpson; Betty Jackson; Brian Applewhite; John Crust; Jan and Robin Shannon (also rep Mrs Ann Hewitt); Doris Oliver; Stephen Oliver; Janice Payne; William and Carol Wallis

Robin and Linda Goodyear; Sue Robinson; Diana Williams; Mr and Mrs Doyle; D Atkinson; Dawn Atkinson; Fred and Margaret Gibson; Andrew Catchpole; Richard and Bridget Holmes; Celia Lancaster (also rep J and J Burkett); Andrew Catchpole; Wilf Wallis; J Golland; Colin and Mary Lee; Pat Chambers; Mrs P Woodcock; Judy and Georgina Gibson; R Lawton (also rep Martin, Lucy and Amy); Mrs R Lancaster (also rep Mr R Lancaster and also Liz); Roberta Heneage; B Bett (also rep Mr and Mrs D Baxter); John Russell; Mrs M Pinney; Eileen Cartwright; Barbara Guthrie (also rep Alistair Guthrie); Sally Wildsmith (also rep Peter Wildsmith); R Wildsmith; Ian Selby (also rep M W Shephard); Steve Dixonl; M Banks; Stephen Kemp; Kevin Wallis; D P Chamberlin (also rep H Chamberlin, Barbara Chamberlin and also Hainton Cricket Club); G M Cooper; David Wallis; Mr B Treadgold (also rep Mrs L Treadgold); C Fenwick (also rep Jonathan Fenwick); Robert and Jenny Hurst; J Bonas; David Anderson and Christine Anderson; C and A Smith; Charles and J Hill; Rowland Robertson; Mr and Mrs G S Allcock; J T Wood; Keith and P Robson; Mrs P Neal; Ruth Hayes; Monica Vergette (also rep Former Ladies’ Captains of Market Rasen Golf Club); John and Margaret Carter; J and A Hubbert; Mark and Pat Barthorpe; Maurice Poucher; Sue Cosgrove (also rep the Cosgrove family); Margot Green; Helen Hansard; Judy Clark; Joyce Rhodes; Brian and Rosemary Parkinson; Mavis and Ian Brady; Karen Hunt; Mr and Mrs Lord (also rep Mr and Mrs B Carter); Mr and Mrs J Link; Mrs J Lacey; Mr K Rayner; Mr and Mrs R Woolliams; Mr T Marsden; Mr and Mrs D Speirs; Mr and Mrs Pearson; Mr M Annikin (also rep Mrs M Annikin); Mr R Robertson; Bess Scott Gunn (also rep Sarah Tyson and also the Village Shop); Mr K Bratley (also rep Viking Way Coffee House); Mrs J Stott (also rep Mr J Stott, Mr and Mrs A Humphrey); Mr K Olivant (also rep the family); Mrs A Todd (also rep Mrs H Brumpton, Mrs K Robinson); Mrs S Swinfen; Mr G Noon (also rep Mrs J Hyland); Mr D Cosgrove (also rep Mr J Burke); Mr and Mrs J Wilson; Mrs C Horsley (also rep Market Rasen District Nurses); Mrs Kedgley; Mr Kedgley; Mr and Mrs Brocks; Mr G Wright (also rep Mrs S Wright); Mr N Duncomb; Mr and Mrs G Smith; Mr and Mrs R Read.