Obituary: John Edward Dale


The funeral for John Edward Dale, aged 63 years, of Howsham, was held at St James’ Church, Louth.

The Rev Nick Brown officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

John Edward Dale, known as Ed, was born at Wold Newton into a farming family.

He attended Ravendale School, St Hugh’s Woodhall Spa and Greshams School in Holt, Norfolk.

He studied agriculture at Riseholme, Lincoln before travelling extensively and working in Australia.

He returned to start his farming career at Pepperdale Farm in Howsham at the age of 22 and from this base built up a successful farming company.

In more recent years, after a spell of farming in Canada, he developed and manufactured his own seed drill, which led him to several national awards.

In his youth, he was a keen amateur motorcycle racer, he played rugby for Market Rasen and enjoyed skiing holidays.

This successful and fulfilling life was tragically cut short by a debilitating illness in August 2014 and he died in Lyndsey Lodge Hospice on March 1, 2015.

Ed is survived by his wife Julia, four sons and daughters-in-law and seven grandchildren, the youngest of whom was born on April 3.

Family mourners were: Julia Dale (wife); Tom and Sophia Dale, Jack and Hannah Dale, James and Emily Dale, Alex and Amy Dale (sons and daughters-in-law); Mr R E Dale (father); Marian Hall and Stuart Vincent, Ros and David Wilson, Liz and Edward Mossop. Steph Dale and John Coulthard (sisters and brothers-in-law); Marjorie Meir (mother-in-law); John and Anne Meir, Peter and Debi Meir (brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law); Grace Dobson (aunt); Anne and Roy Howell, Jane and William Reavell (also rep M Redfern), Penny and Trevor Lyle, Charles and Valda Dobson, Sue and Rick Fisher, Birdie Dawson, Christopher and Christine Mack, Jane and Bob Woodhouse, Didy and Stewart Atkinson, Amy and Daniel Jobe (cousins); Nicky and Rob Murray, Oliver and Holly Hall, Michael Wilson and Clare Jefferies, Harriet Wilson, Alistair Wilson, Alex Mossop, Edward Bennett Mossop, Bob Mossop, Freddie Mossop, James, George and Sophie Meir (nieces and nephews).

Friends at the service were: Mark and Claire Strawson (also rep Jo and Annabel Ward); Edward Strawson; Laura Watson; Judy Strawson; George Strawson (also rep Bill and Becky Kirkby); Christopher Renner (also rep Ruth, George and Normanton); Clive Lingard (also rep Brenda Lingard and also Paul Singleton); Diana Cottingham; Margaret Riches (also rep Peter Riches); David Strawson; Mark Lanham; Jonathan Davidson; Charlie Leake; Rob Godfrey; Mr N W Reeve; Bill Nobbs; Josephine Nobbs; Stuart Parker (also rep Anne Spolton, Richard and Carol Frost); M Dickie; Kate Buckley; Mark Dean (also rep the Smith family of Old Leake); Linda Waters (also rep Mary Dean); Neil and Ellen Knapton; Dorothy Fell (also rep Mr and Mrs B Parker, Stephen Fell); Mr and Mrs P Knapton; Claire Davies; Tim Charman; Dick Goodwin; Gordon Spoor; Martin Cox (also rep Bridget); P and D Shaw; Mr and Mrs Peter Strawson (also rep Fred Kirkby, Nigel Dring); Alistair Nelson; Alistair and Julie Harvey; Michael and Lesley Burton; Alan Fuller; Shaun Vandenbos; Lynda Houghton; Dave and Blue Maplethorpe; Susan Hannath; Edward Fowler; Lindy Sharpe; John Blundell; Mr N Golland (also rep Alison Golland); Rachel Fenwick; William and Rachel James; Christopher Geldard; The Vergette family (also rep Virginia Edmundson and also D Parker); Roger Chappell (also rep Colin Chappell and also Chappell Farms); Roger and Jo Herring (also rep David Herring); David and Julie Borthwick; Peter and Julia Everett; Jane Barnard (also rep Harry Barnard, Sarah Gunningham); B Treadgold (also rep Mr and Mrs A Kerr); Jean Wood (also rep Paul Wood); Ben Treadgold; Mr A Searby; Mr and Mrs M Bayliss; Andrew Jones and Lucinda; Mr and Mrs S Presley; Jack Binnion; Keith Blackburn (also rep K D K Auto); Keith Topliss; Louise Wright; Steve Smith; Heather Davidson; Mr and Mrs J Linton (also rep Julian and Suzanne Dunning); Mrs V Forbes; Mr I Forbes; Sarah and Anthony Scholey; Tom Haxby (also rep John and Kate Addison, Norma Addison); Matthew Neesham; Gerald Neesham; Mr and Mrs S Hull (also rep Mrs M Hull); Sally and Andrew White; A Denney; Richard Gravell; Simon Strubben (also rep RBM); David Goose; Jan Parkes; Mr and Mrs D Addison; Paul Stubbs; Mike Norcross (also rep Andrew Scholey, David Gaunt); James Wood; James Walgate (also rep the family and also Philip Wright); John Walgate; Graham Hunt (also rep Jane Hunt); Paul Drinkwater; Cliff Jacques (also rep JR Jacques and Sons); Jo Pike; Tony Wheeldon; Mr and Mrs I Fowler; Jim and Olivia Hurton; Simon Owens; Jan and Ralph Owens; Tony Horne; Jane Slide (also rep Geoffrey Slide, Ali Hudson); Susan Blakey (also rep Brian Blakey); Sally Ladlow; Mr and Mrs I S Couch; Rebecca Probert; Richard Stephenson; Ben Wright; Ross and Lucy Fenwick (also rep Robert and Nichola Baillie); Tom and Jessica Regis; Barry Smith; Doreen Teale; Sharon Bushell (also rep Pam McConnell and also Blue Fin Insurance); Mr and Mrs Wynne Griffiths; John Spilman (also rep Tricia Spilman); Andrew Clark (also rep Anna Clark, John White); R Dale (also rep Nichola Stamp); Philip and Lyn Clayton; Sandra Brewer (also rep Paul Brewer, Kate and Charles Brant); Alex Mackenzie; Nicholas Leitch; Ben Vasey; Adam Hottley; Andrew Walker (also rep Peacock and Binnington); Andrew Mellars (also rep Procam); Daniel Jobe; Lynne and Michael Wilkinson; Peter Mountain; Mr and Mrs A Lyle; Stewart and Didy Atkinson (also rep Nelson and Sue Sleight, Pip and Chrissie Ashto, Stephen and Jill Smith); Peter Pridgeon; Geoff Kelsey; Rodger Gooseman (also rep Old Greshamian Club); Tom and Felicity Gardner; Keith and Joyce Marshall (also rep Stewart and Rosie Forrest, Chris and John Naylor); Matthew and Emma Cox (also rep A L Cox and Son); Mrs S J Bradwell; Mr W Bradwell (also rep Mr P Bradwel, Mr and Mrs Andrew Brown); Susan Smithson; Charlotte Smithson; Victoria Cottingham; Charlie and Kate Salmon; Martin and Carmen Riggall; Jane North; John Pridgeon; Richard and Yvonne Croasedaile; Mike Garrs; Mr and Mrs Ambrose Fowler (also rep Mr and Mrs Andrew Wilson); Carole McAllister; Terry and Sandra Borrill (also rep Russell, Oliver and Elliot); Mr and Mrs D Jenkins (also rep Mr and Mrs R Horton); Lynne Day (also rep Arthur and Margaret Borrill); Rachel Crabtree; N Brennan (also rep Hair with Di); Peter Jones and Marie Wilson; Judith Ollard (also rep Gill Davey); Jill Dale (also rep Mr and Mrs Souness); Julian Hargreaves; Mr and Mrs David and Goose; Marcus Cleve (also rep the Cleve family); Mrs Douglas (also rep George Douglas, Mrs Sharpley); Jonathan and Claire Fenwick (also rep Market Rasen Rugby Club and also Jo Strawson); David Kent; Mr and Mrs Q Parker; John Coupe (also rep Coupe Farms and also William); Roy Allison; Liz Ives (also rep Simon Ives, Tony and Thelma Smith); James and Rachel Barton; A and I Sutherland (also rep D and D Sutherland, Christine and Bill Turner); E Cooper (also rep Omex Agriculture); Matt Hewson; Peter and Catherine Rushton; Bill Smith (also rep Ruth Smith); David Lyle (also rep Janice and Michael); Wendy Lyle; Gillian Franklin; Jane and Charles Corbett; Ian London (also rep Mike Molyneux); Bridget Franklin; Claire Gandy; Mel Sharpe (also rep the Sharpe family, Ashley Lidgard and also the Brackenborough Hotel); Sarah Doe (also rep Norris Farrow); Mathew and Suzanna Boulton (also rep Rase Steel); David and Rachel Grant; Colin, Mary and George Sanderson; William Cuff; James Furness; George Haxby (also rep Stephen Cayley, Nicholas Johnson, Robert Kirke); John Ollard (also rep Frances and Mary); Simon and Edward Weaning; Martin Bourne; Hattie Butt; Rachel Yeld; Sue West; Jane and Ernie Lidster; Tony and Jane Hiles (also rep R and I Anya, Diane Newton); Richard Green; Richard Harrison (also rep the Harrison family); Anthony Turnbull (also rep Paula Turnbull, Peter Moody and family, James Gladwin and family); Mark Colebrook (also rep the Colebrook family); Bill Emms (also rep the Nickerson family and Trustees); Joseph Holloway; Mr and Mrs Robert Woolliams (also rep Charlotte and Paul Simons); Nancy and Ivor Robinson; Edward and Mary Nicholson; Jan Albone (also rep Dan Albone, Alex Albone); Edward Dennis; John Brook; David Kent (also rep Pete Collins); David Bryant; Richard Haigh; Keith Elleston; Barbara Fenwick; Anthony Mossop (also rep Helen and also Don and Janice Beardsley); Steve Czornyj (also rep Forrester Boyd); Diane Sutton; Stephen Parker; R Gladwin; M Gladwin (also rep Rachel Gladwin); Richard Milligan-Manby (also rep James, Lizzie and Emma Milligan-Manby); John and Phoebe Godfrey; Lindsey Fell (also rep Tim, Mathew, Nichola and Emily); Trevor Gratton (also rep Mrs Gratton); Robbie Heath; Janet Henalla; Mr M Crombie; John and Louise Hewitt; Martin Clapham (also rep Limagrain UK Ltd); Rachel Wood (also rep Robert Wood); Mark Vincent (also rep Isabel); Margaret and Wayne Harvey; Mathew Fisher; Margot Charlton (nee Riggall); Jim Woolliams; Robin Mumby; Claire Philipson; Freda Cooper (also rep Neil, Natalie, Lorna and Joey); Richard and Judith Steel; Chris Halmshaw (also rep Vicky and Alice); Paul Bennett (also rep the Bennett family); Peter Kirke; Eric and Kathryn Gardener; Martin and Deborah Rojahm; Edwin Bacon (also rep Jimmy Bacon, Mrs Bacon); Frank and Doreen Dickinson and Rachel; Annabel Bucknall (also rep Mrs M Mossop); Mr and Mrs J Lowish; P Marris; S Buckley (also rep the Buckley family); T Robinson (Elsham); J and R Owens; Mr and Mrs J Schofield (also rep Mr and Mrs J Hollaway, Mr and Mrs J Denton); J Pilsworth (also rep K Pilsworth, Mrs A Lacey); Mrs J Jackson; K Birch (also rep Anne); D Mason; C Golland; Jeff Fieldsend (also rep Belcham); S Neave (also rep the Neave family); M Robinson (also rep Mrs Y Robinson); Lewis Strange (also rep Mo Skelton); N Ward (also rep P Summer); S and V Brocklesby (also rep G Brocklesby); W Fenwick (also rep Rachel Fenwick); Mr and Mrs E Bell (also rep Lincolnshire Motors); C Ollard (also rep N and C Ollard); R Strawson (also rep Rebecca Strawson); Mr and Mrs C Allison; G Cade (also rep C Cade); N Waters (also rep Leigh Waters); J and A James; R Douglas; Mrs E Wells (also rep Mr N Wells, Mrs E A Reynolds, Mr R A Jagger); P Hewson (also rep G Sargent); J Blanchard; Jim Godfrey (also rep Janet); Jonathan Jackson (also rep Suki Jackson, Ben Jackson, Katy Jackson, Mathew Jackson, Mr and Mrs A Jordan); Mr and Mrs A T G Turnbull; P Godfrey; B Baker (also rep Grimme UK); Mrs G and J Wilson (also rep Ken Wilson and Sons); Julia Drew (also rep J, W and R Drew, Bob and Nicola Stainton); Julie Sutton (also rep P Sutton); Mrs Collen (also rep B Collen, Mr and Mrs S Smith); Mr N Hunton (also rep Mrs Hunton); M Moody (also rep T Moody, Ali and Mandy Kerss); R Patrick (also rep Ann Patrick and also Richard); Haddon Smith; Mr and Mrs S Wright (also rep J G Wright and Son); Alex Wright; Lesley Pepperdine; R and A Foreman (also rep M Green); R Stodart (also rep the family); Mr and Mrs J Wood (also rep C Wood); P and V Williams; J Hairsine; A Parker; R N C Pitt; R and V Crowe; Olly Cole (also rep the Cole family); Mrs J Sleight and family; J Dale; G Roberts; A Sayers; Badger and Jago (also rep W H Dale Ltd – Tanks R Us); Mr and Mrs Brewitt; N Wood (also rep Tom Woods); D and S Pick (also rep J and M Stevenson); C Butt; C Bourne; J Shephard (also rep Doreen Shephard); D and J Wood; C Rufling; M Daniels (also rep C and J Baxter); Mike Johnson; Julian Dunning; Simon and Lucy Day; R and S Day (also rep the Worth family); S and M Ward; Mr S Wharton (also rep F Wharton); M Cartwright (also rep A and E Cartwright); V MacLin; Mr G Gould; Mr and Mrs L Hickling (also rep Mr Hickling, Miss L Hickling); R and S Mossop; C Chappill-Bright (also rep D Veal); Paul Chappill; R and J Smith; Mrs B Fenwick; L Shaw; H Lundberg (also rep J Rose); J Buckley; R and P Leitch; Tony Dale (also rep DDM Agriculture); Mr and Mrs P Harvey; D Williams (also rep Mrs Williams); D Robinson; John Smith (also rep A W Smith and also Louth Tractors); D and A Mackrill (also rep D and C Mackrill).