Obituary: Joan Rodger

The funeral service for Joan Rodger, aged 68 years of Market Rasen, was held at the parish church.

The Rev Michael Cartwright officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall.

Joan was born in Market Rasen.

She worked as a sales assistant at Eve’s in Queen Street.

Family mourners were Harry (husband); Stephen and Sam (son and daughter-in-law); Nicola and John (daughter and son-in-law); Thomas, Mel, Olivia, James and Ella (grandchildren); May, Betty, Jean (also rep Geoff and Stuart) and Barbara (sisters); Brenda (sister-in-law); Mervin and Della, Peter, Michelle, Liz and Paul (also rep Gemma), Carol, Sue, Tracy and Stephen (nephews and nieces); Benjamin (great-nephew).

Friends at the service were: Mr and Mrs C Curtis; Mrs S Pickering; Mrs D Gleeson (also rep The Poplars); Anne Baker (also rep Helen Pugh); Mr D Cotton; Robin Leak (also rep The Poplars); Mr Flintham (also rep Mrs Y Flintham); Mrs D Newton; Mr B Ashley (also rep Mrs C Ashley); Mrs C Houlton (also rep The Poplars Nursing Staff); Mrs L Fiddlin; Debbie Turner; Margo Green (also rep Gail Baramuszczak); Jenny Smith (also rep Lilac Court); Mrs M Surfleet (also rep Mrs J Jackson); Mr and Mrs B Windle (also rep Mr and Mrs T Ashley); Mrs P Perkins (also rep Mr N Perkins and also Sue Dean); Mr and Mrs Culverhouse; Mrs H Waring; Sandra and Keith Tindall (also rep the family and also Maureen and Brian Nawton); Mr and Mrs M Iremonger; Mr D Hill (also rep the family); Mrs M Carrie; Miss E Carrie; Mr J A E Fox; Mrs C Yull (also rep Mr and Mrs T Challons; Geoff, Betty, Margaret and Alan); Mr and Mrs Holmes; Mr and Mrs B Smith; Mr F Bark (also rep Mrs P Bark, Tan Dalton); Mr A Taylor; Mrs H Thornton (also rep the family and also Mrs M Tolan); Mrs J Johnson; Queenie Spink; Mr and Mrs Wilcockson; Shirley Parker (also rep Betty, Michael and also Doreen Allard); Mrs R Smith (also rep the Lambie family, Mrs M Sanders and family); Sandy Horton (also rep the Palmers); Mrs E Bradley (nee Myland); Mr R Coulson; Mrs K Mitchell (also rep William and Trevor); Mrs C Parrish (also rep Mr S Parrish); Mrs G Cannon; Mrs S Tolan (also rep Mr P Tolan, Mr and Mrs W Scott); Mr P Stanley; Mrs M Stanley; Mr and Mrs P Tolan (also rep Miss A and Miss M Tolan); Mrs E Whitfield; Mr and Mrs Goulsbra (also rep Rita and David); Mrs Brockman; Miss J Brockman; Mrs M Walker; Mr K G Strawson; Miss K Strawson; Mr and Mrs Edwards; Mr and Mrs G Taylor (also rep Mr and Mrs B Dannatt); Mrs K Dando; Mrs S Bradford; Mr J Walsh; Mrs J and Mr C Grant; Mr and Mrs Thomas; Mrs Goodhand; Mrs C Tight; Mrs J Grayson; Mrs B Bradford (also rep Maxine and Nick Guymer); Mr M Sheehan; Rod and Marion Clark; Mr and Mrs R Marshall; Mr A Marshall; Mr and Mrs Arnold (also rep Eve and Ranshaw); Miss R E Cade; Mrs D Bray; Mr and Mrs Rolf; Mr G Berisford; Mrs J Marris (also rep Mr J Marris); Sharon, David, Nicola and Alison Hildred (also rep Peter Heart); Mrs M Whitelam; Mrs P Robinson; Mr D Edwards (also rep K Brumpton); Mr R Sheardown; Mrs S Jackson (also rep Mr K Jackson and also Waterloo House); Mrs H Young (also rep The Poplars); Mr and Mrs I Hutchinson (also rep Mr and Mrs N Hutchinson); Mr and Mrs H J Quinn; Mrs J Dangerfield; Mrs J Frost; Mr and Mrs Frazer; Mr K Martin; Mr R Starbuck; Mrs L Would; Mr T Paul; Mr E Flood (also rep Mrs B Flood); Mr W Craig (also rep Tom Thornalley); Mr and Mrs Speirs; Mr and Mrs R New; All the staff at Cynthias; Mrs G Taylor.