Obituary: Joan Parker

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. EMN-151022-163943001

The funeral service for Joan Parker, aged 83 years of Brigg was held at Scunthorpe Crematorium.

Sandra Barker officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Joan was born in Swallow, the youngest of 13 brothers and sisters.

She left school at 14 and went into service.

She lived at South Kelsey, where she met and married her husband Dick, on October 18, 1958, when Joan was 26 years old.

They lived at Winghale Farm, South Kelsey, where Dick was a farmhand.

They had two children, Rik and Sheila, and Joan helped around the farm feeding and looking after the animals.

They lived at Winghale for many years, before moving to Howsham, when Dick took up the role of shepherd.

One of Joan’s passions was playing bingo and as fortune would have it, she won a substantial sum of money on the national bingo.

It was enough to buy Dick a new car and to buy themselves a bungalow in Brigg.

However, being used to a big farmhouse, Joan found the bungalow rather small, so it was sold and they moved to their current house.

During her retirement, Joan volunteered in the RSPCA charity shop at Brigg for almost nine years.

Joan was extremely proud of her children, eight grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

Sadly, she was diagnosed with cancer and was admitted to Lindsey Lodge Hospice, where she passed away.

Family mourners were: Dick (husband); Rik Parker and Marie (son and partner); Sheila Johnson and Dave Brumby (daughter and partner); Kelly Johnson, Ben and Charlie (granddaughter and partner and great-grandson); Stacey Johnson (granddaughter); Emma, Mark and Peter Parker (grandchildren); Anne Parker and Kieran (granddaughter and partner); James Parker (grandson); Pat Vickers (sister-in-law); Joy Taylor and Debra Hammond (niece and great-niece); Edith Parker (sister-in-law); Lilian and Paul McGrady (niece and husband); Michael and Janet Warren (nephew and wife); David and Colin Barraclough (nephews).

Friends at the service were: Pam Schofield (also rep the Schofield family); Steve Smith (also rep the Smith family); Jane Coulson (also rep David and family); Peter Robinson (also rep Sally Robinson); Mr and Mrs Michael Hankins; Margaret and Sam Smith; Margaret Brunt (also rep the Brunt family); C Vickery; D Simon; Brenda Reid; Ralph and Suzanne Tutty; Gordon Atkinson; H Wynne; Keith Knapton (also rep the Knapton family); Mrs C Fox; Mal; Mr and Mrs Colin Watson (also rep Michael, Claire and family); Mr and Mrs J Parkinson; Pat and Tony Brown; Cecil Hurst; Peter Craven; Jane Lockwood (also rep the Lockwood family); Terry and Kath Tomlinson; Brian and Mavis Tutty; Mr and Mrs J Parkin; Bet Marshall and family; Doreen Hooker; Joy and Pete Jacques; Maureen Collins.