Obituary: Jill Tyson


The funeral service for Jill Tyson, aged 57 years of Middle Rasen, was held at Tealby Parish Church.

The Rev Elaine Turner officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

After attending local schools in Tealby and Market Rasen, followed by college in Lincoln, Jill started work for local Auctioneers and Estate Agents, Messrs George Mawer & Co.

She subsequently became chief cashier on the Halifax Building Society/Bank Counter, a position she retained until the Halifax withdrew their services from Market Rasen.

After termination of this employment, Jill worked part-time for both Louth Cattle Market Auctioneers on Market Days and Ken Briggs Ltd at Peck Mill, Market Rasen.

Family Mourners were: Neville Hansard (partner); Reg and Brenda Tyson (parents); Alan and Noi Tyson (brother and sister-in-law); Richard and Monica Hansard, Michael and Helen Hansard, Suzanne Herring, Celia and Gordon Johnson (brothers and sisters-in-law and partners); Jane Rowles, Vicky Herring, Mathew and Louise Herring, Stephen Hansard, Mary Kate Packer (nephews, nieces and partners); Pat and Mac Andrewartha, Beryl Caste, Hazel and Brian Logan, Ken and Wendy Laurie, Carol and Terry Jones, Heidi Adams (also rep Ben Adams), Lucy and Craig Wherrell, Paul and Becky Logan, Jamie and James (cousins and partners); Daisy and Heather Tyson (niece and mother); Trudy Winters; Mr and Mrs Chris Stubbs; Eve Spendlow; Sue Forman (also rep Paul Forman).

Friends at the service were: Lesley and Nigel Horton; Ken and Paula Briggs; Ellie Briggs; June and Dave Clark; Doris Woodall (also rep David and Jean Johnson); Roy Tomlinson; Keith and Vi Knapton (also rep Derek and Jean Richardson); Pete Smith (also rep Gay); Dave Price (also rep Peter Chapman); Mr and Mrs J Cade (also rep Mr and Mrs H Burton); Dawn Lingard; Myra Mannion; Sandra Jenner; Adrian Tutty; Shane Broughton; Jill Emmerson; Jennifer Thornally; Melissa Garbett; G M Cooper; Linda Stimson; Mike Perkins; Keith Smith; Gwen Hall; Isobel Vincent; Diane Dawson (also rep Stuart Dawson; Christine Mapplethorpe); Barry Tyson (also rep Rebecca, Bethanie and Ross); Mr and Mrs J Woodall and family; Mrs J Herring; Mrs L Carter; Mr P Carrick-Smith (also rep Mrs G B Smith); Michael Inglis; Audrey Foster; Alan Bennett; Stephanie and Peter Fox; Sandra Chambers; Gordon Brumby; Mr and Mrs M Hurt (also rep Mr and Mrs K Frankish; Mr and Mrs M Pearce); Liz Johnson (also rep the family); Rachel Semple (also rep Tom, John and Reuben); Debbie Broughton; Donna Turner; Ian Smart (also rep Lancaster’s Butchers); Sharon Lloyd; Janet Collins; S Rodger; Kim Strawson; Helen Potton; John Needham; Len Johnson; Elizabeth Woodall; Mr and Mrs G Wallace; Mr J Codd; Barbara McWeeny (also rep Keith Tindall and Sandra Tindall); Frank Howsham (also rep the family); Richard and Melissa Woodall; Mr M Benson; Mr and Mrs H Jackson; Wayne Mountain (also rep friends and colleagues at Louth Market); Paul Shaw; Heather Barratt; John Haywood