Obituary Jill Pearce

The funeral service for Jill Pearce, aged 64 years of Market Rasen, was held at the parish church.

The Rev Michael Cartwright officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall.

Jill was born in Middle Rasen.

She had a varied working life: she worked on the land picking potatoes and brussel sprouts, at the Plastic Box Factory (RPC), in the wood with husband Fred, and as a home care worker for the council.

Jill was a member of various sewing clubs, including one in Tealby, and enjoyed bingo at the Festival Hall every Thursday.

Family mourners were: Fred Pearce (husband); Alan Pearce, Victoria Critcher, Sharleen Pearce, Lisa Tuinabua (son and daughters); Laura Pearce, Mark Critcher, Mike Tuinabua (daughter-in-law and sons-in-law); Dorothy Collins (mother); Paul Carrie, Charlie Pearce, Connie Critcher, Molly Critcher, Jack Pearce, Taraivini Tuinabua, Freddie Tuinabua (grandchildren); Judy and Steve Greenbeck (sister and brother-in-law); Sheila and Len Robinson (sister and brother-in-law); John Collins and Anne (brother and partner); Bill Collins (brother); Joe Collins and Charles Robinson (brother and brother-in-law); Janet Collins (sister-in-law); Carol and Dave Morton, Marvis and Billy Stark, Tony Pearce (sisters-in-law and brothers-in-law); Gemma and Adey Lawless, Laura Greenbeck, Aaron Greenbeck, Jason and Sharon Robinson, Simon Robinson, Steven and Christine Robinson, Helen Lynn, Rachel and Andrew Clarke (nieces and nephews); Arthur and Nancy Robinson, Pete Salmon (uncles and aunt); Viv Lambie, Vanessa Robinson, Colin Robinson (cousins).

Friends at the service were: Mr and Mrs T Bunford; Mrs A Ward (also rep David Ward); Mr G A Smith; Mr C N Smith; Mrs B Smith; Mr and Mrs C Smith; Mr R Smith; Mrs M Jarron; Mrs P Bennett (also rep Tealby Sewing Group); Mrs N Argent (also rep Dean Argent and also staff at Cynthias); Mrs C Marshall; Mrs A Hodges; Mr S Chase; Mrs S Mitchel (also rep the Mitchel family); Mr and Mrs Samuels; Mr D Samuels (also rep the Bennetts); Mr C Robinson (also rep Debbie and Faye); Joseph Robinson; Mrs G M Cooper; Mr and Mrs Goulsbra; Mrs S Newsham (also rep Mr M Newsham); Mrs G Norledge (also rep Mrs G Adlam, Mr C Bray); Stephen McAndrew; Dinah Nash (also rep Mr K Storr); Mrs S Dean; Mrs Perkins (also rep Mick); Mr C Flavell; Jack Taylor; Philip Smart; Stuart Sanders (also rep Wendy); Mrs D Egen (also rep James and family); Miss L Egen; Mr and Mrs A Upton (also rep Mr and Mrs S Bennett); Mr and Mrs Wright; Sue Robinson (also rep Tealby Sewing Group); Mrs H Thornton (also rep the family, Mr and Mrs C Jackson, Mrs M Tolan); Mrs J Sellars; Mr and Mrs Gandey; M Lynn (also rep T Lynn); J Fitch (also rep Pauline James); Julie Green; Carol Ashley; Heather Nash; Julia Salmon (also rep Kev and family); Mrs M Saunders (also rep Mr and Mrs S Saunders); Mr and Mrs Fox; Mr and Mrs Gilliat; Mr and Mrs F Hare; Mrs R Smith; Mr C Robinson (also rep Mrs S Robinson and also Adam and Callum); Eddie Edwards; Paul Stanley; Mr R Smith (also rep Miss Webb); Mr B Bonner (also rep Mrs B Thombs); Heather Newcomb (also rep Sheree and Mark, Newcomb family); Mr and Mrs L Jarvill (also rep Mrs F Mitchel and also Mr P Sellars and family); P Smart; Carol Oxley; J Carr (also rep the family); Mrs R Whitton; Mrs L Houghton (also rep Ken Briggs); Mrs M Thompson; D Brown (also rep Shaun Jackson); Mrs T Dixon (also rep Mr P Dixon and also Jamie); Jack Woodall (also rep David Woodall); Jessie Mawer; Alison Quinn (also rep Sally Fox); Lesley Mumby; Mr and Mrs Yavaca; Mr G Briggs and Georgie Briggs; Tom Briggs; Ray New (also rep Diane); Richard Webb; Kevin O’Brian; M Johnson (also rep Gary James); Stephanie Johnson; Mrs B Flood (also rep Mr E Flood); Mrs K Farnworth; David Pinnion; Dave and Carol Morton; Veronica and Sarah Ewington; K Newcomb; Henry Dawai and Junior (also rep Sinu Dawai).