Obituary: Jean Mary Broughton

. EMN-160620-091952001
. EMN-160620-091952001

A service for Jean Mary Broughton (84) took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by the Rt Rev Dr David Tustin.

Family mourners attending were: Ted Broughton (husband); Paul and Julie Broughton (son and daughter-in-law); William Broughton, Tom Broughton (grandsons); Pamela Cox, Carol Murray (sisters); Sue and Barry Holbrook, Hilary and Colin Bailey, Liz and Keith Barker (nieces and husbands); Richard Whiting (nephew); Emily Bailey (great-niece); Alex Murray (brother-in-law, also rep Nicola, Tina and Emma, nieces); Carl Graves (nephew, also rep Andrea); Andrea Cave, Jayne Sweetman, (nieces); Pauline Graves (sister-in-law); , niece and husband; Barry Cheeseman and Rosie Mason (nephew and partner); Janet Glennon (also rep Deg and Urs, and Tim Broughton); Roy Hill.

Other mourners were: Alan and Jeannette Brothwell (also rep Lee and Heidi Sizer, nephew and wife); Doreen Shuter; Bill and Connie Stennett (also rep the Stennett family); Vicky Green (also rep Paul); Angela Todd (also rep Sarah Dougill); Ronald and Elsie Timmis; Roy and Ethel Clarke; Janet Ward; Doreen Westerby; Beverley Richardson; Barry and Margaret Kirkby; Rita Dann; Mr and Mrs D Jackson; Maureen and Mike Davies; Ivor Timms; Jean Douglas; June Pearce; Dave and Joyce Burns (also rep Kevin Taylor); Harold Blakey and friend Audrey; Janice and Patrick Keilthy (also rep Wrawby Methodist Chapel); Iris and Ray Harniess; Glenys Cairney; Warwick Cairney; James and Kathleen Flewker; Lynne Simpson (Ideal Community Care); Beverley Hull (Ideal Community Care).

Funeral arrangements were by Lincolnshire Co-operative Funeral Service, Grimsby.