Obituary: Jean Lillian Mannion

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. EMN-160425-152350001

The funeral service for Jean Lilian Mannion, aged 59 years of Glentham, was held at the parish church.

Ivan Howitt and Sally Turnbull officiated at the service and arrangememgts were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Jean was born at Saxby and was a drector of T M Mannion Electrical Contractots.

Family mourners were: Terry (husband); Lisa, David and Steve (children); Kathy Mannion (daughter-in-law); Ben and Abigail Wood, Edward, William and Aliena Mannion, Neve Mannion (grandchildren); Basil and Ellen Chapman (parents); Anita and Clive Siephen, Brian and Shelagh Chapman, Brenda and Ray proctor (brother and sisters); Mont and Myra Mannion (also rep great uncle Henry Hewson), Mo Korytnickyi, Jennifer and Gary Smith (sisters-in-law and brothers-in-law); Joe and Kathy Stephenson, Emma, Amanda, sarah and Tracey Proctor, Frances Green, Hannah Toogood, Wayne, Craig and Gavin Korytnickyi, Shaun and Carl Mannion, Sheri Mannion (newphews and nieces).

Friends at the service were: Mr H Rainer; Mr and Mrs K Fridlington; Tim Gramson (also rep Karen Gramson); Mark Stephenson; Mr and Mrs Stephenson; C Dimbleby (also rep the family); John Blackburn; Linda Armstrong; Christine Waite; David Smith (also rep Shirley Smith); Anton Lagzdins; Robert Clark; Muriel Hollis; Sue Anderson (also rep Nigel, Daniel, Russell and Thomas Anderson); Carol Watson (also rep Michael Watson; Anna and Chloe Watson); Mr and Mrs A Johnson; Mrs R Johnson; Miss D Coles; Mr and Mrs G Loveday; Elizabeth Smithson; Sheana Miller (also rep Robert Miller and also the Antique Centre, Hemswell); Sue and Paul North; Margaret Fielder; Michael Brown; Mr M Meehan; Jane Rose; Mr D Houtby (also rep Pat Houtby); Susan Vickers; Amanda Vickers; Hilary Pickering (also rep Susan Opie); Robert Walker; Val Reed (also rep Madge Meehan); Sarah Howe; Chris and Michelle Smith; Brian Everatt; Sally Ann Everatt; Barbara Triffitt; I Markham; Ray Brumby (also rep Daniel Brumby; Rebecca Holgate); Robert and Sarah Neave; Terry Higgins; Marjorie Dawson; Andrew Belton; Shirley Pipe-Baxter; Dave Baxter; Christine Chester; David Waite (also rep the Waite family); John Bell (unable to attend); Sheila Taylor; Mr and Mrs A White; Shaun and Clair Childs; Pat Beat (also rep Jack Beat); Diane Wood; Sharon Marsden; Jackie Bonsall; Ruth Dring; Mr and Mrs Hardy (also rep Mr and Mrs Cooper); Laura Hardy; Paul Hardy; Mr and Mrs T Faulkner; Glen Johnson; Terry Johnson; Mr and Mrs Cromack; Karen Waring (also rep David and Louis); Lynda Waring; Kathleen Halstead (also rep the Halstead family); Katherine Halstead; Colin MacGill (also rep Margaret and also Gill Parker); Anne Turnbull (also rep the family); James Barton (also rep the Barton family); John and Andrea Ingham; Nick Jewitt; Irene Pickering; Mrs D Rudd; Mick Crowe (also rep W R Crowe Ltd); Mr and Mrs D Cook; Gill Smith; David Rowett (also rep Pauline); Paul Rowett (also rep Joyce Rowett); Mr and Mrs Brian Green; Frances Green (also rep the Green family; Susan Chapman); Naomi Tute; Valerie Howitt; Colin Kirman (also rep Joyce and Matt Kirman); Steve and Marilyn Rowett (also rep Maureen and Graham Rowett; Veronica Bierlein); Christine Storr; Alison Lacey; Mervyn Davies; Peter and Jenny Atkinson; Denise and Geoff Leah; Carolyn Luckham; Roy Turner; Mark and Tracy Smithson; Mr and Mrs Cox; Mr and Mrs Clapham (also rep Susan Archer); Neil Looker; Barbara Heaton; Charles Neave and Rebecca Neave; Imelda and Bernadette Hall (also rep John Hall).