Obituary: Jean Evelyn Staves

The funeral service for Jean Evelyn Staves, aged 89 years of Market Rasen, was held at St Thomas’s Church, where she had been an active member.

The Rev Michael Cartwright and the Rev Canon Ian Robinson officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall.

Family mourners were: Mr and Mrs Terry Staves, Canon Dr and Mrs Peter Staves (sons and daughters-in-law); Mr and Mrs David Wortley (daughter and son-in-law); Wendy Staves (daughter-in-law, rep Jo, Andy and family); Richard Staves (grandson, rep Karen and family); Mr and Mrs Russell Staves (grandson and wife); Justin Staves (grandson, rep Elena and family); Mr and Mrs Paul Bojen, Mr and Mrs Kevin Tormey, Mr and Mrs Andy Lewin (granddaughters and husbands); Mark Staves and Emma Beechey (grandson and partner); Mr and Mrs Andrew Staves (grandson and wife); Dr Sarah Staves, Morag Moore (granddaughters); Simon Bunn and Diane Hawke (grandson and partner) also Nicholas and Matthew (rep Benjamin and Samuel); John Moore and family; Emma and Donna Staves (rep Neil Staves, grandson); Frank, Nina, Lars, Gregory, Dylan, Becky and partner, Jack (great-grandchildren); Audrey Foster, Hazel Molzahn, Kathleen Fehnert (sisters); Vera Staves (sister-in-law); Malcolm Sleight (cousin); Enid Hammerton; Mr and Mrs Stuart Molzahn, Mr and Mrs Stephen Fehnert, Mr and Mrs Dean Fehnert (nephews and wives); Mr and Mrs Michael Sneddon, Mr and Mrs Alwyn Ranby (nieces and husbands); Mr and Mrs Jonathan Staves (nephew and wife) also Laura and Lucy (rep Mahlah); Mr and Mrs Walter Albon (nice and husband, rep Margaret and Ray); John Staves (nephew, rep Sheila and Ann); Judith Longley (niece) and Richard Longley; Quentin Dowse (nephew, rep Sylvia Dowse, sister).

Friends at the service were: Mr A Bennett; Mrs M Brumpton (also rep Mrs K Atkin); Mrs D Bygraves; Mrs R Smith (also rep L Fein and also the Palmer family); Mrs K Alderdice (also rep the family); Mr and Mrs J Burks (also rep Marther and Emma); Mr and Mrs A Bowen; Sheila Lancaster; Joanne Bunn; Susan Wheatley (also rep Robert Wheatley); M Wheatley (also rep Jennifer Stanley); Mrs M Wrath (also rep Lenny); Simon Shaul; Kevin Betts (also rep Karen Alstrop); Dennis Parrott (also rep Mrs P M Parrott); Mr and Mrs P McCall; Mrs Bett (also rep Pearl Bennett); A Batty; Carol Wade; Steve Wade; E Barton; Dorothy Fox (also rep Brian Fox, Frances Mitchell); Jessie Mawer (also rep Mrs V Bycroft); Mrs L Cartwright; Mr P G Hall (also rep Alice Hall); Pauline Perkins (also rep Mick and also Sue Dean); Mrs S Sanderson; Audrey Foster; Anna, Mark, and Mike Sneddon;

Mr and Mrs P Stanley (also rep Christopher); Mr and Mrs J Thompson (also rep Eileen); Clive Bygrave; John Bett; May Sykes; May Healey; Mr and Mrs C M Robinson (also rep Valerie Darker); Joy Undrell; S Procter (also rep Vanessa Proctor); L Sneddon; Mrs L Hughes; Mr and Mrs E Burkes; Sarah Steer (also rep The Salvation Army and also Thomas Steer); R Cooler (also rep M Cocking); C York; Sue York; A and L Staves; Vera Staves; Mrs F Horton; Mr C Holmes; Mr M Sleight; Mr and Mrs Ward; Mr D Lacey; Mrs G Sorby; Mr and Mrs Albone; Mr F Fieldsend; Mr and Mrs A S Ranby (also rep Janet Booth-Staves, Mr and Mrs Dick Staves (Exeter)); Mr T Smith (also rep Mr J Smith, Mr N Smith, Mr M Perkins); Mr D Hubbard (also rep Mrs J Hubbard and also John and family); John Staves; L Staves (also rep M Staves); Mrs B Langley (also rep Mrs D Lucht); Mr B Marshall (also rep Mrs J Marshall); Mr T Gramson (also rep De Aston School); Mr R Stimpson; Mrs S Wells (also rep S Wells, G Wells); Esther Wheatley; Mr A Upton (also rep Mrs P Upton); Mrs J Lingard (also rep Mrs L Waters); Ann Baxter (also rep John Baxter); Dawn Brooks (also rep Phyllis Doughty); Mrs J Hewson (also rep Stephen, James and Paul); Mr S Norman; Jill Bartlam; Rachael Straw (also rep Mr A Straw, Mr and Mrs R Treadgold); Mrs S M Veitch; Leslie Leonard (also rep Mrs E Leonard); Steven Dixon (also rep Peter Leonard); Mr and Mrs A R Farrow (also rep Mr and Mrs M Jones); Joan Fletcher (also rep Julie Fridlington); Mr M Tindall (also rep Market Rasen Band and also Susan and Anthony Tindall); Enid Hammerton; Mrs C Gawthorpe; Roy and Linda Marshall; Diane Chambers (also rep Carol Houlden); Mrs S Carter (also rep Mr W Carter); Marion Clark (also rep Rod Clark); Jo Gladman (also rep Robin Gladman); C Fehnert; Miss L Hewerdine; Gary Bierlein; Bill Bierlein; Helen and Carl Martin; Jeanette and Stanly (also rep The Salvation Army); Mrs Longley; Richard Longley; Alicia Malinowska.