Obituary: Janice Hazel Neave


The funeral service for Janice Neave (nee Inman), aged 62 years of Welton Cliff, was held at Lincoln Crematorium.

Richard Thornton officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Janice was born in Lincoln and worked for some time for Royal Insurance.

Family mourners were: Richard Neave (husband); Jayne Popplewell (daughter, also rep Jack Popplewell, grandson); Mark Neave (son) and Miss N Crowson; Mrs J Inman (mother); Mr and Mrs S Horton (brother-in-law and sister); Mr and Mrs D Inman (brother and sister-in-law); Mr and Mrs C Day, Mr and Mrs G Neave (brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law); Mrs E Young (sister-in-law); Mrs and Mrs J Pitchford (also rep Mr and Mrs D Giles, brother and sister-in-law); Miss L Pritchard; Miss E Pritchard; Mr B Inman; Mrs J Miller; Mrs L Vincent; Miss E Neave; Mr and Mrs I Young; Mr and Mrs I Tate; Mrs S Keegan; Miss R Horton and Mr D Bannister; Mr M Popplewell.

Friends at the service were: Ruth Clark; Rupert Worrell; Graham Worrell (also rep Tony Morris); Mr and Mrs Holdich; Mr and Mrs M Woodall; Mr and Mrs P Carter (also rep Lynn Clark); Sarah Lupton; Kevin Wilds; Hazel Halsted; C Wiles; Mr M Wiles; David Holvey; Bill Adams; Jean Adams; Pat Alan; Mr and Mrs M Adams; Val Hullett; Mary Watson; Mick and Jenny Dickinson; John and Grace Popplewell; Martin Fussey; Brian Inman; Sharon and Paul Burzynski; Stuart and Penny Johnson; Lynne Day; Richard and Susan Day; Mr and Mrs G Bird; Keith and Patricia Tomlinson; Tony Tomlinson; Mr and Mrs Bartle; Rachel Cooper; Norman and Judy Jones; Richard Harrison; Ralph Gray (also rep Barbara Gray); Brian Wykes; Hilary Vaughan; Joe Vaughan; H Wykes; Ann Ward; Mr and Mrs Wright; Graham and Sandra Parker; Brian and May Holt; Betty Shaw; Mr and Mrs T Marsden; Kirsty Crowson; Danielle Crowson; Rachel and Paul Maxey; Ann Kitchen (also rep the Kitchen family); Sylvia Limb; Jill Dickinson; Margaret Dickinson; John Carter (also rep Mrs M Carter); Val Hills; Joy Lee; David and Sue Straw (also rep the family); Barbara Pears (also rep the family); Mark Johnson; Mr and Mrs T Hodgson; Les Sawyer; John Clark; Cyn Margrave; Robin and Rita Hall; Ian and Linda Hall; Paul and Alison Wilkinson; Tony and Margaret Rowbottom; Neil Burton; Ruth Winterbourne; John Ward; Pete Linder; J Neave; Pip Webster (also rep Steve Webster); Pat and Dave Plevey; Kathy Vernon; J and T Patman; R Whittaker; Pete Stafford; John Birkett; Carol Deague; Doreen Albone; Georgie Carter; Mr and Mrs N Taylor; Viv Robinson; Julie Pearce; Gloria and John Ives; David Cosgrove (also rep Kelly and Stuart McDowel, Jim and Rita Burks); Mrs Birkett; Mrs Lancaster (also rep Mr Lancaster); Paul Ranyard; Tom Holding; Georgina Waite; Robert Waite; Karen Waite; Angie Waite; Jason McGiff; Andy Curtis; Mr and Mrs Cotton; Scott Sykes; Glenys Sykes.