Obituary: James Stanley Hobbs

James Hobbs
James Hobbs

The funeral for James (Jim) Hobb was held at Lincoln Crematorium.

The Rev Chris Harrington officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Jim was born at Cranwich in Norfolk. He worked for a good few years for the Forestry Commission, firstly as a grader making the roads through the woods and then in the wood yard at Brandon in Suffolk, making pit props for coal mines.

Jim later went to drive HGV lorries for C R Hansard and Rase Distribution, before finally driving a van for T Dockering. He then had to give up work due to multiple sclerosis.

Jim loved motorcycles, even building one of his own. TT winner Joey Dunlop was his hero, so it was fitting that Jim’s final journey was in a motorcycle and side car.

Family mourners were: Jayne Hobbs (wife); Sheila Hobbs and Andy Watts (sister and partner); Mavis Wilson (mother-in-law); John Wilson and Luan Heidstrom (brother-in-law and partner); Simon Kidd and Kelly Milne, Sammi Liam and Hayden Cooper (nephew and nieces); Wendy and Peter Wing, Gordon and Sonia Wilson, Alan and Maureen Wilson, Bernard and Jenny Wilson, Eileen George, Audrey Wright (aunties and uncles); Alison Chapman (also rep Sharon and Jay Senical), Jeff and Janet Grundy, Pauline and Jim Greely, Janet Stephenson, Graham Mumby, Keith Roberts, Sylvia and Stephen Mills, Garry Mills, Stephen and Margaret Walshe, Diane and Richard Barlow, Stephen Wilson, Paul and Donna Wilson, Elizabeth and Stuart Clarke, Carol and Nigel Richardson (cousins).

Friends at the service were: Mr P C Smith (also rep Mrs G B Smith); Louisa Myhill; Andrew and Leslie Collinson; Dale Fordham; Keith Birchill; Mark McKernan; Colin, Carol, Rebecca and Matthew Houlden (also rep David); Ann Breach; Suzette Hardie (also rep Allied Health Care); Zoe Watts; Brian and Pam Reaney; D G Slawson (also rep M E Slawson and family); Stephen Hansard; Ann Breach; Suzette Hardie (also rep Allied Health Care); Nicola Myles; Alan Myles; Terence Eley; Carolyn Eley; Jo Hildred; Ray Hildred (also rep Equip); Stuart Dawson (also rep Diane Dawson); Mrs Whitlock; P Salmon (also rep Mr and Mrs Williams); John Dimbleby; Hilary Stevenson; Paul Stevenson; Emma Davey; Ron and Jasmine Marsh; J Rogers; Richard Hansard (also rep Bob and Mandy Marriott); J Bunn; G Jenkins; D and P Lawrence; G and C Philpott (also rep Paul and Nick and also Mrs R Jackson); Andy and Jackie Adlard; Anne Mulhern; M Carter (also rep Mrs Carter); Mr and Mrs G Philpott; N Hall; Claire and Chaz Hewson; Mr and Mrs Myhill; D Richards (also rep the family); Lindsey Allen; M Muir-Holland (MS Co-ordinator); S Gaughan (MS Specialist Nurse); Judy Howard; D and S Orr; A and P McRae

K Cliff (Nurse Carlton/Coleby Ward); Jo Whisley; K Benhill; Brian Ankins; Peter Boast; L and M Colborne; L Clark; Mr and Mrs Kevin Mumby; Geoff Hill (also rep Rase Haulage); Julia Harrington; Mr and Mrs A Morrison; Mrs P Tooley; Amanda Nelson; Simon Clayton (also rep Shelley Clayton, Keith and Sue Carter); Tracy Clayton; Sandra Mitchell; Mr and Mrs T Duckering; Richard Baker; Lara and Rob Kaye; Steve White and wife; Sean Thwaite (Social Services); Carol and Danny Maitland; Fred and Anne Brooks; Tina and Nigel Smith; Rachael Newton; Richard Corrigan; and many more.