Obituary: James Ernest Wilmot

The funeral service for North Owersby farmer James Ernest Wilmot, aged 88 years, was held at Kirkby cum Osgodby Church.

The Rev Geoffrey Spencer officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Family Mourners were: Margaret Wilmot (wife); Sandra Chambers and Gordon Brumby, Rachel Heath and Phil Clifford (daughters and partners); Ian and Amanda Wilmot (son and daughter-in-law); Michael Heath (son-in-law); Rowan and John Owen, Louise and Mark Bailey (granddaughters and husbands); Darren Heath and Krystal Moxon (grandson and partner); Freya Ross, Cleo Ross, Emma Chambers, Natasha Fegan, Pippa Wilmot, Thomas Wilmot (grandchildren); Richard and Monica Hansard (brother and sister-in-law); E Wilmot (sister-in-law, also rep Mary Lou Bendon and family); Mrs B Trafford (sister); John and Gill Foulston (brother and sister-in-law, also rep Michelle); Helen Kent, R Leaning, Peter and Linda Stevenson, Mr and Mrs Colin Watson, S Hansard, Charles Trafford and Joanne Trafford (also rep Carol and Ken Chapel), Mark and Jo Wilmot (nieces and nephews); Andrew Arden, Carol Williamsom (half cousins); Christopher Wilmot and Brylea; Sheila Wilmot (also rep Michael Wilmot David Strachan); Elizabeth Surfleet Eccles (also rep Andrew Eccles); Mary Wilmot (also rep P Wilmot); Sam and Jim Lomax; Helen Evans.

Friends at the service were: Eric Carver; Angela Hunt; M Hansard (also rep Helen); A Taylor; Mr G Taylor; Mr and Mrs W Davidson (also rep the family); Gordon and David Mapplethorpe (also rep the Mapplethorpe family); Mr R Winter; Deborah and Mark Hilton; Myra and Mont Mannion; Vi Boughton (also rep Mr Boughton); R Plewes (also rep Marion and Andrew); Mr C Richardson (also rep Nigel; Mr and Mrs H Richardson); John Wright (also rep H C Wright; Mrs L Wilkinson); Mr and Mrs J Lingard (also rep Mr J Willisch); Mrs E Young (also rep Ian Young); Mr and Mrs Fox and family (also rep Sally Fox and family); Emma and Julian Marris; James Bailey; A Pennell (also rep S Jackson, Carl and Jane Jackson); John Branston (also rep Trevor Reed); Angela Bryant; Ann Simons (also rep Ruth and Ben; the Schofield family); Dave Boyles; J Woodall (also rep M Woodall); Jim and Vanessa Cooper; Sandra Smith and Nick; Mr P Wakefield (also rep Nicky – Aston Arms); William Marshall (also rep Diane Marshall); Paul Streets (also rep the family); Phil Hird; Darren Shipham (also rep Paula Shipham); Paul Tolan (also rep Susan Tolan); Michael Tolan; Monica Tolan; John and Andrea Topliss (also rep Osgodby LIVES Responders); Ray New (also rep the New family); Kevin and Gina Turner (also rep Turner Warren Accountants); Paula Johnson; Karen Husak; Keith Richards; Mr and Mrs B Dennett; Mr and Mrs A Moore (also rep P T Moore and Partners); Sue Rawlins (also rep the Rawlins and the Spilman families); Joyce Heath; Ricky Smith; Ms Blade (also rep Brigg Woolpack); John Bowness; Mr P Wilson; Keith Cooling; Mrs B Langley; Wendy Nicholson; Bernard Wilson; Carol and Eric Dixon; Mr E Flood (also rep Mrs B Flood); Richard Bradford; Frances Mitchel (also rep Robert and Donna Gilliot; William and Kerry Mitchel); Mr and Mrs Gosney (also rep Hilda Gelder); Richard Branch; James Thompson; Sandra Ross; Hedley Smith; Sandra Smith; Mr and Mrs Bingham; Tony Smith (also rep Jackie and Nick Smith); Barney Carr; Mr and Mrs D Whitwell (also rep Mr and Mrs S R Whitwell); Mike Cardey (also rep Gleadell Agriculture); Don Brighton; Mr and Mrs Paul Lucas; Ann Bennett (also rep the Bennett family); Carol and Alan Dearden; Nigel Allison; Stephen Dixon (also rep Lesley Leonard); Mrs Herring (also rep the Herring family); James Hunt; Julie Horgan; John Jackson (also rep Ruby Jackson); Chris and Liz Marriot; Tracy Thompson; Charles and Julie Jackson; Owen Hester; Sam Smart; Tracey Parker.