Obituary: James Derek Appleyard

The funeral service for James (Jim) Derek Appleyard, aged 79 years of Middle Rasen, was held at the Parish Church.

The Rev Charles Patrick officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

A retired steel erector, Jim had also worked as a gamekeeper and was a full-time mum and dad, as well as being a handyman to the family and villagers.

Family mourners were: Rita Hubbard, June Bassham (daughters); Keith and Jill Appleyard (son and daughter-in-law); Nigel Appleyard (son); Peter and Kathy Appleyard (son and daughter-in-law); Derek Appleyard (son); Mandy Appleyard and John (daughter and partner); Rachel and Simon Shaul, Wesley and Lisa Boryszczuk, Richard Appleyard and Daniel Appleyard, James and Nikki Appleyard, Benjamin and Sarah Appleyard, Heather Appleyard and partner Ben, David Appleyard, Debra Appleyard, Kay Appleyard, Lee Appleyard, Myles Appleyard, David, Liam and Martyn (grandchildren); Holly Appleyard, Jamie Appleyard, Lilley May Appleyard (great-grandchildren); Julie Appleyard; Yvonne Appleyard; Mandy Butler; Margaret Kelly, Joyce (sisters); David and Maureen Appleyard (brother and sister-in-law); Shaun Kelly, Kevin, Stephen and Karen Hotchin (nephews); Alice and Mathew Hotchin (cousins); and others.

Friends at the service were: Margaret Stamp; Dinah Nash (also rep the Friend family); Mrs S M Veitch; Mrs M Farnaby (also rep the family); Sarah Clarke; Mrs S Smith (also rep Mrs P Douglas, Mr N D Douglas); Mr and Mrs J Baxter (also rep Sally Iremonger); Peter and Annece Friel (also rep Joan Friel); M Tolan (also rep Mrs M Tolan); Mr A Labaj; J Bontoft; Colin Smith; Mr P Hurst; M Stanley; Rosie Dawson (also rep Pete and the Dawson family); Brian and Carol Ashley (also rep the family); Mrs Mumby; Colin Smith; Robert Boryszczuk; Carl Robinson (also rep the family); Colin Robinson; Alex Havercroft; Frank Bell (also rep Win Bell, Frank Askew); Mrs W Beszant; Robert Clark (also rep Steven Cottingham); Mick and Jan Banks; Paul Tolan (also rep Sue Tolan); Dr Parry (also rep Mrs Parry); Mr and Mrs Wrath; D and J Rowls; Martin Scott; John and Betty Logan; Pam Hewitt; Mr and Mrs F Sellars (also rep the family and also Mr R Richardson); Tom Walker; Ian Robertson; Gordon Veal (also rep Ann Veal); Mr and Mrs Jefferson; Sheila and Philip Hazel (also rep the Hazel family); Pat Golby (also rep Tony Golby); Mrs Herbert (also rep Mrs J Sutton); John Hebden; Michael Johnson (also rep Mr and Mrs P Clark); Stephanie Johnson; J C Hewson; David Beavis; Mr and Mrs I Picksley; Mr and Mrs Norton; Mrs White (also rep Mr G White, Mr R White); Cyril Fiske; Rob Davison (also rep Brian Bonner); Fred Bark (also rep Pauline Bark); Philip Medley; Janice Goulder; Cliff Johnson; Noel Johnson; Bill Needham; Neil and Alison Harrison; Geoff Handford; John Codd; Phil and Lynn (also rep St Lukes, Scothern); Alan Pennell (also rep Jenny and Barry Reeves (Nags Head), Geoff and Tracey Pennell (Rasen Appliances and Beds); Mr and Mrs W Hankins (also rep Mr and Mrs D Goulsbra); Mrs H Treadgold (also rep Mr R Treadgold and family); Mrs P Fussey; Mrs N Johnson (also rep the family); Mrs A Naylor; Beth Havercroft; George Johnson; V Havercroft; A Havercroft; Arthur and Nancy Robinson; John and Val Walshaw; Mr and Mrs J Clark; Mr J R Clark; Brian Hankins; Mr and Mrs Walker; Rod Clark (also rep Mrs J Heath); Mr and Mrs F Hildred (also rep the family); Mrs Turner (also rep the family); Meg Willey; Mrs G Crow; Mrs Stainton; Adrian Tutty (also rep Peter Dalton); Mr and Mrs F Bennett; Mr and Mrs Mervyn Pettifore; Mrs M Branston; Diane Richardson; Jean Cooper; Alf Bennett (also rep Carolyn Tuplin and also Sue and Gary); Sandra Clark; Hannah Green; Mrs M Bennett (also rep Jimmy); Mr and Mrs M N J Stamp; Mandy Rogers; Tom Moody (also rep Vicky); Linda (Chinese); Mr D Brumby; Mr and Mrs Blagojevitch and family (also rep the Crossroads Store, Middle Rasen); Jane Crow (also rep Graham and family); Shirley and Alan Brumby (also rep Les and Colin Brumpton); Mr and Mrs C Jackson; Maurice and Pat Higham; Mr Newcombe; Nicky Robson; Angela Maine (also rep Les Maine); John and Carol Oxley; Glennis Carter; Gladys Greathead; Joyce Rhodes; Andrew and Emma Codd (also rep the family); Roger Douglas; Ray Mallins; Tony Smith (also rep J Smith); David Burley (also rep Julie Burley); Sarah Appleyard.