Obituary: James David Friend


The funeral service for James David Friend, aged 64 years, was held at Middle Rasen Parish Church.

The Rev Charles Patrick officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Born at Brigg, Jimmy worked as a mechanic for the council and was a stalwart of the local sports scene.

Family mourners were: Sandra Chambers (partner); Simon and Sarah Friend, Patrick and Anne-Marie Friend (sons and daughters-in-law); Vicki and Tony Santiago (daughter and son-in-law); Kyle, Millie, Shannon, Kian and Hannah (grandchildren); June Taylor, Dinah Nash, Kevin and Rita Flynn, Sandra Clarke, Robert and Lindsey Friend, Tracey Truscott (brothers and sisters); Teresa Mablethorpe, Shane Nash, Graham Nash, Heather Nash, David Wade, Martin Wade, Andrew and Steph Wade, Yaw and Emma Asante, Daniel Flynn and Charlotte, Sarah Flynn, Steven Clark (nephew and nieces); Emma Chambers, Rowan and John Owen, Louise and Mark Bailey, Freya and Cleo Ross, Helen Williams, Megan Evans, Susan Williams (Jim’s Partner’s family).

Friends at the service were: Brian and Pam Reaney; Mrs Ferraby; Jenny Smith; Mrs M Stamp; Mr and Mrs Holmes; Roy Sutton; Betty Logan; Mr and Mrs J Foulston; Mr M Stainton (also rep Mr and Mrs D Sharpe); N Jones (also rep the family); Mr and Mrs P Taylor; Mrs J Heath; Alan and Jackie Colterals (also rep Joanne); Don Westman (also rep Steph, Tom, Joe and Libby); Frank and Win Bell; Chris Lancaster; Ivan Nash and Zoe Nash (also rep Peter, Louise and Sophie); Francesca Williams (also rep Rhys, Oliver, Evan and Amelia); Myra and Mont Mannion (also rep Kath Mannion); Harry Rodger; Ron and Sandra Myland (also rep Andrew Myland); R Chambers (also rep Catherine); Will Bradford; Kev Bett (also rep Mrs Bett, Mrs Batty); James Cooper (also rep the Cooper family); Nancy Robinson (also rep the family); Vanessa Havercroft (also rep the family); Michael Heath; Rachel Heath (also rep Philip Clifford); Peter and Frances Wood (also rep Pat Golby); Sue Griffin and Ken Griffin; Jill Beresford; Mr and Mrs D Richardson (also rep K Dando); J Snell (also rep A Treema, K Snell); Pauline Woods (also rep Emily and Chris Jackson, Katrina and Rebecca); Linda and Peter Stevenson; Mick Smith (also rep Susan Smith, Mr and Mrs R Smith); Jessie Mawer (also rep Ian, John Mawer); Mitch Elliott; John Dimbleby; Des Goulsbra (also rep Lorraine); Shelly Clayton (also rep the Clayton family, Mr and Mrs Gary Fenwick and family); Fred Bark and Pauline; Stuart, Jane and Robert Cook; Mr and Mrs A Bell; Dale Chambers; Suzanne Hunter; Dean Goulding; Mrs E Goulding; Dr and Mrs Parry; Steve Keast (also rep Lesley and children); Gwen Sellars (also rep the family, June Towns); Steven and Colleen Orr; Peter Lowis; Karen and Mike Higgins (also rep Chris); John Brant (also rep Charles Brant); Mr and Mrs Butch Trevor (also rep Sally and Andrew Mawer); Trevor Lyle; Bill Bierlien; Michael Towler (also rep Trans Linc); Tom Corden (also rep Jane Corden); James Fussey (also rep Catherine); Richard Bishop (also rep Edward and also Lindum CC); Roger and Liz Bishop; Caroline Hodges; Rex Parkinson; Rob Weeks; Bob Davidson; Adrian Richards (also rep Pip and Sue Sherlock); Sarah Norburn; Alistair Norburn (also rep Maureen, Stuart, Daniel and Alex); Peter Ward; Joe Kelham; Mrs J Kettlewell (also rep Mr M Kettlewell); Mr J Thompson (also rep Mrs M M Thompson); Michelle Towler; Joy and Jon Purkiss (also rep Jonathan Purkiss); Mick and Eleni Quilter (also rep Tony and Julie Bell, Polly and Dean Richards, Luke Richards); June and Rodger Fritzsche (also rep Eileen and Walter Fritzsche); Peter and Rosie Dawson (also rep Middle Rasen Football and Cricket Club); Judi Willerton; Phillip and Rosie Dawson; Colin Brumpton; Shirley and Alan Brumby; Mr and Mrs P Allenson (also rep Mr and Mrs D Allenson, Mr and Mrs A Maddock, Derek Richards); Joyce Rhodes; John and Rita Hoald; Mr and Mrs W Hankins; Dennis Allison (also rep Caistor CC); Pat Denglow; Wendy Beszant; Stuart Britton (also rep the family); Paul Tolan (also rep Susan Tolan); David Boles; Ray Hildred; Gerald Dawson; Alan Barncroft; Ian Wilmot and Mandy; Mr and Mrs J E Wilmot; Nigel Chambers (also rep L Chambers); Matt Rutherford (also rep Neil Rutherford); Dale Christie; Graham Bell; A Greenbeck; Heather Sankey; Sandra Hallworth; Mr and Mrs Tranter; Mr Scott (also rep Mrs E Scott, Mr M Watson); Dick Oliver; T Mamby; Brian Sutherland; Dawn Nelson; Graham Smith (also rep Jenny Smith, Lorna Smith, K Smith-Stowels); Roger and Samantha Hoyes; Jo and Keith Jackson; Mr and Mrs Ware; Kate Miller; Ian Williams (also rep Philip Boswell and also Market Rasen CC); Bud and Les Chambers (also rep John Chambers, Lee Chambers, Luke Chambers); Mr A Gouldy; George Lee; S Griffiths; Nigel Pearce; David and Joy Lofthouse (also rep Sara and Emma); Jean Routledge (also rep Paul and Chrissie Strong); Mr and Mrs Potter (also rep the Charman family); T Coleman (also rep Joan Coleman); E Johnson; Deb and Mick; Mags and Tony Henderson; Sheila and Philip Hazel; C Butler (also rep Simon Bunn, Kelly Hodds); John Bolton (also rep Christine); K Robinson; Gill Saywell (also rep Colin Saywell); Marc Robinson (also rep the family); Tony and Pat Hall; Robert Pearce (also rep Sue Pearce); Mr and Mrs C Bates; Mr and Mrs S Carr; Ray New (also rep Mrs D New, Mr and Mrs A Yull, Jason New, Miss K New, Mr S Atherton); Rita and Dave Goulsbra (also rep Mervyn Shadlock); Jon Stephenson (also rep Mr and Mrs J Stephenson, Mr P Sellars, Emma Omond-Tong, Adam Holvey); Vi Boughton (also rep R Boughton); Fred and Veronica Chamberlin; D P Chamberlin; Kev, Julia and Rebecca Salmon (also rep Dave and Marie); Joyce and Ben Williams; Richard and Monica Hansard; Derek Straw (also rep John and Andrea Staves); Ben Cartwright (also rep Steve and Nicola – Park View Motors); Jenny and David Grant (also rep Michelle Andrew); Mr and Mrs Korytnickyj; Wayne, Craig and Gavin Korytnickyj; Mrs Ashley Korytnickyj; Terry Chapman (also rep Fred Rolands); S and C Potter; Mr and Mrs A Carter (also rep Vince and also Joanna); David Leonard; Dave Midgley and S Jagger; Mr and Mrs F Hildred (also rep the Hildred girls); Mr Higham (also rep Mrs Higham).