Obituary: Jacqueline Bowers

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. EMN-151019-172026001

The funeral service for Jacqueline Bowers, aged 60, of Claxby, was held at Middle Rasen Church.

The Rev Elaine Turner officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Jackie was born in Middle Rasen. Her first job was at The Plastic Box Company in Market Rasen.

Over the years, she also worked at the ammunition factory at Faldingworth, Jackson Grandways supermarket in Brigg and was the former duty manager at Kwik Save.

Family mourners were: Tony Bowers (husband); Lol Trevor (father); Chris Bowers, Gary Bowers (sons); Macauley Bowers (grandson); Tamzin Bowers (granddaughter); Carol and Peter Ross, Denise Collins and Peter Collins (sisters and brothers-in-law); Stuart Bowers (brother); Craig and Tracy Trevor (brother and sister-in-law); Pauline and Trevor Wilkinson (sister-in-law and brother-in-law); Mollie Trevor, Michelle Pickup; Christine and Gary Cryer (nieces); Rachel Collins (niece and goddaughter); Laura and Emma Pickup (great-nieces); Alan Bennett (uncle); Malcolm and Audrey Trevor, Ian Trevor, Mervyn and Ann Bennett (cousins); Charles Fraser (brother-in-law); Jamie Collins and Jess Gamble (nephew).

Friends at the service were: Judy Greenbeck; Stuart Edwards (also rep Ann Edwards); Lynn Spencer (also rep Karl); Peggy Joyce; Shirley Chapman (also rep Julie Bedford); Janet Lupton; Peter Anthias; Joan Goodchild (also rep John Goodchild; Elizabeth Holmes; Wendy and Tony Roe); Penny Lyle; Mrs M Stainton; Ray Mitchel (also rep Sue Foster); Vera Hankins; Mr A Revell; Pat and John Wigglesworth (also rep Midtown FC); Mark and Elaine Larocca; Mr and Mrs C Crooks; Margaret Ferraby (also rep the Ferraby family; Sandra Chambers; Gordon Brumby); Betty Loya; Peter and Rosie Dawson; David and Linda Trueman; Margaret Collins; Andrew West; Gaynor Doyle (also rep Simon Doyle); Mr and Mrs E Fisher; Anita Walker; Matthew Warrington; Mr and Mrs E Jackson; R Morland; Pat Spolton; June Clark; Pat Fussey; Mr and Mrs Tony Trevor (also rep Karen and David); Nicki Trevor; Angie Nunn; David and Jenny Grant; Joe Willisch; John and Barbara Cade; Chris Mobbs; Miranda Whiteley; Donna Cunningham; Susan Colins (also rep Steve Sherwood); Hazel Parker; Elaine Hind (also rep David Hind); Paul and Christine Strong; Sheila and Philip Hazel; Jasmine Pearson; Graham Hobbs; Josh Harrison; Sophie Harrison; Maxine Trevor; George Whitehand; Lesley Whitehand; Peter Lavin; Colin Kent; Gary McAllum; Miriam Johnson; Ted Jackson; Martin Kennedy; Lesley Daniels; Shirley Sissons; Andrew Booth.