Obituary: Jack Marshall

The funeral service for Jack Marshall, aged 91 years of Middle Rasen, was held at the parish church.

The Rev Charles Patrick officiated and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Jack was born in Sheffield.

From 1947 to 51, he worked as a baker boy, van driver and on the taxis and ambulances. He was then a postman until he retired.

From 1940 to 1946, he served in the RAF, being based in the Orkneys, the Nile Delta and Jerusalem.

Jack was also British Legion organiser, as well as being a member of the National Trust, Woodland Trust and RSPB, and more locally, the angling club, garden club U3A and bowls club.

Family mourners were: Charles and Sylvia Cade, John and Barbara Cade, Cathy Coombs, Pam and David Whitwell, Michael Dawson (rep Carol), Richard and Marjorie Cash, Stephen and Ginny Cade, Sarah Rands and Craig Farmery (nephews and nieces); Jessica Cash, Edward Cash (great-nephews and nieces).

Friends at service were: Mr R Ingram and Mrs E Ingram; Mr and Mrs G Zealand and family (also rep Joyce Heath, Mrs G Crow); Sheila Robinson (also rep Major Desmond Page); Keith and Jean Halliwell; Mrs Codd (also rep Andrew); M Iremonger (also rep Ken Parrott); Wendy and Christopher Riley; Mr and Mrs S Lancaster; Michael and Janet Melbourne; Derek Edwards (also rep Raymond New); Gill Stevenson (also rep Geoff and family); the Rev David Post; Mrs J Rhodes; Mrs Brislin (lso rep Middle Rasen Horticultural Society and also Mr and Mrs John Bennett); C Brumpton; Rex Parkinson; Debbie Turner (also rep The Poplars and also Helen Pugh); Dennis Parrott; C and J Fisk; Mr A Butler (also rep Mrs H Butler); Mrs D Brumby (also rep Mr J Brumby, Mr and Mrs W Hankins); Mrs S Brocklesby (also rep the Bristow family); Elaine Jennings; Douglas Brown; Doreen Wallis (also rep West Wolds U3A and also Nettleton WEA); Mrs H Robinson (also rep Mr M Robinson); Royal British Legion - B Marshall, L Tranter, F Fieldsend, R Gilliatt, E Roach, W Johnson, Mrs S Johnson (Womens’ Section), D F Page (also represented Mrs D Geeson, Mr K Symons, Mrs J Marshall, A Hawbrook, V Tranter).