Obituary: Irene Mullen

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. EMN-160620-091952001

It was a time of such sadness when family, friends and neighbours heard of the death of Irene Mullen, fondly know as Renee, aged 95, who had lived in Wragby for 50 years.

She was born in Derbyshire and on leaving school did an apprenticeship with the Royal Crown Derby as a gilder.

Then war broke out and she went into the Air Force, where she met and married her husband Robert Cyril Mullen, who sadly passed away at the age of 68, and their first daughter, Carol, was born a year later.

The family moved to Lincolnshire when Bob came out of the air force, as he was from Horncastle.

They settled in Wragby and went on to have three more children – Philip, Linda and Peter, who sadly died at 46.

Renee worked for a long time driving for the former Wragby Plastics factory in the village, and latterly nursing at Caistor Hospital, which she enjoyed.

She was a great supporter in village life helping out at jumble sales fundraising for many causes and assisting with St Oswald’s Church at Rand.

Renee was a keen gardener and enjoyed embroidery whenever she had the time to sit down.

She was much respected in the community with admiration and affection.

Her physical frame was slight, but her spirit was immense. Her energy and determination was an inspiration to everyone who met her.

She also had a special gift of being able to see when people needed kindness and understanding.

Throughout her life her family meant so much to her. She was interested and proud of each in every way. Being with her children and grandchildren were precious and treasured times.

The Service of celebration for her life was held at All Saints Church, officiated by Rev Mark Holden following the private cremation at Lincoln Crematorium.

Arrangements were made by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

She is now survived by children: Carol, Linda and Peter.

Other family mourners were: David Peck, Colin Peck, Keith, Barry and Derek; George Jackson and Iris (nephew and niece); Andrew Tiernan, Clare Findlow, Rebecca Mullen, Laura Smithson, Alice Smithson and Connie Mullen (grandchildren).

Names taken at church: Bob Clark (Verger); Andrea Ward (also representing Andrew Cox and Yvonne Marshall); Mr and Mrs Broadhead; Mrs Killingsworth; Ann Harris; Margaret Wright; Janet Lenton; Sharon Barnes; Murial Whittaker (also representing Tressa Blakey); Dawn Murphy; Robert Bell; Eddie Humphries (also representing Gilly Hubbard); John Edwards (also representing Lyn Edwards); Denis Edwards (also representing Paul and Sue Johnson); Monica Bourn; Mrs Bourn; Jean Lomas; Rae Ellis; Mrs N Wybrow; Diane Ward (also representing Phil Ward); Sandra and Philip Maltby; Sarah Ewington (also representing Dave and Veronica Ewington); Dawn Murray; Betty Larriman; Eileen Waddington; Pat and Colin Green (also representing TNC Motors); Barbara Scott; Sheila Cartwright (organist); Anne Buffham (also representing Betty Ward); Nicola Barnes; Mr and Mrs Roy Shuttleworth; Mrs D Fiddler (also representing Ann Watson); Sally Bourn (also representing Ann Hobbin; Judy, Dan and Jane Jameson; Chris and James Bourn); Mrs K Franklin (also representing Mrs B Robinson); Georgina Laming; Eileen Espin; Liz Stephenson (also representing Trustees of the Turnor Arms); Jean Oglivie; Tom Finnigan; Janet London; Barbara Blackburn; C Tomlinson (also representing B Tomlinson); Mrs J Musson; Mrs M Shipp; Rosemary Morris.