Obituary: Irene Larder

The funeral of Irene Larder, aged 69 years of Market Rasen, was held at the parish church.

The Rev Michael Cartwright officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall.

Irene was born at Barlings, Langworth.

She was retired, but had worked previously at Mattu’s Supermarket in Market Rasen.

Family mourners were: Diane and Benjamin Bell, Sharon and Phillip Yell (daughters and sons-in-law); Sam Tulley, Hannah Yell, Rebekah Yell (grandchildren); George and Pat Woodcock, Malcom and June Woodcock (brothers and sisters-in-law); Marlene Turnbull (sister); Maureen and Jim Kelham (sister and brother-in-law, rep Beverley and John Barker, niece and husband); Lillian and Pete Kane (sister and brother-in-law); Neil and Charlotte Turnbull (nephew and wife); Lee Turnbull (nephew also rep Anna Turnbull, wife); Laura Kane, Debbie Kane, Cheryl Kelham, Emma Wales (nieces); Ralph and Diane Larder; Alex Larder.

Friends at the service were: Peter and Anne Hall; Mr A Upton; Vanessa Upton (also rep Simon Moorhouse); Mr and Mrs B Windle; Margaret Waters (also rep the family); Brian and Brenda Dannatt; Paul and Nicki Wakefield (also rep Neil, Jon and Dan); Mr and Mrs B Larder (also rep Mr and Mrs J Larder, John Larder); Margaret Symons (also rep Ken); Mr M Sentance (also rep Mrs J Sentance); Mr and Mrs J Woodall; Susan Ayre (also rep Mrs M Rowett); Mrs G Sorby; Sue Blackshaw (also rep Richard Blackshaw, Christopher Cade, Matthew Cade); Margaret Howden; Alistair and Sharon Needham (also rep Alistair and Pat Needham); Mrs R Priestley; Mr and Mrs D Smith (also rep Paul and Rachel); Mrs J Goulsbra; Peter and Pauline Shephard; Mrs Tindall (also rep Darren Tindall); Gary and Paula Nelson; Mr and Mrs E Margetson; Kelly Oliver (also rep Sandy Walmsley); George and Pat Woodcock (also rep Mike and Sarah Woodcock, Mark Woodcock); Richard Godfrey (also rep Stella); June Clark; Neil Tuxworth; Mrs Tuxworth; Mr R New (also rep Leanne Yull); Mr K Parrott; Julie Fridlington; Mr and Mrs Howard Kaye (also rep Sara, Lisa and Tim); Hazel Bell (also rep Mr and Mrs K Hand); S Foreman; Lindsey Burnett; Mrs B Grayson; Margaret Sargeant (also rep John Sargeant and family); Amy Flippance; Penny Nott; Judith Barnard (also rep Rita Goulsbra); Rachel Cawkwell (also rep Julian Cawkwell); Sandra Tindall (also rep the family); Tracy Berry (also rep Mark Goulsbra); Mrs E Wilkinson; Mr and Mrs B Ward; Mrs C Whitwell; Mr and Mrs Brian Bates; Mrs and Mrs C Bates; Julie Woodall (also rep Claire Woodall); Jane Johnson; Trish Reeson; Mr and Mrs S Cartwright (also rep Park View); George Woodcock (also rep Mr and Mrs S Twigg).