Obituary: Ida Stephenson


The funeral service for Ida Stephenson, aged 91 years, late of Market Rasen, was held at Grimsby Crematorium.

The widow of the late Reg Stephenson, Ida was born at Doncaster and died in Louth.

Family mourners were: Richard and Nicky, Keith (also rep Fiona); Jeff and Gill (sons and partners); Robin (also rep Karen), Oliver and Jenny, Clare (also rep Andre), Neil (also rep Tanya), Ben (also rep Cherie), Jonathan and Jamie (grandchildren and partners); Richard Roper (brother); Richard Roper, Mark Roper, Donna Roper (also rep Wayne), John Roper, (nephews and niece); Lorraine and Des Gouldsbra (niece); Sue Kirkby (niece, also rep M Rowett, nephew),

Friends at the service were: Mr and Mrs D Goulsbra; Jeoff Parr; Margaret Parr; Mr and Mrs G Taylor (also rep Alan Taylor); Janice Donovan; Keith Stephenson; Claire Sheppherd; Neil Stephenson; Evelyn Wilson; Les Haslard; Miss R E Cade; Sue Kirby (also rep M Rowett); Keith Farmery (also rep Mary Bristow); Marian Chapman (also rep Alan Bristow; Sue Brocklesby); Mrs J Burks (also rep Jim); Mary and Neil Hollingsworth (also rep Dave and Enid Pattison).

Funeral arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.