Obituary – Henry Samuel Sharpley OBE

Henry Samuel Sharpley OBE
Henry Samuel Sharpley OBE

The funeral service for farmer and former High Sheriff of Lincolnshire Henry Samuel Sharpley, aged 85 years of Boswell, Louth, was held at All Saints Church, South Elkington. A Service of Thanksgiving was held at St James’s Church in Louth.

The Rev Canon Stephen Holdaway officiated at the services and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Henry was born in 1925 at Boswell, the son of Ernest Sharpley. His family have farmed at Boswell for 150 years and in the immediate vicinity for 250 years.

He was educated at St Hugh’s School, Woodhall Spa, The Leys School, Cambridge, and Hawkesbury Agricultural College, New South Wales.

After spending time in Australia and then as a radio officer in the Merchant Navy from 1944 to 1945, he married Patricia Richardson, from Bourne in 1948.

Henry was a highly regarded member of the farming community and held many positions in the National Farmers Union and on agricultural boards.

He was chairman of Louth NFU in 1958, the Lincolnshire delegate to the NFU Council in London from 1958 to 1983 and chairman of the NFU HQ Labour committee from 1961 to 1970.

In the 1960s and 1970s, he spent time as a member of the Agricultural Wages Board, vice-chairman of the Agricultural Training Board, chairman of the NFU HQ Cereals Committee, a member of the EEC Cereals Advisory Committee in Brussels, a member of the Home Grown Cereals Authority and a council member of the National Institute of Agricultural Botany, a position he held to date.

In 1958, he was the founder chairman of the Louth Farmers’ Trading Group, from 1970 to 1990 he served as joint chairman of Binbrook Pea Growers and from 1980 was a director of Woldgrain Ltd and Woldgrain Storage Ltd at Hemswell.

On the political front, Henry also held the positions of chairman and president Louth and East Lindsey Divisions Conservative Association, as well as on the Lincolnshire Conservative European Constituency Council.

Henry was appointed OBE in the New Year’s Honours List of 1985 and from 1991 to 1992 served as High Sheriff of Lincolnshire.

Family mourners were: Pat Sharpley (widow); Roger Sharpley (son); Philippa Bomford (daughter); Carolyn and Michael Jones (daughter and son-in-law); Georgina, Edward and Sophia Sharpley, Guy Bomford, Sophie and Richard Hammond, Lucinda and Nicholas Thomas, Vanessa, Fiona and Robert Jones (grandchildren and partners; Sarah Sharpley.

Friends at the service were: Paul Thomas; Vanessa Gibbons; George and Nora Douglas (also rep Pat Bowden); Mr and Mrs Bill Strawson; John and Louise Hewitt; Judy Thornalley (also rep Margo Green); Carol and Dennis Brocklebank) (also rep Charles and Sonia Pennell); John Rowles (also rep Graham Rowles-Nicholson); James East (also rep YARA Fertilizers); David and Maxine Padley; Geoffrey Grantham (also rep Elizabeth Brook; Simon Brook, Mr and Mrs Tom Brook); Margaret Ottaway; Sonia Simon; John Evans; John Beaumont (also rep Mr and Mrs John Myers); Bob Dale (also rep Cynthia and also Stephen Parker); Edward Dale (also rep Julia Dale); The Heslop family; Lady Bruce-Gardyne (also rep Daphine Mitchell-Smith); Mr and Mrs Robert Blake; Maureen Ferrier; Lady Tapsell (also rep Sir Peter Tapsell); Martin Chapman; Annmarie Goss; Mr and Mrs C Mountain; Mrs A McCulloch (also rep Mrs Brown); Isabelle Halmshaw; Paul Stubbs; H M Denchfield; J H Walter; Martin Fawcett; Joyce Codd; Mrs Tucksworth; John Vickers; Jim Luck (also rep Luck of Louth); Ben Howden; Bill Bontoft (also rep Brian Scott); Judith and David Moye; Roger and Val Booth (also rep Jimmy and Lesley Bacon, John Lawson); Mr and Mrs A T G Turnbull; Margaret Toynton; Mr and Mrs Denis Wilson (also rep Ray and Ann Wilson); Ann Hickling (also rep Mrs M Parker); John Denton; Diana Cottingham (also rep Pat Dawson); Mr and Mrs P A Addison; Joan Smith; Mr and Mrs R Nickerson; Jill and Roy Done; Mr and Mrs J Clarfelt; Mr and Mrs M Strawson; Mrs J Albone; Michael Read; Julie and Charles Baron; Mrs Bill Dixon (also rep Bill Dixon, Paul Robinson); Tony Worth; Roger and Nicholas Pope (also rep the NFU); Mary and Chris Paddison; Mr and Mrs Martin Vincent and family; Ann Donner (also rep Fred Donner); Ray Harness; Denis Brayer; John Brayer; David Williams; Trish Williams (also rep J Laking, Diana Laking); John Godfrey; Michael Inglis (also rep the Inglis family); Mr and Mrs Frank Dickinson; Mrs M G H Parker (also rep Mr Struan, Rosie Willey); Joyce Dear; Peter Sandberg (also rep Margaret, Mr and Mrs Pettifer); Annabel Ward (also rep Joe Ward); Roger and Liz Wyand (also rep Dorothy Varley and family); Martin Bunn; Ann Laverack (also rep J Corrs); Mr and Mrs James Hilliam (also rep Mr and Mrs Jack Walker); Mr and Mrs David Carr; Louise and Paul Peterson; Tony Stubbs (also rep C V Stubbs and Sons); Ian and Sonia Smith; Patrick Purves and Judy; John and Brenda Blundell; Mrs G Dobson; Chris Spratt; Tim Needham (also rep Richard and Robert Needham); Andrew Keeling; Rachel and Roger Keeling; Roger Bygott; Amanda Dixon; Fiona Mackenzie; Stephen Waldock; Mr and Mrs Henry Fell; Mr and Mrs Richard Steel; John and Sue Pridgeon; Glynn McDonald; Jeanette Dale; Joy Sleight; John and Christel Colin; James Measures (also rep Mr and Mrs P Dearden); Marigold West; Richard Glover (also rep Lucy Horner); Dr John Willis; John and Mary Rihardson (also rep Ann Measures); Mr and Mrs I Fowler (also rep Mrs S Wharton, C Day); M Richardson; John Crawford; John Nielsen (also rep Margaret); David Bryant (also rep MC Anyan, M D Popoff, J M Keily); Adam Terry (also rep Lincs Motors); Chris Hunt (also rep Forresters); Dr Staunton; John and Ann Howett; Jeremy Ware (also rep Mrs Rosemary Kaberry Brown); Sue Fisher (also rep Richard and Jennifer Fisher); B Dawson; Mr and Mrs Roger Douglas; Commander and Mrs Murray Hayes; Owen Davies; Mr and Mrs Spink; Charles and Kate Brant (also rep John and Margaret Brant); Betty Sharpley; Mr and Mrs J Gibbons; Jim and Anne Randall (also rep the Gardner family, Michael Todd); James Findlay (also rep Marjorie and family); Marcus and Christine West (also rep S Philip and also Edward West); Coun Doreen Stephenson (also rep the Chairman Louth and Horncastle Conservative Party); Paul Williams (also rep Vicky); Lynn Frazer-Smith (also rep Norma Addison and also South Elkington Methodist Chapel); Jo Pike; William and Helen West; Mrs M Emmerson (also rep Dr M Emmerson); Mr and Mrs C Sanderson (also rep Mr and Mrs R Abbott); Mr and Mrs J Spilman; Mr M Harrison (also rep Mrs A Harrison); Mrs B Clark (also rep Mr S Watson, Mrs P Watson); Mr T Dixon (also rep Mr A Dixon); Mr and Mrs J F Knight (also rep Mr and Mrs I T Symington); Mr M Forth (also rep Mrs H Forth); Mr J Brant (County Chairman of Lincs NFU); Air Cdre E G P Jeffery; Mark Fort; Mr J Hewitt; Mr and Mrs N E Oliver; Mr and Mrs D Nickerson (also rep Steven Nicholson, Ivor Nicholson); Mr C Evison; Mrs P Holborn; Mrs P Smith; Mr and Mrs R Mawer; Mr T Bennett (also rep Mrs R Bennett); Mrs C Smith; Mr and Mrs B Evison; Mr T Robinson; Mrs M Mountain; Mr C Heslop; Mr M Edmundson (also rep Mrs V Knyvett); Mr R Milligan-Manby (also rep Lizzie Milligan-Manby, Chris Dowse); Mr C Nickerson (also rep Mrs A Nickerson, Mr and Mrs I Yates); Mr and Mrs P Harvey (also rep David; Christopher and James); Mr J Cooper (also rep Mr W Cooper); Mrs I Strawson; Mrs M Vergette; Mr and Mrs D Addison (also rep Mr and Mrs P Green); Mr and Mrs A Saul; Mr and Mrs Rowles Nicholson (also rep N B Rowles); Mrs L Wright; Mr J Burnett; Mr J Burkitt; Mr A Shreave (also rep Mrs M A Mossop); Mr A Stovin (also rep Wold Marsh Producers); Mrs Campbell (also rep Dr Campbell); Mrs E Spiers (also rep Mrs J Heelis); Mrs C Ollard (also rep Rachel Ollard, Peter Riches); Mr R Jones (also rep Mrs Jones); Mrs L Jackson; Mr and Mrs R Nabarro; Mrs J Drakes; Mr P Ward; Mr T Hastings (also rep Fotherby Lawn Mower, Mr D Tear); Dr Staunton; Dr Stovin (also rep Canon John and Mrs S Hanson); Mrs J Dale; Mr and Mrs B Cookson; Mr S Larter (also rep Mrs P Larter); Mr and Mrs D Jobe (also rep Mr and Mrs C Dobon); Mr and Mrs A Keeling; Mrs G Yates; Mrs C Kelley; Mr and Mrs K Lindop; Mr R Benton; Mr M Riggall (also rep Mr D Haxby, Ian Waton, Louth Park Farms); Mr P Kirke; Mr P Bennett; Mr and Mrs R Nicholson; John Dixon (also rep Janet, John and Trish Spilman, Julie Johnson).