Obituary: Helen Benson

Helen Benson
Helen Benson

The funeral service for Helen Benson, nee Blanchard, of Middle Rasen took place at Market Rasen Methodist Chapel.

The Rev Andrew Lomax officiated at the service and arrangements were by J W Varlow and Son of Caistor.

Helen was born on October 5, 1963, the youngest of four children for George and Dollie, and lived around Market Rasen all her life.

She was the loving wife of Ben and spent most of her working life with the Civil Service.

She loved animals too and kept a herd of goats as well as other pets.

She also enjoyed singing and was a member of the Da Capo folk group.

Immediate mourners at the service were: Mr B Benson (husband); Mr P Blanchard, Mr T Blanchard (brothers); Mr and Mrs K Noon (sister and brother-in-law); Mrs G Benson (mother-in-law); Mr and Mrs M Benson (brother-in-law and sister-in-law); Mr and Mrs C Cooper (sister-in-law and brother-in-law); Miss Z Cooper and Callum (niece and partner); Miss K Cooper, Miss E Benson, Miss L Benson, Mrs J Stephenson, Miss D Blanchard (nieces); Mr and Mrs D Noon (nephew and wife); Mr R Noon (nephew); Mrs J Adlard (auntie); Mrs C Hewson (cousin); Mr S Hewson.

Others present in the congregation: Mr C R Rowett (uncle); Marie Duke, Mrs E Rook, Mrs M Richards (aunties); Mr T Gresham, Mr P Richards, Mr A Richards, Mrs S Keal, Linda Clark, Bet Gresham, Alan Blanchard, Susan Kirby, Mr D and Mrs R Cox, Mr N and Mrs M Rowett, Mr and Mrs M A Brumby, Michael and Ruth Waller (cousins); Mrs D Dickinson; Miss J Ward; Mrs W Johnson (rep Alan Julie); Neil Duke; Mr D and Mrs L Goulsbra; Mr and Mrs W Davidson (rep Mrs L Surfleet); Mr E R and Mrs C Pearsall (rep Mrs Rudd, Mr Atkinson); Mr and Mrs L Fowler; Mr and C Lockwood; Mr and Mrs Burks; Mrs B Holiday; Mr J and Mrs E Kearsey; Mr and Mrs L R Weedy; Mr and Mrs D J Osborne; Mr and Mrs D Richards; Mrs M Walford; Mr G Smith; Mr and Mrs D W Johnson (rep family); Mr and Mrs R L Horstwood (rep J R Dent Coaches); Mr M and Mrs P Perkin; Mr T Barnard; Mr J and Mrs S Raithby; Mrs D Spriggs; Mrs L Oxborrow; Mr P Thornally; Miss C Turner (rep Da Capo Folk Group); Mr and Mrs E Pickering; Mrs S Opie; Mrs C Carthwaite (rep Blanchard Taxis); Mr J C Robson; Mr B Bailey; Mrs R Brumpton; Mrs D Speed; Mrs G Smith; Mrs P Islip (rep David); Mrs J Bates; Miss K Duke; Mr and Mrs B Davidson (rep Heather and Tony Jackson, family); Mr G Davidson (rep Heather); Mr L and Mrs S Banyard; Miss F Banyard; Mr B Marshall; Mr S Taylor (rep Mrs Taylor, S Davidson); Mr and Mrs B Oxborrow (rep Mr D Corden, family); Julie Adams; Patsy Murray; Audrey ward (rep Alison Martin); Gillian Sellars (rep Susan and Gary Smith); John and Lucy Blanks; Miss R E Cade; John and Val Walshaw; Anita Stephenson; Kevin Pickering; Mr M and Mrs I Noon; Sheila Hewson; Gary Worley; Margaret Clark; Geoff and Mo Jackson (rep Gainsborough Folk Club); Ann Meekin (rep Victoria Meekin); Vicky Hardy (rep Robert Hardy, Nottingham Goat Club); Derek Richardson (rep Graham, Sam, family); Betty Logan; Mrs Blanchard (rep Kevin Blanchard); Eilleen Gillard (rep Paul and Polly Lancaster); Bram Taylor; Jo Pilmoor; Jo Dawson; Mrs J Drury (rep Jim Drury); Tony and Pam Schofield; Mr and Mrs Murray; Sharon Duke (rep Tracey Duke); Matt Duke (rep Charlotte Umpleby); Brian and Margaret Duke; Peter Morgan; Paul Knight; Mrs F Picksley; Mr D Picksley; Hillary Pickering; Janet Brumpton; John Hankinson; Janice Leather; Vera Jolliffe; Ann Simons (rep Ian, Ben); Ruth Simons; Norma Kirkpatrick; Jane Doughty; Sheila Spice; Mrs J Saunby (rep Mrs J Bontoft); Rita Davidson (rep Graham, Mary, family); Mandy Davidson (rep John Hibbert); Les Worrall; Mark Andrews; Sue Dewsby (rep Mike Dewsby); Jackie Duke (rep Mike Duke, Geoff Duke, Kevin Duke); Shirley Clarke; Emma Baldock (rep Jean Baldock); Darren Schofield (rep Dave Baldock); Colin Hare; Derek Rowles; Mr and Mrs J Jobson; James Jobson.