Obituary: Harry Rodger

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The funeral service for Harry Rodger, aged 71 years of Market Rasen, was held at the Parish Church.

The funeral service for Harry Rodger, aged 71 years of Market Rasen, was held at the Parish Church.

The Rev Geoffrey Spencer officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall, with refreshments at The Advocate Arms.

Harry was born in Coupar Angus, Scotland. On leaving school, he joined the RAF and was then stationed at RAF Faldingworth and Binbrook.

It was while serving in the RAF he met and married his late wife Joan.

Harry then became a driving instructor and started the Harry Rodger School of Motoring, before moving into insurance with the CIS.

In 2001, Harry took early retirement and, more recently, took up golf; he was a member of the Market Rasen Golf Club.

Family mourners were: Stephen and Sam (son and daughter-in-law); Nicola and John (daughter and son-in-law); Thomas, Mel, Olivia, James and Ella (grandchildren); Barbara Hill, Betty Keal, Jean Curtis (also rep Geoff), Tom and Jill Hutchinson (brother and sisters-in-law); Liz and Paul Scott, Stephen and Tracey Melbourne, Peter Keal, carol Nee, Mervin Maddison (nephews and nieces); Francesca Melbourne and Mathew Horsefield (great-niece and partner); Oliver Pike, Gemma Scott (great nephew and niece); Sandra James and Doug Sellers; Lorraine James and Mark Smith.

Friends at the service were: Christine Yull (also rep the Hutchinson family); Tony Challans (also rep Margaret Challans; Dorothy Hanley; the Challans family); Sandy Horton; Claire Tozer (also rep Lindsey Burnett; Matthew Barber); Mrs Brockman; Jenny Smith; Mr A Upton (also rep Mrs P Upton); Mr and Mrs M Sentance; A Taylor (also rep Barbara Drakes); Mrs M Sanders (also rep Stuart and Wendy); Frank Fieldsend; Mitch Elliott; Peter Tolan (also rep Angela and Michelle Tolan); Bill and Joan Scott; Mr Mundey; Marion and Rod Clark; Ann and Terry Rolfe; Mr and Mrs B Dannatt (also rep Paul and Nicky Wakefield); Graham Dolan (Golf Club Captain); Richard Sheardown; Ernest Brockman; Joanna Brockman; Pat Robinson; Marion Whitelam; Julian Anyan; T Paul; Ingrid Craig (also rep William Craig); Leslie Chapman; Trevor Walters; John Smith; Terry Buttery; Martin Hay; David Mason; Michael Tolan; Barbara McWeeny; John Codd; S Richardson (also rep Andrew Brumpton); Derek Edwards; Peter Wilkinson (also rep Marilyn Wilkinson); Des Cawsey; Rob Pattinson; Mr and Mrs Graham Taylor; Mrs M Surfleet (also rep Mr P Surfleet); Mrs S Jackson; Marilyn Hubbard; Hilary Young (also rep B Maloney); M Thornhill; Roy and Linda Marshall; T Bowen (also rep Mrs Bowen); Ralph Coulson (also rep Derek Marwood); Dave Leonard; Keith Borst; Terry Staves (also rep June and Russell Staves); Brian Thomas; Pat Thomas; P Stanley (also rep Mrs Stanley); Mr and Mrs D W Johnson; Mr and Mrs M Sheehan; Ron Myland; Dr and Mrs Parry; Katy Hiley; Harry and Judy Quinn (also rep Ray New); Mrs F Mitchell (also rep Mr Robert and Donna Gilliot); Monica Tolan (also rep Mr and Mrs Paul Tolan); Mrs R Smith (also rep the Lambie family); Mr Edwards; Mr and Mrs Culverhouse; Mr and Mrs Geoffrey; Michelle and Michael Walker (also rep Matthew and William Walker); Sue Sheppard; Fred and Fran Sellers; Mr Cotton (also rep Sheila Pickering); C Houlton (also rep Kim Backley); Gemma Scott; Mick Smith; Alan Salmon (also rep Sue Salmon); Stuart Britton; Mrs P Windle (also rep Brian Windle, Mr and Mrs T Ashley); Elizabeth Carrie; Mr G H Smith; Fred Bark (also rep Pauline Bark, Mr T Dunton); Iris Tolan (also rep Rita Jackson); Mr and Mrs Jarvill (also rep Mr and Mrs Sellars); Mr Breslin; Rob Franklin; Derek Browney; Mr Ed Beechey; Mrs M Mannion (also rep Keith Taylor; Sandra Jenner); Mr J Hewson (also rep the Hewson family); Mr M Banks (also rep Jan); Kay Brumpton (also rep Jane, Marcus, Olivia and George Lowne); Mr and Mrs K Tindall (also rep Lesley, Rachel and family); Colin Bennett (also rep Mrs P Bennett; Mr N Bennett); Margaret and Ken Symons; Barbara Sheehan; Julie Marris; Peter Bray (also rep Diane); Mr D Butler (also rep H Butler; Mr and Mrs Mervyn Butler); Mr M Iremonger (also rep Betty); Brian North; Brian Hodgson; Ted Cruttenden; Nick Robey; Christine Tye; Neil Rutherford and family; Jane Frost; John Logan; Edna Barton; Karen Dando (also rep Ian Dando); Sharon Bradford; Michael and Janet Melbourne; Linda Waters; John Whittaker; Barbara Bradford (also rep Denise Brothwell); Les and Janet Grant; Andrew Morrison; Mr and Mrs R Parry; Mr and Mrs T Trevor (also rep Karen and David); Debbie and May Carrie; Mr and Mrs H Jackson; Mr P Jackson (also rep Eileen Jackson); Michael and Jan Burgess; Linda Would; A Hubbard; Richard Starbuck; Andrew Marshall; Dave Hildred; Ken Martin; Simon Ken; Ken Markey (also rep Debbie from The Poplars); Brian Jones; Mr and Mrs W Mitchell (also rep Kim Begley); Mr E Flood (also rep Mrs B Flood); C Christie (also rep the Christie family)l; Mr L Tranter; Mr Topham; Kath Farmer; Douglas Brown (also rep Tin and Peter Dixon); Brian Marshall; Miss R E Cade; Mr and Mrs Brumpton; David Goulsbra (also rep Rita Goulsbra; Mr and Mrs W Hankins; Mr B Hankins; Mr and Mrs D C Goulsbra; Mr and Mrs J Kelham); Mrs H Treadgold (also rep Mr William Marshall).