Obituary: Gordon Howden

Gordon Howden from Caistor passed away at Nettleton Manor Nursing Home.

His funeral was held at Grimsby Crematorium, with Rev. Canon Ian Robinson officiating.

The funeral directors were J W Varlow & Son, Caistor.

Family mourners at the service: Margaret Howden, wife, Paul and Gina Howden, son and daughter in law, John and Sarah Howden, son and daughter in law, Thomas Howden, grandson, Sam Howden, grandson.

Pauline Larder, sister in law, Peter Wilcocks, brother in law, Mark Parker, nephew, Michael Cavallini, nephew, Diane Whitehead, niece and John, Peter and Pam Cavallini, nephew and wife.

Katherine and Nigel Pearson, niece and husband remembering Ray Smith - brother in law, Jane and Andy Done, niece and husband rep Lesley Caborn, niece and family - Canada, Corinne and Clive Smith, cousin.

Other mourners: Lee and Michelle Etherington, Mr and Mrs B Stamp, Andrew and Joanne Etherington, Mr and Mrs G Welton, Mr and Mrs George Carr, Peter and Elizabeth Bateman, Wanderlust Rambling Club, rep Paul and Gill Welbourne and Les and Judy Lovesey.

Cragi Farmery, Nev Clark, rep Mrs E Clark, Ken Clark, rep Sheila Clark, Vernon Hancock, rep Ann Hancock, Dorothy Woodcock, Karen Spittle, Joan Malkinson, Gill Flippance.

Gill Wilkinson, rep Wilkinson family, Joan Woodcock, rep Brian Woodcock, Mary Taylor, rep Ron Nichols and Audrey Ward, Geraldine Richardson, rep Jason Richardson.