Obituary: Gordon Arthur Mapplethorpe

Garden news EMN-151229-093734001
Garden news EMN-151229-093734001

The funeral service for Gordon Arthur Mapplethorpe, aged 79 of Middle Rasen, was held at Middle Rasen Methodist Church.

The Rev Anne Coates officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Family mourners were: Mrs C Mapplethorpe (wife); Stuart Mapplethorpe and Elaine Richmond (son and partner); Diane and Stuart Dawson (daughter and son-in-law); David Mapplethorpe (son); Judith and David Craven (twin sister and brother-in-law); Gillian and Lucy Annandale (nieces); Jane and Sonil Da Silva (niece and nephew); Catherine Brown (also rep Sqn Ldr Matthew Brown, niece and nephew); Peter and Rena Smith; Barbara Johnson.

Friends at the service were: Dick Woodcock; Mr and Mrs L Wilkinson; Stephen Taylor; Doris Woodall; Heather Dray; Peter Fowler; Geoff Robinson and family; Harold, Wynn and Philip Woolgar (also Peter and Vicky West); G Rich; Ellen Young and Ian Young; George and Ruth Atkin; Janet Laird; Norman Wright (also rep Neil Wright); Mr and Mrs M J Hansard; Don Owen; Stephen Ward (also rep Meryl Ward; Graham Ward); Vera Hankins (also rep Wilf); Mr and Mrs J Drewery (also rep Philip and Joanne); Mr and Mrs D W Johnson; Jane Knapton; Bob Winter; Mrs C Lancaster; Pat Fussey (also rep Janet Mayes); Mrs A Naylor; Rachel Bartle (also rep Mr R K Bartle; Shelia Johnson); Eileen Elliott (also rep Ann Crawforth); Richard and Val Williamson; Alan and Shelia Revill (also rep Malcolm Wood); Richard Subden; Mr and Mrs H Burton (also rep Jonathan); Philip and Jackie Ranby (also rep Claire and Dave Spendlove and also Debbie Ranby); Peter Drakes; Jen Barrett (also rep John Simpson); Paul and Brenda Leonard; Tracey Milson (also rep J R Milson); S Herring; Mark Fox; R Fox; John Tomlinson (also rep Bert, Christine and Sally Tomlinson); Mr G Smith; Rachel Fenwick (Gledhill); John and Dianne Prince; Barney Carr; Ian Wilmot (also rep Richard Branch); Alan Pennell; Shelia and Keith Worrell (also rep Graham and Jill Worrell); Paul Street; Mrs V Threadgold; Maggie Branston; Mr and Mrs P Burrows; Mr M Perkins (also rep Geoff Cooper; Nick Sharp); Ken and Kath Stephenson; Mr and Mrs M Woolf; John Branston; Angela Bryant; Joyce Rhodes; Roy and Linda Marshall; Joy Lloyd; Mr and Mrs G Bird (also rep Green Stripe); N Pope (also rep NFU); Merv and Janet Johnson; Mr and Mrs C Carter; Sean Oliver (also rep George Starling); Di Shepherd; Heather Barratt; Mark Vincent; Janet Bowen; Moira Nicholls; Mr and Mrs Picksley; Mr and Mrs N Young (also rep Nick Young Tractor Parts Ltd); Mrs D Bain; Christine Neal; Mr S Carter; Bob Davidson (also rep Rita Davidson); Richard and Monica Hansard (also rep Stephen and family, Kevin and family and also Hansard Haulage); Paul and Jean Lucas (also rep the Lucas family); Jamie Bailey; Ashley Bailey; Bruce Machin; Keith and Violet Knapton (also rep Mrs C Balderson); Mr and Mrs Jim Burkes (also rep the Burkes Family); M Poucher; Sue Cosgrove (also rep Sue and Andy Hutton); Mr and Mrs Brian Winn; Mrs E Jackson (also rep Brian and Janice Cook); Norman Dunn; David Cosgrove; Sarah Ford; Carol Wilkins; Mr and Mrs J Thompson (also rep Mr and Mrs M Thompson); Mr and Mrs B Lundy; Mr M Baxter; Mrs P Baxter; Bill Ramsay; Gordon and Mollie Dixon; Michael Inglis; Louis Taylor (also rep Ed Cooper); Mr and Mrs Brian Fox; Jeff and Jenny Herring; Roma Treadgold; Richard Treadgold (also rep Brian Treadgold and family); Mrs V Wakefield (also rep Paul Wakefield); Mr G Taylor; Jean Dodd (also rep Archie Dodd and also the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust); Kath Eglon; Hedley and Sandra Smith; Mr and Mrs R Robinson; Nigel Woodcock (also rep David Birch); Pat Woodcock; Peter Marriot; Terry and Kathleen Tomlinson (also rep the Tomlinson family); Beverly Stubbs; Shelia Veitch; Mrs M Kerr (also rep Archie Kerr); Trevor Lyle; Penny Lyle; Ray Wylie (organist); Veronica Chamberlin; Malcolm Dennis; Janet Dennis; Neville Hansard; Jill Tyson; Mick Banks (also rep Jan Banks); Roy and Midge Thomas; Mr P Carrick-Smith; B Tutty (also rep D Tutty); Stephen Smith; The Schofield Family; Graham Roberts; A J Coulson (also rep the Coulson family); Merv and Ann Bennett; Alan and Mary Wilkinson; Mr and Mrs John Arrand; Mr and Mrs G Jennings; Harold Bates (also rep Rose Bates); Gordon Laird; Jeff Bush; Tony Smith (also rep Jane Smith); Mark and Angela Wild (also rep Charlotte and James Wild); Dr and Mrs Weeks; John Bannister; Carol Richardson (also rep Nigel Richardson and Harold Richardson); Lesley Bailey; Miss R E Cade; Allan Keal; Wendy Harrison; Mrs H Young; Margo Green; Graham Henson; Helen Wilson (also rep The POPAT); David and Jane Coulson (also rep R Parker); G Smith (also rep the Smith family); Lesley Chambers.