Obituary: Godfrey Bernard Broughton (Goggy)

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The funeral service for Godfrey Bernard Broughton (Goggy), aged 66 years of Tealby, was held at the parish church.

The Rev John Carr officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Goggy was born at North Farm in Withcall, Louth.

He worked as a farm foreman and tractor driver for Sir Richard Suttons Settled Estates until he retired in 2010 at the age of 65.

Family mourners were: Sandy (wife); Queenie (mother); Nancy, Sandra, Bet and Jan (sisters); Malc (brother); Graham, Pat and Derrick (brothers-in-law).

Friends at the service were: Mr and Mrs P Bannister (uncle and aunt); Mrs S Brumpton (aunt); Mrs A Broughton (sister-in-law); Mr K Foxon, Miss N Haywood, Mandy Leverton, Sally Leverton, Miss L Daley, Mr T Drury and Mrs S Drury, Steve Broughton, Scott Broughton and family (nieces and nephews); Penny and Stuart Doughty (sister-in-law and brother-in-law); Mr and Mrs B Parish, John and Janet Broughton, Mr J Baumber (cousins); Mr G White (cousin, also rep Mrs I White); Mr J Adlard; Mr P C Carling (also rep Tim Carling); Mr J Kegwood; Mr M Lunn; Mr A Upton; Jean Richardson (also rep Roger); Mrs M Brocklebank; Mrs R Brocklebank; Mr G Brown (also rep Peacock and Binnington); Mr and Mrs M Humberstone; Mr N Williams; Mr and Mrs R Dent (also rep Andrew Dent); Mr R Thornalley; Mr D Wilkie; Mrs A Hewitt; Mrs F Hasthorpe (also rep Bernard); Miss S Lamballe (also rep James Kendall, Maisie Kendall); Mr S Mowbray; Mrs S Holm-Johansen; Mr and Mrs P Would (also rep Mr and Mrs D Would); Mrs L Hargreaves; Mrs J Bucknall (also rep S Bucknall); Miss A Taylor; Mr C Gregor; Mr G Brader; Mr A Goldring; Mr and Mrs D Howard; Mrs C Hardy; Tony Brocklebank; Mr F Crow (also rep Mr and Mrs Hilstead); Peter Wright (also rep Mrs Wright); Colin Brocklebank; Mr and Mrs Reed; Reg Arch; Jean Jones; John Squires; Mr R Woodcock; Mr and Mrs John Williams (also rep Tim Williams); S Britton - Mid Lincs Bird Ring Group (also rep Mr and Mrs Robert Nicholls); Dawn Lunn; Malcolm Vaughan (also rep Jackie); Mathew Colby; Victoria Harker; John and Eva Jones; Pat Wood (also rep Miles Hardy); Robert Michell (also rep Nancy Michell); Henry Smith (also rep AWS Farms); Alan Wildersan; Dave, Iris and Andrew Caborn; Simon Green (also rep Jonathan Green); Stephen Nunn (also rep Ann Nunn); Ann Heaton (also rep Bob Heaton); Lynda Jarvis; John Tyson - Sutton Estates; Ian and Margaret Lyndsey – Sutton Estates; Sue Emlyn-Williams; Sarah Tyson (also rep Jean Woodward, Bess Scott Gun, Caron and Barry Tyson); Mark and Karl Donner; Hugh and Penny Nott; Mr and Mrs Chris Dowse (also rep Mr and Mrs David Sutton).