Obituary: Georgina Annette Brook

Obituary EMN-140813-134410001
Obituary EMN-140813-134410001
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The funeral service for Georgina Annette Brook, aged 69 years of Binbrook, was held at the parish church.

The Rev Trevor Walker officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Georgina was born in 1944 to Albert and Edith Young of Tealby.

Upon leaving school, she became PA to Bates and Mountain Solicitors in Market Rasen.

Georgina married Binbrook farmer John Brook in 1965 and continued working at the solicitors until the birth of their son Nicholas in 1971, when she then became a full-time farmer’s wife.

This entailed being a secretary, book-keeper, peacekeeper, cook and cleaner - with constant cleaning from oily hands, muddy boots and muddy dogs.

She was also clerk to the Parish Council for many years. In her spare time, she enjoyed writing poems, spending time in the garden, time with the grandchildren and shopping.

Georgina was a loving wife to John, mother to Nicholas and mother-in-law to Amie.

She was also a devoted grandma to Connor, Ruby and Freya; a close friend to many, a keeper of secrets and someone to call upon to lift your spirits.

She will be greatly missed.

Family mourners were: John Brook (husband); Nicholas Brook (son); Amie Brook (daughter-in-law); Connor Brook and Becky Smith (grandson and partner); Ruby Brook (granddaughter); Ann Atkinson (sister-in-law, also rep Tim Atkinson, nephew, Sue Atkinson and Tom Atkinson); Judith Brewer and Patrick Hoines (sister-in-law and partner); Lisa Andress (niece); Simon Brook; Elizabeth Brook; Frank Stark; Susan Stark; Andrea Strawson; Harold Mycock.

Friends at the service were: Mavis Chantry (also rep Peter Chantry, Terry Drew); Karen Thompson (also rep Ernie Thompson); Rose Reed (also rep the family); Les Mitchell (also rep Sue Mitchell); I Kendal (also rep the family); G Carter (also rep Mrs S Carter); Jonathan and Penny Burton; Jen Lyons (also rep Roger Lyons); Steven and Sue Parrott; Mrs J Coe; Nick Hurst; Derek and Ann Haworth; Angela Brewer; Andy Brewer; Gerry Gould (also rep Peter and Sally Vergette); Helen and Frit Wright; Mr J Shaw (also rep Mrs J Shaw, Mr T Shaw, C Harland); Judith Ward; Barbara Donner (also rep Mr Donner and family); Graham Wrack (also rep Mary Wrack); Amanda Chambers; Mr and Mrs Burgess; Barbara Edge; Fiona and Tom Fradley; Paul Harness; Dr Buckley (also rep Mr D Buckley); Richard and Carol Parrott; Rod Strawson (also rep Rebecca, Ralph and Arthur Strawson)

Catherine and Andrew Pearson; Rita Clark (also rep Roger Clark); Mr and Mrs S Brook (also rep Jason and Stuart); Peter Kirk; Matthew and Victoria Cherry; Andrew Cross; David Lewin (also rep Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue); Lynne and John Maultby; Mr Sturgess; Gillian Elson; Elizabeth Jackson; Tim Joyce; Lindsey Mee; Terry Winfield (also rep John Cook, Darren Stanfield, Steve Dawson, Ian Hanson); Carrie Heart; Ruby Keys; Lynn Walker; Mr and Mrs J Holmes; Mr and Mrs L Carter; Tracey Green; Luke and Eve Stannard; Dianne Tuckett; Gloria Joyce; Neil Grey; Mr and Mrs M W Pearce (also rep Mr F Howsam, Tealby); Mr and Mrs Howard Galloway; Dennis and Betty Graggs; Peter Stark; Pat and Ken Hurst; Tony and Deanna Bradley (also rep Pat and Des Pearce); Frank and Susanne Stark (also rep Michael and Beth Golland); Bruce Crow; Karen Bradford; Bob Winter; David Kent; Sheila Kent; Mr and Mrs Eric Bell; Dr Roger Meredith; Peter and Pauline Strawson (also rep Fred Kirkby); Bill and Kathy Shaw (also rep Mick and Jackie Shaw, Mark Shaw); Hugh Stark; Helen Thompson; Jill and David Wrisdale; Rob Shaw (also rep Jo Parker); Bob Potter (also rep the Potter families); Karl Ellis, Claire Ellis and Heidi Ellis; Mrs E Platts; Mr and Mrs Wilson; Jonathan Banks; David Brumby; Malcolm Brumby; Robin Adkins; Clive Lingard (also rep Brenda Lingard); Mrs M Skelton (also rep L Strange); Jeff Summers (also rep Aggri); Mr F Crowe; John Ella; Gordon Stanley (also rep Richard Treadgold, M Cressey); Mr and Mrs Jeremy Wright (also rep Mr and Mrs S Curtis, Mr P Carter); Henry and Marlene Burton; Jason Wood (also rep Simon Wood and also Judith Watson); Sandra and Jeff Wood (also rep Dawn and Brian Mason); Brian and Ashley Golland; E Umpleby; Mr L Fraser; Mr D Willerton; Dominic and Tina Barnes-Browne (also rep Carol and Nick Barnes-Browne, Lucy Barnes-Browne); Mr and Mrs Neil Wright; Mr and Mrs R Leeman; Joyce Steel; Alec Kent; Ann Marie Meridith; Michelle Hands; Len Johnson; Caroline Jenkins; Tony and Val Drew; Mr and Mrs Terry Burgess; Terry and Elsa Mumby (also rep Sean and Kerrie Stanfield); Tom and June Brooks (also rep Stephen Parker); Peter Wright (also rep Gwen Wright); Simon and Vicky Smith; Paul and Lauren Cocking; Anthony Turnbull (also rep Diana and Tony Turnbull); Gary Wright (also rep the Wildsmith family); Mary McLennan; David Borthwick; Neil Cooper (also rep G Cooper); George Haxby (also rep Tom Haxby); Nick Johnson (also rep Andrew Bell of Nidera); Wendy Collins (also rep Peter Collins, Mason Cole); Mrs J Cook (also rep Mr J Cook, Mrs R Atkinson, J Cook Jnr); Jen Carlyon; Katrina Slight; David Usher; Ken and Allison Bothomley; Richard Cartledge (also rep Mandy); Mr and Mrs Clifford Spencer (also rep Tara Smith); Frank and Bev Preston (also rep Kerry and family); Mr and Mrs John Drury (also rep Christine Drury); Giles Johnston; Jane Stannard; Hayley Swallow and Mike Swallow; Mike Harrington and family; Paul Collins; Linda and Nigel Williams (also rep Mollie Williams, Nathan Pearson); Ruari Williams; Geoff and Donna Pearce.