Obituary: George Richard Brumby

Obituary EMN-140514-094321001
Obituary EMN-140514-094321001

The funeral of George Richard Brumby, aged 73 years of Claxby, was held at Lincoln Crematorium.

The Rev Michael Cartwright officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

George, the eldest of five brothers and two sisters, was born at Cabourne Parva in 1940, moving to Claxby in 1945.

He attended Claxby C of E Primary School and then went onto, what was then called, the Market Rasen Modern School.

When he first left school, he lived and worked at Corner House Farm, Claxby and later Claxby House Farm, then owned by A W & J B Willey.

The farm was later taken over by Wilmot Bros. of Owersby.

Until his retirement, George worked as the Railway Crossing Gate Keeper at Claxby.

His hobbies were nature, walking and stamp collecting.

He was a familiar sight around the village.

Although George became ill soon after last Christmas, he remained active up to his last day, doing what was important to him.

Family mourners were: Betty and Mike (sister and brother-in-law, also rep Gary and Maggy); Colin and Lynn, Alan and Shirley, John and Delia, Gordon and Teresa (brothers and sisters-in-law); Philp Iremonger, Davina and Dave and Curtis Middleton, Joanne Flemmich, Nicola and Tyler East, Paul and Jenny Brumby, Valerie and Steve, Jack and James Chandler, Jonathan Chambers (also rep Beth Chambers), Sally, Louise and Joanne Iremonger (nephews and nieces); Phillipa Onions, Malcolm Brumby (cousins).

Friends at the service were: J and M Owen; M Turnbull; David Thain and Ann Thain; Mrs M Frankish (also rep The Staff at Market Rasen Co-op); Sarah Lyle (also rep Andrew Lyle); Susan Headland (also rep Richard Headland); R and C Strong; Mr and Mrs T Bowers (also rep Mr and Mrs T Rowe); Mavis and Ivan Noon; Mr and Mrs Hall; Brian Hunter; Mr and Mrs M Sharp; Cath and Tom Bunford (also rep David Thompson); H Brumpton; P Woods (also rep the Jackson family); Sandra Chambers (also rep Rachel Heath); Emma Chambers; Rowan Chambers; Rita Heard (also rep John Heard); Ian Wilmot (also rep Hall Farm); J and T Hutchinson; H Rodger; Sue and Ken Griffin (also rep Elaine Turner); Charles and Sylvia Cade; P Onions (also rep L Bentham); Alan and Betty Jamieson; Mark Baker; Julie and Lindley Baker; Esther Baker; Michael and Rosemary Proudlove; Lesley Chambers (also rep Bud Chambers); Mr and Mrs D Whitwell (also rep Kitty Combes, Mr and Mrs Ralph Coulson); John and Barbara Cade; Mr and Mrs D Smith; Les Howe; Joan Goodchild (also rep John Goodchild, Joanne and Kevin Jackson); Stuart Edwards (also rep Ann Edwards); Mrs L Lancaster (also rep R Lancaster); Jill Berrisford; Elizabeth Holmes (also rep Helen Wilson, Graham Hewson); Vi Boughton (also rep Ray Boughton, Mr and Mrs G Briggs); Shane Smith; Jean Routledge; David and Jenny Lofthouse; Malcolm Brumby (also rep D W Brumby); Julie Smith (also rep Alan, Sara and Hayley Smith); Mr and Mrs D W Johnson; Trevor and Penny Lyle; Jill Underwood; Sally Iremonger (also rep John and Ann Baxter); Mr and Mrs R Brumpton (also rep Rita and Tim Burkes, John Smith); Mr S and Mrs A Burton; Motley Brant (also rep Corinne); Jonathan Brant (also rep Zoe Brant, Victoria, Richard and Alice).