OBITUARY: George Ralph Cook

Obituary Ralph Cook
Obituary Ralph Cook

The funeral service for Ralph George Cook, aged 85 years of Atterby, was held at Bishop Norton.

The Rev Michael Sheard officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Ralph was born at Atterby and worked as a farm manager for W M Margrave of Atterby.

Family mourners were: Joyce Cook (wife); Ann and Richard Everett (daughter and son-in-law); Peter and Maureen Cook, Philip and Janet Cook (sons and daughters-in-law); Shaun Cook and Laura Driffill (grandson and partner); Adrian Cook (grandson); Lindsay Cook and Alex Hodge (granddaughter and partner); Hannah and Nick Botterill (granddaughter and husband); Jasmine Botterill (great-granddaughter); Amy and Becci Cook (granddaughters); David Everett and Bethan Lane (grandson and partner); Michael and Hayley Cook (nephew and wife); Robert Cook (nephew).

Friends at the service were: Mr and Mrs K Cook; Lauren Cook (also rep Kelly Carter); Mr S Kamis; Mrs C Cook; Susan Coulson; Pete Thompson; Mr and Mrs D Marshall; Jean and John Keedy; Miss S Holgate; Neil Cook; Les Camm (also rep Ruth Camm); Mrs M Pike; Mr and Mrs D Fox; Mr B Waite; Ted Fowler; Mr Mumby (also rep Mrs Mumby); John and Pat Woodward; Mary Bonner; Margie Bonner (also rep Rex); Angela Shaw; John McCall; Mr and Mrs Betts; Mr and Mrs Hall; Nigel Everett; John and Sandra Key (also rep Peter and Jayne Summers); Peter Richardson; Anne Dickinson (also rep John Dickinson); Mr and Mrs T Holland; Mr R Cooper (also rep Patsy); William Margrave (jnr); Carol Butlin (Margrave); Mr Parker; Mrs Dove; David Halby; Martin Vessey; Mr and Mrs P Brian; Mr Himsworth; Mrs Himsworth; John Richardson; Mrs E Hardy; Mr and Mrs Skipper; Jim and Josie Harty; Sophie McLean; Sally Heaysman; Mr and Mrs Ian Cook; Mr and Mrs T Hewitt; Miss J Cook; Pat Cook; Ian Allen; Tom Smith; Kirsty Cook; Beryl Hewitt; Mr M P Brown; Rodney and Barry Stone; Mrs J Major; Sylvia Graves; Kath Brooks; Mr and Mrs T Cook; Paul and Lucy Lings; Diane White; Emma White; Mrs E Brackenbury; Mrs Holgate; Jo Barlow; Jack Crosby; Mr and Mrs J D Cook; Kath Cook (also rep Mr and Mrs K Heddison); Roy Smith; Mr and Mrs Alan Cook (also rep Mr Richard Cook); M Tutty (also rep Tutty Brothers); Steve Cooper; Dave Smith (also rep Shirley Smith); Leslie Athanson; John Dimbleby (also rep the Dimbleby family); Mrs V Hallam (also rep Bishop Norton Parish Council and also Mr G Briggs); G and L Pixsley; D and J Pixsley; Mrs D Everett (also rep Mr G Everett); Mr C Everett (also rep Mrs C Everett); A Frith; Susan and Jack Risdale; Bill Drinkall; Richard Izard; Jo and Keith Murfin; Mr and Mrs L Sanderson; Peter Everett (also rep Mary Everett); Les Sanderson; Ian and Den Watson; Helen and Terry Went; George and Barbara Lawrence; Robert Illingworth; May and Brian Robinson; William Margrave; Mary Lowcastle; Stuart Lowcastle; Mr A Smith; Glenys Fordham; Michael Fordham (also rep Bishop Norton Bowls Club); R Flear (also rep Mrs D Flear); Mr and Mrs Ron Richardson; Joan Kehoe; J Cook; Margaret Feltham (also rep the Feltham family); Margaret and Stuart Constable; P Clubley