OBITUARY: George Peter Robinson

Tetford’s St Mary’s Church was full of family and friends on Friday January 30 so that they could pay their respects to Mr George Peter Robinson who died aged 86 years at Lincoln County Hospital.

Peter as he was known was the husband of the late Betty and was born to George and Frances Robinson on the family farm at Holton-Cum-Beckering near Wragby. He had an elder brother Edmund and younger sister Beth, both of whom pre-deceased him. Peter was educated at Wragby School before joining the family farm.

When war broke out part of the farm was taken for Wickenby Airfield and he would often recollect stories from his teenage years. He learnt to shoot at an early age and this became a lifelong passion for him.

In 1944 the family moved to Salmonby House Farm where he continued in the business. Peter met Betty Fox in 1943 with Betty’s family living and farming at nearby Lissington. In 1958 Peter and Betty married and moved into Hillside Farm, where they worked together and established their own farming business and where they also raised their two sons Andrew and Robert and the family lived at Hillside Farm until Betty’s death in 2004, both Andrew and Robert continued in the family tradition of been involved in farming having inherited their love of the land.

Peter was a long standing member of the N.F.U and for many years he seldom missed a week at Louth Cattle Market where he would meet many friends and colleagues, he was a true countryman who loved his work and the natural world around him and lived at the farm until his death.

Peter always maintained a keen interest in the farm and was always willing to provide advice or a second opinion. He leaves his two sons and will be greatly missed by all his family and friends.

Peter funeral was conducted by the Rev Cheryl Hilliam.

Family mourners are: Mr A Robinson and Mr R Robinson (sons), Mr R Fox (brother in law), Mr and Mrs J Fox (brother in law and wife) Nephew and nieces, Mr and Mrs M Shearsmith (niece and husband), Mr J Robinson, Mr M Robinson, Mr and Mrs A Thornton, Mrs B Parkins, Mrs C Wright, Mr and Mrs G Mills, Mr and Mrs M Fox, Mrs R Skinner rep Mr P Fox, Mr and Mrs A Frith, Mr and Mrs D Frith, Mr and Mrs A Morrison, Mr P Fox, Mr M Fox, Mr and Mrs S Fox, Mr J Rawson, Mr and Mrs G Wilson, Mrs C Bunn, Mrs G Fox

Also attending the funeral service was: Mr J Pridgeon, Mr S Marwood rep David Marwood, Mr J Marwood, Mrs Eileen Corton rep Mr D Corton, Dina Dixon, Audrey Golland, Jenifer Green, Mr D A Brown, Mr Mark Shepard rep Jenny Shepard, Mr Norman Oliver, Margaret Veall, Anne Dixon, Mr Simon Towers, Mr John Baumber, Mr and Mrs Renshaw, Bob Sessions, Graham and Julie Scrimshaw, Dr and Mrs Harper-Smith, Mr and Mrs Driftfield, A Johnson, D Watson ( Mrs) rep Rita Horton, Jilly Pearson, Katrina Simons, D Jaines rep Sandra Jaines, Mr G Herberts rep Charles and Jenny Baxter, M Emmerson, Fred Cooper, Malcolm Sharpe, Mr and Mrs D Hotchin, Philip Mellor, Linda Garner, Stuart Land, Peter Grant, Ernie Veall, Ray Whitley, Carol and Dennis Brocklebank rep Lee Brocklebank, Mrs Wendy Shaw, Mr and Mrs Wilf Green, Derek Kelsey, Richard Evison Horncastle NFU, Alan Smith rep John Smith, Sue Ellis, Richard Fowler, Richard Morton rep Mr and Mrs J Morton, Patrick Sunderland, David Nelson rep Derek and Lucy Smith also Margaret Rhodes, Pam Elliott, George Littleworth rep Littleworth Family, Richard Stockdale rep Stockdale Family, Mr and Mrs Mc Hamilton, J Boulton, Pam Freeston rep Annette Smith, John Taylor, Tracey Richardson, Keith Blakey rep Gordon Blakey, Tony Trapmore rep Joan Trapmore, Jane and Neil Parnham, Anthony Read, K Simons, Mr and Mrs J Simons rep Dale and Stacey Simons, Mark Briggs, Tracy Roe, A Simons, Freda Horton