Obituary: George Herbert Allison

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George Herbert Allison of Kelsway, Caistor, died on April 13 at Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital in Grimsby at the age of 101.

George was born on June 10 1911 in Caistor. He worked at Caistor pickle factory, then on the roads before working for F Strawson farmers for 46 years.

He was married to Jessie for 55 years. They lived in Thoresway and then moved to Caistor where George spent his last 41 years.

He was a member of the Home Guard during the Second World War, played football for Caistor and cricket for Thoresway.

George was an avid gardener and took up baking in his later yeras.

His funeral took place at Grimsby Crematorium, officiated by the Rev Canon Ian Robinson. Arrangements were by J W Varlow and Son of Caistor.

Family Mourners: George and Carol Allison (son and daughter-in-law), Dennis Allison (son), Ernie and Averill Allison (son and daughter-in-law), Sheila and Kelvin Oldham (daughter and son-in-law), Lee and Carrie Oldham (grandson and wife), Mark and Louise Allison (grandson and wife), Matthew Allison and Emma Depledge (grandson and partner), Annette Smith (Granddaughter), Samantha and Paul Craft (granddaughter and husband), Donna and Robert Burridge (granddaughter and husband), Dawn and Andrew Whitworth (granddaughter and husband), Harry Craft (great grandson), Jake Jordan (great grandson), Ryan Jordan (great grandson), Matthew Jordan (great grandson), William Smith (great grandson), Christopher Whitworth (great grandson), Nicholas Whitworth (great grandson), Nathan Smith and Danielle Gray (great grandson and partner), Tyler Wells (great granddaughter), Courtney Wells (great granddaughter), Tegan Craft (great granddaughter), Natasha Whitworth (great granddaughter), Daniella Whitworth (great granddaughter), Don Wilson (brother-in-law), Roger Wilson (nephew), Martin Rhodes (nephew), Peter Allison (nephew), David Allison (nephew), Keith Allison (nephew) representing Margaret Allison, Stephen Ranyard (nephew) representing Dawn Ranyard, Peter and Pam Ranyard (nephew and wife) representing Lucy Ranyard (sister-in-law), Kevin and Shiela Allison (nephew and wife), Terry and Janet Allison (nephew and wife) Jean Brader (niece), Betty and Brian Poole (niece and husband), Ann and John Fowler (niece and husband), Ruth and John Fowler (niece and husband), Ruth and Kevin Hewson (nice and husband), Barbara and Stewart Crowston (niece and husband), Jan Allison (niece) representing Joan Allison (sister), Rachel Allison (great niece).

Other mourners: Brian and Diane Keeble, Mr and Mrs P Stanfield, John and Enid Fowler, Mr and Mrs J Wood, Mr and Mrs N Wright, Rob Cadle and Pamela Ritchie, Mr and Mrs A Mitchell, representing Mrs P Lockett, James Standland, Des Freeman, Clark Thorseway, Rick Marriot, Colin Butter, representing Pat Butters, Tony Askew representing Jeff Moon, Terry McKitton representing Debbie, Richard Stawson representing Isobel Strawson, Julian Adams representing Hazel Adams and Dorothy Clark, Sheila Jacklin, Elaine Bemrose, Densie Crow, Lin Stones representing Nick Stones, Jackie Thomas representing Alan Hydes, Rosemary Noon representing Traff Noon, Margaret Gaughan representing Anthony Gaughan, Helen Lambert representing Mr and Mrs Brian Bishell.