Obituary: George Colin Hare

Obituary EMN-141021-114459001
Obituary EMN-141021-114459001

The funeral service for George Colin Hare, aged 77 years of Middle Rasen, was held at Market Rasen Methodist Church.

The Rev Anne Coates officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall.

Colin was born and grew up in Horncastle.

He moved to Lincoln at the age of 15 and attended City School.

Colin worked in local government, then in 1971 moved to Hills Mill at Market Rasen.#

He then embarked on a career as a self-employed accountant.

Colin was very much involved in church life and in 1991 became a Methodist Local Preacher.

He was also a Boys’ Brigade leader, Sunday School Superintendent and a keen Bible Fellowship Group leader.

‘Holiday at Home’ was Colin’s initiative, as was the ‘Jubilee Games’ to bring together, through sport, the communities associated with four local former RAF bases.

He loved local history, poetry and gardening.

He was a keen walker, Lincoln City Football Club supporter and U3A member.

Colin was also a devoted family man, interested in all aspects of family life.

Family mourners were: June Hare (wife); Andrew and Robert (sons); Katie (daughter); Michael and Philip (step-sons); Grace, Joan and Gaynor (daughters-in-law); Ray (brother); Rita, Elizabeth and Vinny (sisters); Sally, Carol, Susan, Helen, Kay and Karen (nieces); Malc and Anthony (nephews); Alan and Lynn (cousins); Pamela, Mark, Carole, Bethany and Luka.

Friends at the service were: Chris and Rosemary Walker; Mrs J Margetson; Ernest Livesey; Margaret Hudson; George and Myrtle Dorrington; Laurie and Shirley Oxborough; Ken Hewitt; Audrey and Caroline Roberts; David and Alison Atkinson; Mr and Mrs Wallis; Mr D Lockwood (Gainsborough); Barbara Knapton; David Hill; Mr and Mrs B Kirkby; Nigel, Jane and Lilly Keen; Sandra Lawley; Jo Howard; Joe Willisch; Emer Ward; Mr and Mrs Childs; Mrs J Bates; Mrs V Harper; Mary James; Ian Shedden; Laurie and Ann Lambert; Mr and Mrs Moule; Winnie Blanchard; Margaret Clifton; Gillian Anderton; Richard Alderson; Renee Harper; Mr B Marshall (also rep Mrs J Marshall); Don and Joyce Harrison; Judith Collinson; Barry Toynton; Joyce Rhodes; Brian and Judy Gelsthorpe; Mr and Mrs Altoft; Mrs M Nicholls; Mr Kerton; Malcolm Boot; Bob and Pat Martin; Margaret Landon; Mr and Mrs Reid; Cynthia and Mick Burke; David Young (also rep Paul and Katie Hiley - Market Rasen New Life Church); Mr and Mrs Dawson; Roger Thwaites; Kim Green; Mr K Knapton; Mrs C Bunch; Mrs J Potter (also rep Mr and Mrs Tripp); G H Smith (also rep Mr and Mrs K Hildred, Mr P Smith); David and Pearl Islip; Jo Johnston (also rep the Methodist Church and Book Club); Don Owen (also rep Peggy Thwaites); Miss C Maycock (also rep Mr and Mrs G Taylor); Mrs Y Walls; Mr R Walls; Mr M D Corden (also rep David and Janet; Mr and Mrs B Oxborrow); Mr and Mrs Hancock; Midge Thomas; Philip Drury; Pam Bradley (also rep Brenda and Rob); Katherine and Brian Drake; Christine Mapplethorpe (also rep Gordon); Horace Marshall; Mr and Mrs P Burrows; Ann Baxter (also rep John Baxter); C Kettlewell; Bill Smith; Les and Joan Robinson; Gordon Dixon; Mrs Dodd; Mrs Swaby; Mr D Evans (also rep Mr and Mrs J Franks); Mrs S Adlard; Mrs A Surfleet; John Blackburn; Linda Crust; Jessie Shellern (also rep Sheilah Fincham); Mrs J Maplethorpe; Ellen Young (also rep Ian); Mr and Mrs Field (also rep Nettleton Chapel); Doreen Wallis (also rep Brookenby Church); G Shackleton; Marian Nicholls; Alan Bennett; Ann Naylor; Mrs J Mayes; Eileen Watkinson; Gareth Sherwood; Jean Woodward; Joy Lloyd (also rep Mrs G Crow); Norman Dunn; Betty Jackson; John Warwick; Mrs A Veal; Mrs A Parkinson (also rep Rex); Mollie Dixon; Brian and Janice Cook; Eileen Elliott; Pat Fussey; Jane Lloyd; Peter Wallis; Alfred Russell; Lynn Browne (also rep the Carr family); Veta Jay (also rep John and Mary Hewitt); Chlodagh and Ian Wheatley; Cyril Fiske; Jean Childs; Paul and Maureen Pearce; the Rev Liz Childs; Mike Childs; Yvonne Woolstone; Cecile Povey (also rep Market Rasen Flower Club); Bryan and Audrey Storey; Richard Corrigan (also rep Newtoft Discussion Group); Mrs M Stamp; Marion Blackstock; Ian Hardcastle and Pat (also rep Mrs E Jameson); Peter and Jenny Atkinson; John and May Bennett (also rep Middle Rasen Horticultural Society and also West Rasen Heritage Centre); Paul and Susan Jacobs; Helen and Peter Cook; Mrs I Burks; Mr E Burks; Kathleen Stephenson; Mrs S Tindall (also rep Lesley); Shirley Sanderson; Keith and Eleanor Flunder; Janet Faulkner; Mr and Mrs Hage; Mr W Hankins (also rep Mrs V Hankins); Mary Ellis (also rep Elizabeth Codd, Liz Holmes and Helen Wilson - U3A Walking Group); Tony and Vivienne Pinchbeck.