Obituary: Frederick Ronald Bates

Frederick Ronald Bates
Frederick Ronald Bates

A thanksgiving service for the life of Frederick Ronald (Ron) Bates, aged 78 years of Middle Rasen, was held at St Mary’s Church, Rothwell, following a family-attended cremation.

The Rev Canon Ian Robinson officiated and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Ron was born at Keelby and left school at the age of 15 to work for Joseph Nickerson.

He took time out to do his National Service, from 1953 to 1955, with the Lincolnshire Regiment.

On March 30, 1957 he married his wife Nancy.

In 1972, he was appointed farm manager and remained in the post until he retired in 1996.

Ron received his 45 year Long Service Award from the Royal Agricultural Society of England.

He enjoyed playing bowls for Holton le Moor and was vice-chairman of Rothwell Parish Council for many years.

Family mourners were: Nancy (wife); Kim and David Robinson (daughter and son-in-law); Edward and Liz Bates (son and daughter-in-law); Jack Robinson, Emily Bates, Charlie Bates (grandchildren); John and Doreen Bates (brother and sister-in-law); Kathleen and Ray Moore (sister and brother-in-law); Margaret and Pete Hilton (sister-in-law and brother-in-law); John Birkett (brother-in-law); David Bates, Mark Birkett, Elizabeth Hassell, Jackie Critien (nephews and nieces).

Friends at the service were: Linda and Bob Oxley; Julie Leam; Louise Pearce; H Brumpton (also rep L Brumpton); A Todd; G Davis; Dennis Hunter (also rep Lesley Hunter); Mr and Mrs I McKinnon (also rep Hannah McKinnon); Les Jacklin (also rep the Jacklin family); Andrew Hunter; Mr C A Johnson; Julie Sabourin and family; Paul Shepherdson (also rep Paula); Alan Shepherdson (also rep Sharon); Robin Shannon; Marcus Edmundson; Michael Crombie; John Leam; Jane Lloyd; Neil Hollingsworth; Mike Suddaby (also rep Maureen); Derek Fox (also rep Gillian Fox); Mark Colebrook (also rep Claire); Mr K Spilman (also rep Mrs E Spilman); Joe Gibson; Peter Lloyd (also rep Rothwell Plant Breeders); John Pyle – Head Gamekeeper (also rep the Bsltesz, Yates and Whitaker family and also Erna Nickerson); Paul Snell; Patricia Snell (also rep Jeff Hand); Mr and Mrs M A Brumby; Ian Dawson (also rep Ruth Dawson, Hannah and Lucy and also Woldmarsh Producers); Anne Dame; Simon Dame; Henry Brumpton; Mr and Mrs Owen Bates; Pat and Byron Brett; Shona Ortega; Sheila Johnson; D Brumby; Lynn Frame; Mr and Mrs Glen Chambers; Carol Heatlie; Josie and Mike Collins; David Mason; Jenny Brundle; John Smith (also rep Kathleen Smith, Dr Hugh Nott); Gwen Bain (also rep Walter Bain); Shirley Mason (also rep Andrew Mason); Frances King (also Brian King); Michelle Johnson; Paddy Shillington; Betty Dame; Diane Mitchell (also rep Alice Plaskitt); Linda Mason (also rep Raymond Mason); Ray and Kathy Plaskitt; G Plaskitt (also rep Mrs Plaskitt); Sheila Jacklin; Ivan Kireia (also rep Wendy Kireia); Robert Lancaster (also rep Mr and Mrs R Lancaster); Colin Butters (also rep Pat Butters); Jonathan Brant; Mr and Mrs Cribb; Mr and Mrs D M Pattison; Ian Plaskitt; Clive Lingard (also rep Brenda Lingard); Peter and Brenda Stanfield (also rep Barbara Stanfield); Andrew Stanfield (also rep James Walgate); Lisa and Will Plaskitt (also rep the Plaskitt family); Mr G M Cooper; Rosie Suddaby (also rep Fred Suddaby, Mrs B Marris); Ben Jacob (also rep William Jacob); Martin Clapham; Diane Clark (also rep Edna Thornley); Phillip and Lesley Kireja; June Woodcock; Chris Bratley (also rep Mr and Mrs F Bratley); John Wright (also rep H C Wright and Sons); Mr and Mrs A Couling (also rep the Couling family); Bill and Phillipa Emms; Vicki Halmshaw; Mr and Mrs R Nickerson; Mr and Mrs G T Farmery; Alma Marriot; Alwyn Marriot (also rep Eileen Burnett); Rose Brewster; Sylvia Mowbray; Rebecca Ross; Lynne Patrick; S Presley; Jean and Michael Kerrigan (also rep Christine and Nigel Brown, Mrs Askew, Margaret and Brian Dummer); Michael and Hilary Fort; Ray and Nancy Waters; N and C Barnes-Brown.