Obituary: Frederick Albert Cook

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. EMN-180711-150710001

The funeral service for retired farmer Frederick Albert Cook, aged 98 years of Glentham, was held at Waddingham Church.

The Rev Kathy Colwell officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Family mourners were: Gillian Parker (daughter); Sarah Parker (granddaughter); Mr and Mrs S Cook (nephew, also rep Mr G Cook, brother); Mrs G Bartram (sister); Mrs E Hubbert (sister); Mr and Mrs C Bartram, Mr and Mrs J Rippin, (also rep Mr and Mrs G Turner); Mr and Mrs I Clifton, Mr and Mrs B Cook, Mr and Mrs P Cook, Mr P Hubbert, Mrs A Spalding (nephews and nieces); Dr and Mrs W Vessey.

Friends at the funeral service were: Ann Everett; Roland and Angela East; Mont and Myra Mannion; Colin and Margaret MacGill; John Cook; Kaye and Barry Ward; Mr and Mrs P J Cook; Gerald and Betty Parker; N Cullen; David Hawkins; Michael Hawkins; Mrs V Stephenson (also rep Mrs E Hardy); Anne Turnbull (also rep the family, Elizabeth Smithson and also Hilary Raynor); Peter and Jane Richardson; Gill Precious; Colin and Gill Tuxworth; Irene Pickering; Patrick and Julia Cullen

Joan Wright

The funeral service for Joan Wright of Caistor was held at the Methodist Church.

Family mourners were: Mr and Mrs Lamb (daughter and son-in-law); Jacob, Jon, Eve and Felix (also rep John, Sandra and James Wright, grandchildren); Lyndsey Hollamby (granddaughter); Alex and William Hollamby (grandsons); Rebecca Lamb (granddaughter); Elaine Bemrose (sister-in-law); Joanne Lynn.

Friends at the service were: Chaz Payne; Brenda Stanfield (also rep Peter, Andrew and Sally); Mr Smith; Yvonne Woolston; Doreen and Mick Hollamby; Heather Grant (also rep Mike); David Hill; Hilary De Wit (also rep Barbara Chester, nee Bemrose); Eileen and Rae Grieve (also rep Gwen and Jack; Mr and Mrs P Snell); Bridget Andrew; Ros Thompson (also rep Jack); Pauline Shearsmith; Mrs J Drury and Mr J Drury (also rep Margaret Blackburn and Keith); Mrs J Foster (also rep Molly Nafsger); Alex and William Hollamby; Michael Harwood; Olive Shortland; Pam Bradley (also rep Robert Drury); Mrs C Linsell (also rep Caistor Grammar School); Glenis Sheard; Mary Windslow; Chris and Ian Muir and family; Terence Allen; Rachel Grainger and Ralph Rodwell; Judith Hewis; Richard King; Arthur Wilmore (also rep Patricia Wilmore); Mr and Mrs Fraser; Gordon Rodgers (also rep the family); Margaret Glentworth; Louise Dean; Clare and Ian Lang; Paul Laverack (also rep Helen Godfrey); Margaret King (also rep the family); Laura Kirkby (also rep Sarah, Paul and George); Colin Garfoot (also rep Daphne and Ian Garfoot); Colin Wood (also rep Motley Brant); Henry and Janet Brumpton; Darren Mckay (also Rep Justin Cleeve); Alan Somerscales (also rep Gill); Harry Minns; Pat Vann (also rep Terry); John Barr (also rep Jayne); Mr and Mrs Rolie Clark; Joan Evans (also rep Deborah Jackson); Mark Evans; Louis King (also rep the King family); Ian Short; Linda and Chris Arthur (also rep Liam John); Susan Squire (also rep Ruby and Daisy Squire; Margaret Lundy); Roy Spall; Mrs A Bemrose (also rep Anne Brotheridge); Mary Dixon (also rep Jean and Les Jaques); Hugh McPhearson; Linda Mason (also rep Caistor WI and also Jacquie Simmons); Lynda Saxton; Judith France; Mr and Mrs T Allen; Eileen Burnett; Carol and Michael Barnes; David King (also rep Zena Bedells); Pat Clarke (also rep Roger); Ann Todd (also rep Helen Todd and also Jean Twidale); Lesley Stothard; Steve and Michael Bell; Kimberley 
Stothard; Kristopher Stothard; Ryan Gilbert.

Arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.