Obituary Frank Herbert Naylor

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The funeral service for Frank Herbert Naylor, aged 75 years of Middle Rasen, was held at the Methodist church.

The Rev Marty Presdee officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Family mourners were: Ann Naylor (wife); Stephen Naylor (son); David Naylor (brother); Pat Fussey (sister-in-law, also rep the Rev and Mrs Alan Stubbs); Fiona and Steve Dickinson, Bruce Kelsey, Russell and Diane Kelsey, Christine and Tony Walker (nephews and nieces); John and Margaret Naylor, Colin and Ann Day, Richard Day (also rep Susan Day), Jean and Malcolm Waller, Julia Wright (also rep Molly Salter, Liz and Caroline), Lynne Day, Jenny Whitton, Phil Robinson, Les and Joan Robinson, Brian Lilley, Keith Housley, Martin Briggs (cousins).

Friends at the service were: F Wood; D Nash (also rep the Friend family); Jo Potter; Miss Corins; Richard Branch (also rep IFM); Motley Brant (also rep Corrine Brant); Mr and Mrs Priestly; Julie Salmon (also rep the family); Eileen Elliott; Mr and Mrs M Walsh; Joyce Eyre; Philip McNally; A Bennett (also rep Mr and Mrs M Bennett); Mr Higham (also rep Mrs Higham); Mr and Mrs W Hankins (also rep Rita and Brian); Mr and Mrs J Baxter; Mrs N Johnson (also rep the family); Mr J B Kirkby; Mrs Kirkby; Mr and Mrs F Sellars; Mr Richardson; J Lloyd; Trevor and Sarah Tripp; W F Smith; G M Cooper (also rep Mr and Mrs J Burkitt); Mike Perkins; Mrs M Kaiser; Joyce Flear; Jeremy Clare; Gail Paton; Richard Grayson (also rep Nicholsons); Mrs F Picksley (also rep Alan); G Smith (also rep Mr and Mrs R Vickers); Mr P C Smith (also rep Mrs G B Smith); Pat and Reg Garrill; Anne Walker; Geoff Crawforth; Geoff Freeman; Mrs M Nicholls; Joyce Rhodes (also rep Margaret Stamp); Mrs G W Lancaster (also rep Mr G W Lancaster, Mr R Lancaster); Cherry Powell; Mr I Hardcastle (also rep Mrs P Hardcastle); Jane Lloyd; Andrew Steer; Alan Pennell (also rep Geoff Pennell, Middle Rasen Cricket and Football Club); John Hildred; Frank Lingard; Mr and Mrs Brumby; Mr and Mrs J Clark; Mr S J Clark; Mr and Mrs Altoft; Mr and Mrs P Burrows; Richard Stamp; Mrs J Grant (also rep David Grant); Mrs A Surfleet (also rep Mrs P Thwaites); Nigel Hall; Anthony Shephard; Jean Cooper; Mrs J Heath; Norman Dunn (also rep Elizabeth Jackson, Christine Mapplethorpe); Michael Stamp (also rep Caroline Stamp); Mr and Mrs F Hildred (also rep E Quip); John and May Bennett (also rep Middle Rasen Horticultural Society); Don Owen; Liz Margrave (also rep Debbie and John); Mr and Mrs C R Clark; Pauline Roughton; Audrey and Caroline Roberts; Mr and Mrs G Veal; Colin and June Hare; Mrs M Stainton; Mrs M Willey (also rep the family, Mrs G Crow); Ron Potter (also rep the family); L Russell; Margaret Woodcock (also rep the Scott family); Mr and Mrs A Ludlow; Laura Dawson; Mollie and Gordon Dixon; John and Shirley Adlard (also rep Stephen); Mrs S Addison; Mr and Mrs F Bell; David King (also rep Arthur and Louis King); Morris Abbott; Linda Clark and Phil Clark; Paul Surfleet; Mrs J Parr (also rep Roger Parr, Mr R Boulton); Mrs E Blagojevitch (also rep Andy, the Crossroads Stores); Andrew Bell; Mr and Mrs R Parkinson; B Marshall (also rep Mrs J Marshall); Vanessa (also rep the Robinson family); L Wiseman (also rep Mrs Wiseman); Brian and Janice Cook (also rep Helen, Martin, Antony and families); Nancy Vernam (also rep Yvonne (Ingham) Bavin).