Obituary: Florence Elizabeth Brumpton

Obituary: Florence Brumpton EMN-171212-160542001
Obituary: Florence Brumpton EMN-171212-160542001

The funeral service for Florence Elizabeth Brumpton, aged 83, was held at All Saint’s Church, Sixhills.

The Rev Bryan Dixon officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Betty, as she was known, was born at Brant Broughton.

Wife of the late George, she is survived by her children - Ian, Nigel, Rachel and Tracey.

Family mourners were: Ian and Rachelle Brumpton (son and daughter-in-law); Nigel Brumpton and Niki Roberts (son and partner); Rachel and Paul Hulme, Tracey and Tony Papworth (daughters and sons-in-law); Thomas Brumpton and Meg Johnson (grandson and partner); George and Sarah Hornsey (grandson and wife); Adrian Hornsey (grandson); Bethany Papworth (granddaughter); Maureen and Dave Appleyard, Heather and Jim Oaks (sisters and brothers-in-law); Victor Hubbard (brother); June (sister); John and Janet Hubbard (brother and sister-in-law); Irene Scott (sister, also rep Mick and Stephen); Daniel Hubbard (nephew); Robin Seymour (brother-in-law); Barry and Janet Elmhurst; John and Jennifer Coupland; Lesley Leonard; Marion Tuplin; Doreen Lunn (niece); John Appleyard; Emily Appleyard; Ben Appleyard; Audrey Savage.

Friends at the funeral service were: Margaret Waters; Eileen Skeets and Angela; Marion and Peter Taylor; June Staves (also rep Terry); Steven Dixon; Audrey South (also rep the family); Mr J Hubbard; Mrs S Savage; Robert and Rosemary Thompson (also rep Keith Baldock); Susan Robinson (also rep Caroline); David Cosgrove; Mr and Mrs D Goulsbra; Mr P Goulsbra; Mrs M Kane (also rep Wragby Town Hall, Bingo); Mr and Mrs D P Chamberlin; Colin Coupland; Mr and Mrs F Chamberlin; Pat Woodcock; Chris and Gina Smith; Lyn and Bruce Stuart; Michelle Bates (also rep The Laurels); M Coles; D Coles; Carolyn Brader and Paul Brader; Marie South; Marina Waters (also rep The Laurels).