Obituary: Florence Burwell James

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. EMN-161224-122341001

The funeral service for Florence Burwell James, 102, of Normanby by Spital, was held at Owmby by Spital Church.

The Rev Sally Turnbull officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Flo was born in Normanby by Spital and lived and worked in the village for most of her life.

In the 1940s, she worked on the land and then became a school cook at the village school.

In the 1950s, she was landlady of The Cross Keys in Normanby, where she made many friends and acquaintances.

On her retirement, Flo loved to host parties at her home and would always offer help to those who needed it.

Family mourners were: Tony and Shirley, Neville and Shirley (sons and daughters-in-law); Belinda and Steve, Caroline and Bob, Damian and Camilla, Kerri and Tim (grandchildren and partners); Charlie, Holly, Katie, Ross, Patsy, Marty (great-grandchildren); Kimberly (great-great-grandchild); Colin and Ann Fox, Harvey Mason (great-nephews).

Friends at the service were: Mrs M Anderson; Mrs E Clark; Brian Jois; Michael Brown; Valerie Anderson; Emily Green; Beverley Chappell; Val Reed; Elizabeth Green; Jean Rush; Mr and Mrs K Green; Dave and Barbara Chapman; Christine Becksley; Christine and Michael Harrison; Martin Farley; Mal Reube; Margaret and Malcolm Ward; Ian Elliott; Hilary Rainer; Anne Turnbull (also rep Turnbull family); Barrie Hill; Ann Olivant; Mr and Mrs Dennis Fox; Mick Crowe; Gary and Helen Fox; Alwyn Coles; Mr and Mrs J W Green; Mr and Mrs B Carter; Stuart and Jean James; Shelia Jenkins; Madge Meehan; Gary Jenkins; Nick Crowe; Rita Cottingham; Russel Cottingham; Kay Broughton; Dawn Cowperthwaite; Jean Cowperthwaite; Richard Harrison; Dennis Fox; Clifford Wagstaff; Steve Wagstaff; Charles and Sally Carter; Mr and Mrs M Gray; Kathleen Watts; Mr and Mrs G Denton; Edwin and Nancy Thistleton; Derek Watts; Mrs M Storr; Nadine and John Fox.