OBITUARY - Eva Murrell

It was with sadness that family, friends and neighbours heard of the death of Eva Murrell who was fondly known as Eve.

She passed away in Hull Royal Infirmary on 16 February, aged 72.

Eve was born in Haltwhistle, Northumberland and was one of eight children to the late Thomas and Beatrice Lytollis.

Her father was killed in a mining accident when she was only eight years old and her mother was left to bring up the eight children.

That is probably the time when Eve developed her sense of independence and resilience.

Having a strong yearning to travel, she joined the Women’s Royal Air Force as soon as she was old enough. That is where she met and married her husband.

Moving back to Northumberland, the couple had their first child Den (Jnr) and then moved to Reading to be close to her husband’s work.

Two more children - Jacqui and Keith - were born there with Stephen completing the family when they re-located in Hull.

With her husband working away for long periods of time, Eve became very resourceful turning her hand to almost anything - except for passing her driving test which took a few attempts. She learned to ride and gained knowledge in stable management and enjoyed her time feeding and “mucking out” five horses, once the children were off to school.

The couple separated in 1982 and Eve moved to Nuneaton to be closer to her mother whose health was failing.

She moved in with her sister Anne, got an “outwork” job with Hinckley Mouldings and managed to bring up her sister’s five young children after she died.

In 1984, Eve took on full time employment with the firm and met Chris Toon who was to become her partner.

The couple set up home in Barwell with Chris gaining an extended family of eight - and Eve adding on to her family an ‘extra’ eight.

When Chris was asked to extend the company’s operations, he needed a conscientious operator and his first choice was Eve.

She eventually took up a management position and for a number of years, she combined work with parental and caring duties, getting up at 5am every morning.

In 2000, Eve and Chris decided to retire and moved to Becton near Great Yarmouth where they looked after their new home and garden.

With 11 grandchildren and six great grandchildren, she managed to persuade Chris to move closer to them and they set up home in Wragby.

Eve immediately took to village life and was always seen out and about at local events. A volunteer at the Wragby Community Centre, she was always helping out where she could.

Her special interests were in the craft sessions and the “power walks” in the early mornings with her next door neighbour.

Her six years in Wragby were happy times and her family loved to hear of all she had been doing with her friends and neighbours.

Her happiest times were being with Chris and her children and she will be so sadly missed by so many people.

The funeral service was held on 7 March 2014, at All Saints Church, Wragby - officiated by Revd Brian Staley. Family

Mourners were Chris Ton – partner, Dennis and Lisa Murrell – son and daughter-in-law, Jacqueline and Steve Turley – daughter and son-in-law, Keith and Vicky Murrell – son and daughter-in-law, Stephen and Laura Murrell – son and daughter-in-law. Laura, Adam, Callus, Bry, Devon, Ryan, Louise, Jack, Madeline, Dylan and Eva – grandchildren. Aveline, Nathan, Leah, Alfie, Freddie, Kayden – Great Grandchildren. Stuart and Kristen Toon – stepson, Sara

Haywood – step daughter, Samuel, Shannon, Charlie, Amy, Georgia – step grandchildren. Paul and Hilary Richards – cousin, Mr & Mrs R Murrell – brother and sister-in-law, John and Linda Toon – step brother. Bob and Christine Clark, Mrs Ann Stalley, Mike Taylor, Mr & Mrs Tarver, Margaret Cooper, Mr & Mrs Greenwood, Mrs Rita Chapman, Avril Dowden, Sheila Cartwright – organist, Linda and Gordon Taylor, Tony Priest, Mrs Rita Dixon, Mrs Carole Watts – representing the Wragby Gardeners Club, Eileen Barry, Jessica Foster, John and Barbara Bartlett,Trevor Lowe, Kelly Jackson, Keith Wilkinson – also representing Rae Ellis, Dominic Carrino, Diane and Geoff Gibbs, Helen and Julian Kirk, John and Angel Heron, Gerry Bates, Lynn Cox, Dylan Benson, Sue Cox – also representing Joan Spencer, Margaret Newland, Mr & Mrs B Barnes, Joyce and David Parsons, Jean Tring, Lesley & B J Ornaalie, Mrs Mavis Fernandes,

Sally Wright, Mr & Mrs Steve Field, Sam Ward, Linda Westwood, Jacquie Gillespie, Christine Hopper, Ellen Thompson, Dora O’Sullivan, David Bevan, arren Flannigan, Rodney Alcock, Sarah Jane Nicole.

Funeral arrangements were made by Lambert’s Funeral Services of Wragby.