Obituary: Eric Dixon

Obituary: Eric Dixon EMN-180220-144541001
Obituary: Eric Dixon EMN-180220-144541001

The funeral service of Eric Dixon, aged 86 years of North Willingham, was held in the parish church.

The Rev Christopher Hewitt officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Eric was born at Holtham Garrs Farm in Legsby.

A farmer, he was working at Holtham Garrs until the week before he died.

Family mourners were: Carol Dixon (wife); Steven Dixon and Leslie Leonard (son and partner); Susanne Dixon and Tom Dray (daughter and partner); George Dixon-Dray (grandson); Selena Robson and Daniel Cogswell (step-daughter and partner); Jeremy Robson (also rep Helen Robson); Barbara Baker (sister, also rep Gordon Baker); Jack and Pat Woodall, Elizabeth Woodall, David and Denise Genney (also rep Richard and Edward), Judith Mazingham (brothers and sister-in-law); Claire Willis, Julie Woodall, Michael Woodall, Linda Stimpson (also rep Paul Stimpson), Richard and Melissa Woodall, Maureen and Barry Minton, Jenny Freeland (also rep Jamie Freeland), Guy Genney (also rep Andrew Bowers), Rob and Karen Mazingham (nephews and nieces); Doris Woodall (aunt); Robert Woodall, Jane and Harry Barnard, Joan and David Thornton (cousins).

Friends at the service were: Mr R Semple (also rep Mrs P Semple); Mr and Mrs T Semple; Mr J Semple; John and Dorothy Birkett; Ian Brumpton; Tony Wheeldon (also rep Brian Sales); Philip Burman; Marie Burman; Paul Salmon (also rep Charlotte and family); David Cosgrove (also rep Sue and Maurice Poucher); John Simpson (also rep Mike Perkins; Pat Grant); June and Mike Carver; Peter and Monica Todd; Mr and Mrs G Willoughby (also rep Malcolm Thackering; Mr and Mrs John Gladwin); Mr and Mrs John Bennett; Allan and Sally Bray; Mr and Mrs David Johnson; Mr and Mrs J Adlam (also rep Steve Adlam); Stewart Akrill; Mrs C Cade (also rep William Cade); Emma Anderson (also rep Robert Anderson); Len Johnson; Caroline and Michael Stamp; Ian Wilmot (also rep Mandy); C Doughty; Mick Ironmonger; Janice Bunton; Peter Pell; Mick Smith; R J Vickers (also rep Mrs D Vickers; Father Mark Vickers; Lynn Vickers); Sally Wildsmith (also rep George Wildsmith); John Bonas (also rep Heneage Arms); Francis Moody (also rep Roger Cowling); Chris Robbins; Paul Guy; Gerald Brown (also rep P&B); Nigel Hall (also rep Sylvia Hall); George Haxby; Ryan Dring; Caroline Binghaml; Dave Appleyard (also rep Maureen and Emily); Betty Jackson; Betty and Don Burton; Barbara Wright; Beryl Bett; Roberta Heneage; Philip Vickers; Iain Wilmot; Mick Stamp; James Burdett (also rep the Burdett family); Mr and Mrs P Wildsmith; Barbara Guthrie (also rep Guthrie family); Guy Semple (also rep Mrs C Semple, Mrs E A Semple; Mr and Mrs S Curtis); Mr and Mrs P Wright (also rep Mr J Wright); Ella Starling (also rep George); Christopher Heneage (also rep Anna Heneage; Andrew Carter); Andy Smith (also rep Sandra Smith); Brian and Christine Wall; Mary Davenport; John and Ann Patterson; Mr and Mrs D Chamberlain (also rep Lydia Chamberlain); Ben Chamberlain; Mr R Boulton (also rep Judy and also Rase Steels); Mr and Mrs F Chamberlain; Gina Holmes; John and Thelma Bayes; Con Brown; Kathleen and David Nobbs (also rep Nicola Wilkinson); Cheryl Bedford (also rep David and Michelle); Ken and Barbara Blades; Susan Blades; Derek Blades (also rep Dorothy); Neil Knapton; Lisa Schofield; Paul Willoughby; Josie Brocklesby (also rep George); Jane Wright (also rep Jeremy Wright); Mr and Mrs J B Feather; June Staves (also rep Terry and Peter Leonard)